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iPhone 11 Lens Explained + Apples Future Tech!
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What's up guys we have so much to talk about today another huge video I'm sorry for this will get better at them there's a lot of Apple leaks in news today namely I wanted to talk to you about the iphone 11 and why Apple is doing what they're doing with the cameras I see nothing but hate for this online and I'd like to explain to you in the best way that I understand why they're doing what they're doing otherwise I am doing a giveaway with the broken for air pods too and give away to those description it has all the details down below let's get into it so first thing I wanted to start with little back tracking here is the first real Apple I thought it'd be interesting to render this this is a concept from hartman esslinger all the reason pictures of it online we recreated it Steve jobs hired this guy to actually make some early Apple products eventually the Apple two C used his styling but the Apple phone this is originally what it look like before it became the iphone just so you know like Apple has been trying for the longest time to make a phone Apple has always been trying to reach your lives since the very beginning and it's just interesting to me the contrast the iphone 11 versus what it was this is basically almost 30 years old and here it is in motion so I'd like to talk About design first things and back tracking I've never been to College I'm not qualified but we've been doing these renters for a long time with the broke King we actually met in high school and it's the craziest thing to me that we're pretty good at what we do I only wanna get better at it so we're investing so much into new computers I wanna be doing this news more and more but namely designed like I feel like I'm somewhat qualified to talk about design but this panasonic is one is a perfect example of where design as a whole is going right now in the industry it's a big camp It is chunky and everyone cries about heavy and big it is but all of these companies not only panasonic Apple as well there's a lot of parallels here is they're actually changing an embracing the thicker larger body styles we heard in the last video that the iphone 11 will be growing in thickness the lens will be shrinking like you're gonna start to see a lot of bold moves like the big cameras on the iphone is a very bold design statement something I noticed on this guys like the bold text up here is very bold view finder just they're embracing these chunky big controls but ultimately oh my goodness I love this camera so much like you could never convince me that growing bigger We're fatter for product is a bad thing you know so just want you to understand the iphone is growing thicker this year bigger cameras but there's a very good reason for it and I try to break this apart for you as much as possible actually taking a look at the cameras so the last one the iphone tennis series we're here this is what that looks like and we model this to a tee just from the leak schematics the leak shells we've seen an apples lens itself is growing and this is because they're increasing the sensor sizes for the first time ever the iphone is getting larger sensors Apple has increased mega pixel count because there's no point in increasing it without increasing the sense Itself so the lenses growing sensors are growing mega pixel count is growing and in the process what are you getting essentially you're getting an ultra wide lens camera and that will enable the iphone as Bloomberg said to crop out images adjusted later just change things you usually wouldn't be able to do in the process you're gonna have better low lights better quality better zoom potentially better obstacle in our stabilization because all three lenses will be stabilized so you're getting a lot like who doesn't like better photos and the only logical way for the iphone camera to evolve into that direction is to grow the sensor size to grow the sensor size The design has to change out either Apple could make a really large stoplight on the back or they can do this and from a designer standpoint to triple lens actually sort of makes sense and I'm gonna share that more and more with you I'm warming you up to the idea before it happens just know that Apple does what they do for reason they try and make ugly features of the iphone look good the notch itself is a very good example of that now they're doing that with the camera they're only helping you they're improving the quality but as the result may not look the best to you now but trust me you will get used to it and you know one of the coolest things about the wallet P 30 pro Is the periscope camera design it's nuts it's true innovation and I thought why not have that on the iphone so I wanted to show you the concept of that we could theoretically have one day completely flush camera lenses on the iphone but Apple would be required to innovate and I don't know if this is something that's patented I actually need to look into that but this is what it would look like and I would love it on the iphone by the way just wanted to talk about my qualification so like I we were looking back at videos last night and it's the funniest thing to me that I was sitting in April April may of 2017 showing you the iphone 10 design Months in advance of it being released just to show you I'm not here to deceive you I literally just take the news leaks and we rework them and trying to share them with you because it excites me and I wanna improve apple's a company the best way to do that is to criticize them to share information I don't know just I only want the best for Apple just know that by the way wanted to address something the square design you're seeing inner actual renders is not truth I'm showing you an Apple what I like the iphone to be but that's likely in my opinion this is complete speculation that's the design of the 2020 iphone that's the one with the Redesigned this year is still gonna be that rounded edge realistically but like I like including that because it looks cooler to me and I want Apple to do that it's just it's gonna take a minute and next thing I'd like to talk about is ming chicos revised report so the last 20 published earlier this week got miss translated a lot of stuff that was reported was inaccurate so he released a revised report and mainly talks about micro led Michael Eddie is a future of screen technology and Apple is leading the charge to give