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So let me this body collection and to preserve our economic slow yet lost as energy did your son because the inside though many Committee Any member of the media but the argument they can hide the board yeah I got it I got the Those are late again I got it Let me and talkies bottlenecks in the condom is he will Get it and call it us the conduct they close at the top of the news at the club I mean that's good because I'm getting a lot of the do Come on down we got a laugh I think it's going to get it seemed in my Yeah I can know that we're not going Oh no no don't Comes up a lot of the election we got even never die he didn't Big win big game on for the eight vehicles In t in the Awesome awesome awesome Wow really my daddy marquis cooper Yeah you can't did that when he's got a man about to die you don't tend to buy But the hard looking You get a lot of game killer kill his a good game for game two and it's You're gonna make it that would be what is Bob looks like a big wedding all of the That's it What's going on They're going on That's good they're going That comes And Job I mean in that gang that goodness they down playing John inside Let your you can't touch because Have you seen a cat do that I thought of you feeling my name shot if you're gonna get it done oh so very high both boys that's a look We got nothing done to t he might be part of the enemy That done many La But the so Let me remind you can dig through tonight yeah longer than I've been calling a symptom a big party for the yet the audience who got enough low key do not bet a blank Cannot change buddy emily watson diagnostic deafening it Sunday How did you not do that you know don't go hungry he said to them it took me like a couple of it than the big big man you get the support money mortgage now seem to go well the managing by black men Why do we like I did better than your superman that he kept the public Beset by Sony La confusion you are then that bear upon the Bombing to younger guys I'm good Maybe I need to eat Look at these 100 ladies ladies one I love you ladies He's a lot of ladies like this look at this one but that quote their coco no On video nica sought right that No no not gonna Let's go to Miami and you give out Get ready for the show yeah it's been No no I'd be in the car gotta you could play got a bailout deal But I love you just what you That bug who many of you have let the let the How do you even go gotta eat there you're like oh I don't attack the gunmen back he's starting to back Sali a public dudley I'd buy one because you Bob I'm gonna be coming to you about even the election Really developed paper O commutes getting our ballot in number and are discovered Yes on it but a bad up number of them are being bad numbers in public when he cam number number seem Added on or a block is on the nigga Many Johnson from aboard the be out there I mean you I didn't put it on anything you want to save more than you might think of the Middle So I'm gonna go Go Minutes ago the well but I agree so much do little I didn't notice at your good job that God's almost all the time but I need to do it yeah baby I didn't even know some of my old id up how do I pitch I learn I learn I learn the ups and other settings of the know like me and For a lot of Americans when I look up and you don't it looks Yeah I don't I got that go Actually getting out of the bottom up Don't let it discourage you moment ago guy you vote then sion muddle up in a pit and ea t like it finally gonna love as I start this book yours man followers Game and like I didn't get put on came and bought the body by the way John yeah yeah yeah No What you need to worry about you We'll even Yeah might have been hanging out here yeah it would have meant When is your mother who also get again and he was going to widen in containment so I don't know your boarding boarding balloting is spiderman sopa number number Number Bottom line uh Bye y'all about all going on it is that what me up each couple later live and put it on as a good time I'm going to give you the And again Are you worried about it are you nama we're done But I knew the identity yet yet fun How did pam Kevin kuhn guilty party both at the number he said But I didn't go there going on by the board but what do you have O er could be board say get all the daily goes it What I give them my love it not funny say more like I did not Guys I got we got some of the video like that all those of you guys are sharing video alright and download what is the

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