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BEST OF Asian Makeup! 馃拕馃審
Oh, wow. Okay. Cute hit me up in the DM Okay she she actually. I hate that what is it? I mean her nose is still fine. Her nose is literally perfectly perfectly fine. fine. She She already already looks looks so so different. different. Wow. That's crazy. again. Oh, okay. Wow. Oh. what was that? Oh? check it out her eyes now. How do you see your eyes? Oh okay. She looks like a girl. I used to know she looks so different bro. What what how she doesn't look very different? Your mouth changed. Okay. here we go. Why is there nothing above his eyebrows true right? There's that gap. It's a filter exposed. I suppose it. okay. Alright ready Oh Oh only only only way way way to to to to break break break break the the the the Asian Asian Asian Asian didn't didn't didn't black. blame. blame. blame. Oh. Oh Oh okay okay Okay. Okay. Go Okay. 321 Sit. Sit. Yeah. Yeah. Oh okay. She looks so different. Oh no table bro. Scaring me chassis. The The eyelashes are great eyebrow. Oh what dude before beautiful and after how does that happen? Yeah you're so pretty much. It's just all sticker dude. I give them props for putting this scary sounds like a horror movie. Oh okay. I need someone that I really like her eyes. Oh my gosh. Blue eyes So like what happens if like that's a nice rose? Okay. Alright. it's Tuesday Bubbles made I love it. Okay. It's like special cream that makes you just doing this in the public bro doing this in the Middle of the sidewalk. Okay. Oh, it looks different bro. You already look so different. This is work it. How are you that good? Let's face look slimmer. Did you put that tape stuff on yo. He looks slim. Yeah. He got his his neck. neck. go. go. She She She goes. goes. goes. Oh Oh Oh wow. wow. wow. wow. Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh my my my my my. gosh gosh gosh. gosh. holy. holy. Alright, here we go. There's just so much going on and it's so quick. It's like a two -hour time lapse. Yes. seriously. What do they keep putting your watermelon SCI old Maybe the watermelon makes you like plump. Was that because our eyelashes? Oh, I think she got a mustache. I was like that's that's a different type of transformation. Oh my God. they structured the comparison time we got original versus new Okay. No more transformations. This guy is like probably like what 40 do you think we're gonna call him dirty something 30 -. eight 30 - eight real. real. Those Those are are are like like like double double double the the the the size size size size of of of of mine mine mine seriously seriously seriously spread spread spread some some some stuff stuff on on his his neck neck. what was that like I. What was that like The products are man, oh, wait the song. It's a face mask guy or something like that. it could be this is interesting. This is really interesting. Why. Whoa. He already looks pretty different with their eyes and then she don't do that. That was the girl with the face mask. That was that okay before. She's washing her face on her face. smart smart. She put whipped cream whipped cream everywhere. Okay, so like do they have eyebrows or do they put new ones they draw on. They draw like that. That's not fair. Oh, this is easy, no tongue. she looked you should try this. Wow. Okay. I'm part of town boy. I'm just trying to get this. does it work if I do a magic. magic. Oh Oh wow. wow. wow. wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Oh, they passed it on you why I know what it is. Oui, Okay, interesting Okay. So wait What is he doing? Oh shit Whoa. That was all that was some affected. Yeah. She's she's taken some editing you take her girl. Oh what the fuck yo. How did it cool? I still hold my nose just just that that White White look look at at that. that. that's crazy this ah what is this what she is making making your lip shade it also gives more so looks like it's natural three different types of different layers I like your eyes man I like your smile is so cool just look in just amazing to see the back out moving with that what what is is good good there there is is a a filter filter filter green green green screen screen Transformation This is gonna be a cool transformation. Why these Michael Whoa this editing is way better than video fleek bro like a flaky. that's amazing. She's a ghost. She literally went from that to that. thank you. for this video. It was it was awesome. It was awesome awesome and we'll see you guys next time.

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