Why not try something new? Check out how to DYE your hair RED OMBRE here! 👇🔥

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Why not try something new? Check out how to DYE your hair RED OMBRE here! 👇🔥

Posted 7 months ago in Fashion & Style

Sheri Ward 7 months ago

I’ve seen a ton of these videos and in the end most of the models don’t even like the way their hair looks. Like this video here. She’s not thrilled with the outcome. And how could you really be wowed by splotchy color and a non transformative style? No length was cut. The hair was barely lightened before putting red color on the ends while they’re soaking wet. Watch Brad Mondo for better tips and better videos that aren’t cringeworthy.

Claire Masters 7 months ago

Should’ve chopped a good 4 inches off that!

Cece Jay Gallagher 7 months ago

Is she using a paint brush to apply this?
There's dye brushes for a reason

Caroline Swann 7 months ago

Not a bad job, but wouldn't call it ombre.

Matea Davosir 7 months ago

You can do that at home with a drunk friend assisting 🤷‍♀️

Nicole McCauley 7 months ago

So it looks more like a red balayage than an ombré or am I blind 😂. And why tf is he using a paint brush. Dude just use a dye brush don’t be so extra

Karla Gattling 7 months ago

Loving the Red Ombre hairstyle look! ❤❤

Judy Smith 7 months ago

Not loving this. It doesn't look even and there's not enough color to make a difference.

David Havelka 7 months ago

Well there is Schwarzkopf...they do red colour you can put on any hair and it does the red colour without bleaching it before the application...

Mandie Cox 7 months ago

Dude that’s an actual paint brush