What is the foreign policy system that Biden inherited?

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U.S. President Joe Biden inherited a weakened foreign policy infrastructure as the U.S. faces a number of complicated and tense international issues. How...

Posted 7 months ago in Politics

Wusong Liao 7 months ago

It is just democracy style of America, they R not interested in reality, they just want voter's vote , so they can make money for themselves. 500,000 death in pandemic, racism, gun violence etc

Krimo Obtiti 7 months ago


Krimo Obtiti 7 months ago


Krimo Obtiti 7 months ago


Krimo Obtiti 7 months ago


Krimo Obtiti 7 months ago


Krimo Obtiti 7 months ago


Krimo Obtiti 7 months ago


Suraj Thapaliya 7 months ago

Human beings have been making mountains into rubbles for gold and money and work nothing as cowboys ,farmers or guards of nature anymore , but made lives like water bubbles,hurry for food and hurry for sleep,hold all the honey and throw away other bad gunny,repairing earth is hard,and thinking of fly away to Mars ,moon or in hope of some new stars,all need balance and wisdom

Real Lucky 7 months ago