Parents pranking kids

Tyla • 10 months ago   10.5K     1.2K  •  982.1K Views
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Having kids just so you have someone to play pranks on all the time 馃槀馃檶


Posted 10 months ago in Children & Parenting
Tyla10 months ago

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Kelli Braden Williams Michelucci
Kelli Braden Williams Michelucci4 months ago

These are terrible...those poor kids will be traumatized for life.

Emma Stowe
Emma Stowe10 months ago

The one with the iPhone wasn't funny at all!! Poor girl.

Kez Beaker
Kez Beaker10 months ago

The egg one was genuinely hilarious

Willow Rose
Willow Rose10 months ago

Some of these are just not funny what would you pretend to get poo on your childs hand just to see them cry and that guy laughing over his daughters disappointment, fair enough you may not be able to afford an iPhone but no need to tease a child like that, pranks and jokes are meant to be funny

Cheri Justus
Cheri Justus9 months ago

Yeah a life of constantly pranking kids is horrendous. You just couldn't trust the person or person's. Mom Dad. Not a fun life! Didn't watch all just too not polite!

Jessy Williamson
Jessy Williamson10 months ago

Lee Gilroy inspiration, poor child will be tormented after the torment he's caused me the last 9 months only fair really hahah

Avril Anderson
Avril Anderson10 months ago

Not funny. Poor kids, distasteful and some of these down right cruel, causing a child to cry is mean.

Keri Walters
Keri Walters10 months ago

We've got to get ayva with some of these Scott Hall 馃ぃ馃ぃ

Anne Marie Stokes
Anne Marie Stokes10 months ago

Child cruelty 馃槀