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Talk truth and tell me if God isn't good.

Btwn . . . When you find a 'good body man' there is always a nest of them. So always look out and buss yuh...
From the Earth by fault, don't ask me Ask God. it's beautiful. No. oh shit. No, no my champions champions, so I say you are by yourself. yes. okay. you're single. Yes I am. Excuse Beat him on his marriage. Oh hold on so single. You're not married. That's great, very well just wanna clear the air. So where do you go to the gym? every day except on weekends what time? 430 in the AM and the PM Okay. as soon as I left the radio show come on by but really and truly, I'm happy that you participated. Are you a pastor? No. I'm not okay, which I mean what motivates you to come today? Well I I like I'm an advocate for fitness overall, so you're not like my future team. Alright. That's right, I try my team just one where you are. Yes, sir. Yes honey. I'm an advocate for fitness and I like to participate in five K walks because I see it as a way to motivate the message that I try to bring to everyone. It's not just about looking good. It's not just about feeling good about doing the right thing for yourself and for your own life. So that's why I'm here. That's why I will always be here enough. Am I intelligent what become a weapon? you don't see that. I've got a why we're waiting. Yes. Y'all gotta work over this nigga. Oh shit. I wish my son over there. We're starting it up. I'm standing right right back. Alright just stay over there. Nigga bitch. Somebody woman is something where you turn video man sir Minor. I'm make sure you video me. Yeah. oh shit. Okay you eat breakfast already what you want. what do you have to get anything you want your wish is my command. Alright since your treats, I want you to treat me good. Okay. Don't say that word go back. Yeah. I'll be with you momentarily. Thank you. stay right. I want to I want to. With the junk, My set I'm friend. Christ what she gave. What's up? Oh my God. It's like a nest of good body man. I got it. What's your friends friends. I I read my let's go.

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