THE REWARD Episode 3

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Posted 1 year ago in TV & Movies

Elizabeth Ekpe 1 year ago

Every good work has a reward. Keep doing what you know is right.

Awasum Daniel 1 year ago

Anything you are doing don't do it as if you are expecting rewards . Do it like you are doing it for God . That our daily duty .God bless you sir and your entire team

Tafadzwa Tracy Mudyariwa 1 year ago

Thank you for this videos I'm alwys lifted up and reminded of how great and loving the Almighty God our father is.thank you

Blessing Otager 1 year ago

It's good to help because it may be God him safe that is looking to give you what you need in the time of your own need so do good all time

Nancy Prince-vernon 1 year ago

Yes if you do good God gives It back to you. . keep with the as him

JJ Paul Nyeko 1 year ago

Talking, working, dancing, singing and investing in mental health, the World Mental Health Day 2020. The investment in mental health we mean in not only financial investment

Chibuzor Njideka Akpunonu 1 year ago

Highly inspirational!
One good turn, deserves another......

Joyce Gold Peter 1 year ago

When the Christians we should not forget that wire today determine our tomorrow the good you do today will surely come back to you tomorrow so let's be an example to others watch this and learn from it

Faith Wilson Ehiosun 1 year ago

This video touched my heart.. Giving is one of the best sacrifice that I know.

Kate Ugboriata 1 year ago

I will never stop doing good, because what ever you sow you will reep. That's my Seed