you my deep first off I'd like to explain what it is Michael led is a completely different technology for organic ability uses an organic compounds to light up pixels Very very tiny led where before it wasn't possible now we're getting to the possibility where the screens are coming out and he says the first screen using this technology will come out later this year the six standalone display so the benefits of a micro include better battery efficiency the screen itself can be thinner because the components to make a microwave or thinner themselves they can be brighter individual led counts can actually last longer because it's an organic it's not gonna burn out as fast it's better viewing angles just all around And you can shutdown the pixels individually to get that perfect black just like organic led so in every single way it's better than organic led displays an Apple is gonna be introducing that for the first time this year on a six day display if you don't understand the ramifications of that you really should because it's gonna change everything everything will be better also the displays could be high resolution as well if you look at the pixel structure the pixels themselves can be condensed further because they're using a completely different structure so they're starting with the six case They're gonna release that on the imac and then from there they'll take it even further and we're gonna be seeing an ipad a 10 to 12 inch ipad sometime in 2021 says min chico with a micro led display so that's another device that's gonna be getting that and we actually designed it to look like the iphone 10 tennis series because I think Apple will be inevitably adding another camera to the ipad yes people do take pictures with their ipad believe it or not and why not I mean it will be easy it's a part of in device and I think this is what they could do to still be a metal back just a run up on the Right could still look very very cool and my ipad is one of my favorite Apple products in my life aside from series four Apple watch so by all means improvements this is what I see happening remember they're not releasing a refresh of the pro this year so in 2020 we'll probably gonna see a dual lens version and then in 2021 we're gonna see that micro led by the way 2020 dual lens is my speculation just a guess and just so you know the affordable iphone concept would not be possible without micro led technology organic led is great but you can see the flaws right now in the galaxy fold because it really does take a toll on the display Apple has so many patents regarding a flexible Display but they all include micro led display technology so that wouldn't be possible without it and if you ever want full double iphone yes we do need micro sd okay and the 16 inch macbook pro so lost in the translation errors we actually thought that that would be delayed until 2021 but that's not the case the 16 inch macbook pro is actually coming out this year and we're gonna be seeing a revision of it in 2021 with that micro led display so just to be clear that means we're getting an all new generation of the macbook pro later this year not very much excites me because this one is just plagued with problems notified mac made a very good point one of the reasons why Apple may be accelerating the release of that macbook is because the butterfly keyboard Which are just numerous they're insane like Apple has a huge issue on their hands that they're not fully willing to address so they like to flush out of the way and get the new generation in as soon as possible hopefully it doesn't have the same issues I love the butterfly keyboard it's great keyboard but it seems to fail a lot and that's not very good also the flex gate issue where a lot of people's displays are just dying because you close open it and it's not very secure connection inside hopefully they fix that one as well so the interesting thing about that ipad is that we're skipping organic led displays altogether I personally mused about this like will Apple had owed The max to the ipads and really no were just out doing that there's no point adding such a fickle display technology ipads and the larger than organic led display gets the more prone it is issues in my opinion so they're skipping it altogether and just going to the ultimate superior technology micro led earlier this week sharp dropped a 31 point five inch 120 hertz monitor that also happens to be H R capable it is an absolutely monstrous display but it requires insane io connectivity you'll need insane ports and they just don't exist so a lot of people Will this come to this year's imap or six case then only display no first off this is a display and it's not 60 k it's not micro led which is rumored for it so very unlikely not to mention you need some insane capability like thunderbolt five by that probably who knows another thing I'd like to mention is promotion on the iphone if Apple is watching this I want you to know that is my number one requested feature for the iphone if you've ever used the new ipads you just you know there is no going back to any other display After using a 120 hertz refresh rate display here's the problem I don't think this will be possible until micro led because currently nobody makes a display that's efficient enough to run on such a small device with an organic led panel behind it and running at a hundred and 20 hurts so not possible probably for a few good years unless Apple really try to make it happen but no supplier right now is even thinking about this I've been monitoring sharp samsung Japan display no one is trying to make this display but it's the most obvious Way to get people to come to an iphone and stick on it because no one is doing this and it it will change the way you love your iphone completely I think so my number one request but I totally understand why it's not possible yet so I'm waiting eagerly and hopefully within five years we can get promotion on the iphone a couple of exclusive leaks with max wind back first off he says we might be getting some hardware W C it's not a sure thing but it might happen so keep your eyes out for that and I think this hardware might pertain to the macro which was rumored to get shown at this event we'll definitely see Max wind back is saying face idea is here to stay for a good three years so for at least three years we will be seeing face id d on our phones it will be getting refined with time and we'll certainly see if there's improvements Apple could improve the distance it takes to lock