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When you coudn't hit a barn door with a banana 馃崒
Hey mom No. No matter I felt a bit funny last night but I'm okay now What have you got for us The people behind the plot to kill gang pain The Chinese premiere a group called Vortex Never heard of them paid assassins The best there is I need names. I need evidence Has a secret weapon This is one of three keys that when used together gain access to it without this North Texas finished How did you get out of it It's mine Vortex is three of us Fisher you a hired assassin You couldn't hit a bond or with a banana and as for vortex clear, you got the name of a box of washing powder Vortex was in Mozambique Yeah Ready We were all there that day journey Let me help you with that Yes. I think you should care in the area There are some very dangerous people about Oh Over here Look what I found This way. So this way you get out of the Street I'll take the roof You're not young but with age comes wisdom This year Okay I'm coming during this vessel in the name of Her Majesty Queen came out exciting What's your poison? Can I get you something We've got vodka Safety is our priority but you can help us by familiarizing yourself with this leads Pull the friend I'm Charlie How does Just a tap to your left Good shot

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