Jam brake accident

Beh Chia Lor - Singapore Road • 1 year ago   57     56  •  16.5K Views
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Car in front jams brakes, most likely because he couldn't decide which way to go. Forces cam car to brake hard as well, which causes lorry behind cam car...

Posted 1 year ago in Vehicles & Transportation
Andrew Sivaram
Andrew Sivaram1 year ago

Tai Lor, why you no slow down? Already can see road barricades, work ahead signages, and a big SLOW painted on the road.....

Adam Meheng
Adam Meheng1 year ago

If you have time to horn why not use that time to brake in time instead? And this video is useful for the lorry behind to show that you are at fault.

Andrew Toh
Andrew Toh1 year ago

That wasn't jam a brake incident. It's the lorry behind that failed to keep a proper lookout and likely followed too close.

Jerome Lee
Jerome Lee1 year ago

When will self driving cars be a reality to prevent such irresponsible driving habits

Mathi Alagan
Mathi Alagan1 year ago

This is not jamming the brakes, got ample time to react! Taxi usually does that

Tan Zhi How
Tan Zhi How1 year ago

I mean like why the audi suddenly stop??

Gary Teo
Gary Teo1 year ago

Obviously when you see there is a road work, slow down.

Chin Kin Wai
Chin Kin Wai1 year ago

The pandemic has taught us all to maintain safe distancing but many still fails to learnt from it! 馃榿

Ricohard Lim
Ricohard Lim1 year ago

Scam but lucky the behind driver alert 馃嵒

Ong Ryan
Ong Ryan1 year ago

Go blame the lorry la ......