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The GoFundMe team explains how GoFundMe works.

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GoFundMe is a place where people can raise...
GoFundMe is a place where people can raise funds for causes that are close to their hearts or for causes that personally affected them go for me It can be about a person or an Organization or a cause or it can just be somebody that felt the need to take action setting up. Your campaign is really easy Honestly only takes a couple of minutes You could write a campaign with the same amount of effort it takes to write an Email You could share it with your entire network even quicker than you can even You definitely wanna have a great picture people looking at it can connect with what you're doing from there You just wanna share with friends and family The cool thing about starting a GoFundMe is you get to connect with your friends over something that's important to you when it comes time to actually get the funds the entire process will take you about five minutes Money will reach your Bank account in two to five days and you'll be all set If I could just have everybody donate $1 to me I could My student loans and essentially that's how go fund me works Your cause is incredibly important and there's no comparison to all these causes We're all here because we care about making people's day a little bit brighter and a little bit easier when they're going through tough times we are allowing people to connect with people across the world and support each other in tragic times in beautiful times I love what we do

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