your phone these speed a lot of software stuff like unlocking your phone while laying on your side should be a certain thing just make it more usable more natural more human in a way that last one maxine max says and this one really peaks my interest is we're gonna be seeing some sort of omega chip he says that behind closed doors employees are calling one of the chips Apple is working on omega now I don't know if this pertains to the Apple 13 I assume it does we have a 12 bionic so eight 13 omega sounds incredible and wow that sounds powerful it's gonna be seven any wider lethal trophy process refined here's a question I have for you guys would you rather have that magazine connector that we demonstrate it for you in the last video or usb C my personal opinion is we're gonna see that shift to use C with the major iphone refresh next year that's the one that's gonna be the Super cycle the new body design I think the ipad That's my personal guest and I hope so but the ipad pro design uc a five centimeter chip for the first time I doubt five G will be a thing by then but it's gonna be a major refresh in 2020 will it come with C very likely that will be the last stop gap until apple's future with a port less phone so we might be seeing mag safe pass then until Apple gets everything on board they'll probably add it back to the mac book this is my speculation but it only makes sense imagine every single device with that magazine connector standard and usc just won't matter by then I don't know I don't know we have Adopted usc properly yet and I'm getting ahead of myself just think about the future here I doubt Apple wants to stick on usc for long because they have better things in the works so here's a theory of mine and I actually thought about this while reading this website it goes into detail about the Apple car why apple's using titanium what gave them the inspiration for how they made it it's it's a beautiful site you guys should check it out but here's my point titanium is the superior material like there is bar none no better material on this Earth for creating things My opinion been titanium like I bought a couple of knives recently they're made out of pure titanium and they are incredible like it's light it's a strong material it barely scratches this case that I dropped from 50 feet you could barely tell that it was damaged like there's no dense it's at most a very tiny groove that I got affected here so titanium can also repel energy very very efficiently 97 percent with a titanium hammer of energy goes into the nail versus 70 on a stainless steel hammer so titanium here's ultimate material is my point Apple I'm sure will Probably switch to titanium on the iphone but oh boy we're gonna pay for 22 and a half thousand dollars by then who knows Apple has applied for a couple of patents also regarding the touch bar on the smart keyboard so smart keyboard three likely inbound with the touch bar on top and tying this in on my macbook pro I finally found a use and a love for the touch bar there's a new application called pac which enables you to have your applications display right there for easy switching and it just so ridiculously fast I really implore you guys to give this a try I'll link it down below this is beautiful like finally a use for the touch bar and I hope it only gets better from here also Apple is working on face id Their mac books their imax I mean it's almost inevitable it would go there is just this patent details it in a very interesting way instead of being a facial scan which might still be but in addition Apple is gonna be using retinal scanning on the imap on your macbook pro so your eyeballs are gonna be getting scanned every single time using this potentially or Apple could just use the facial skin who knows Apple likes to claim all the technologies before anyone else does owning all the patients even if you won't use them is the pillar of innovation so here's a very interesting one the is leaving the European Union and they came to Apple Very special request to verify citizens moving back and forth and that's the ad passport support to the capability on the iphone they were able to confirm on their side that Apple said yes so it's inevitable and I was 13 will be adding passport supports but why stop there Apple please open it up to where you can scan like your dorm room card and I know you can do that in some areas maybe like the pool card for your apartments just enough sees incredibly capable and it could add such a convenience to your life not having to carry around tags everywhere when your iphone could tag once and just having them at the ready always Also this is me being a reporter so two stories that I might have stumbled upon and I might be completely wrong who knows I wanna talk to you about first off is is Apple shipping their iphones dead I bought a lot of other products this week I'm upgrading my setup everywhere I can and every one of them was dead out of the box and it puzzled is Apple shipping phones on purpose dead the smart battery cases were dead my new I phone tennis max was dead the ipad pro I bought was dead and isn't a strategy that they're employing or was I just unlucky and all of them died before Also another thing and this one comes from a very good friend federico server we did the 512 gigabyte mod on the iphone eight together by we I mean heated and he's saying there might be an issue with the iphone tennis and actually one of his top earners for repairs in case it happens to you I want you to know I'll leave his contact down below is a possible I'm calling this a very tentative gate issue the iphone tennis uses a low heat soccer method for securing the Apple 12 any actual logic board so this is it right here when the iphone gets jostled and I had this issue I brought a knife For repair just for this it actually gets displaced out of the heat and cure and his job is to go and redone at resorts onto the board or not resolved but just received it onto the board and it's a very expensive repair but it seems to be quite common nowadays so if you have that issue I'd like to hear about it leave it down below alright guys so there it is I really hope to improve the videos throughout the coming weeks and I hope you guys see that change like I actually wanna really really try because ultimately I love doing this stuff why why not get better at it also giving away a couple of Very positive with the broking all the info down below thanks for watching guys stay real

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