Tennessee Legislators Try to Silence Cherisse Scott as She Argues Against a Severe Abortion Ban | Facebook

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‘This is bigger than an abortion fight. This is a full-out attack on our human rights.’ — Lawmakers silenced a reproductive justice activist as she...
Many of you claim to be the conservative and Christian have weaponized the word of God to forward your political agendas and maintain power and control over the most vulnerable tennesseans You manipulated biblical scripture to align with your colonialists supremacist ideologies instead of showing mercy and use the power of each of us and I have watched you allow people to talk and talk but you won't allow me to talk as a Christian because I did With the way that you believe The only reason I am here is somebody taught me about They taught me about not going over my just go I'm not done with my such as all These are intersections that inform why people have cut her arms. Thank you Yeah. Let's five -minute recess. Y'all would we're tired of the Since 1970 - three, we have Million babies Senate Bill 1236 addresses this issue I was the only black woman to speak There was only you know two other women or maybe three or four other women who are White women who were allowed to speak you know on these issues There was no research really being led by black women or women of color specific to their reproductive and sexual health and so we've been very intentional to lead research that that informs the issues that are impacting our communities I believe it is a very necessary component not only to the reproductive Justice movement but to truly be able to lift up the leadership of black women who actually founded this framework and was an incentive it deeply and black feminist spirit Which are mostly conservatively faith run organizations that poses abortion clinics and really try to dissuade folks from having abortions they offer options like adoption but they don't offer any type of social support She attempted to show me video after video of abortion procedures with babies has being crushed whether they be animation or real video Senate build 1230 - six wood eliminate access to basically outlaw abortion in the state of Tennessee at six weeks of pregnancy pregnancy but what we all know is that most women don't know that you're pregnant at six weeks for some folks. you know that that means that they're gonna have to carry their pregnancies to term whether or not they can afford it whether or not it's going to mean that it could harm the Tennessee does not just serve Tennesseans who need abortions but it services all of those seven States that touch the state of Tennessee like the state of Mississippi builders that one clinic down in Jackson, Mississippi That's a three -hour drive from Memphis but if you are in northern Mississippi, you can just cross right. You know across the state border and you can come into And this is irresponsible of you and it is your responsibility to make sure that average Tennessee has access to comprehensive information so they can make the best decision for themselves and their families Call your elected official to stick it on abortion fight This is our this is a full out attack on our human rights

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