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Some customers make life working in retail REALLY hard.
Hi how can I help I'm here to pick up my cable Brian Well, if you just give me a second name, I can get it for you I pray order that brilliant All I need is your sir name to check into the system but then I got a phone call so I got a phone call to confirm the order from a woman Yeah That was probably illegal Yeah. That's it Okay but all I need for the system is just so she ran me up and then she sent me a confirmation Email That's great. You got a confirmation Email. I just need your son name for the computer I remember they come from I should've bought I should've bought the printer With the confirmation that I just need your signature and hit a one under 145 I wanna say that they could be I don't know that might not be the confirmation Okay with my credit card so I just need your sin That's one of those peoples. It doesn't collect I just need your son I've got up when I was doing the order I was wearing a Green shirt I just need and I can find the order No. No Cuz I ordered online I was at home so you wouldn't even know what should I was wrong I need is your son in all You'll see the name for the system and I can find it for you. Okay What can I give you to help you find this I need from you is your son I don't wanna compete. I haven't bought a computer. I just needed I need your name and then I can find the order in the computer What is going on here This is highly inappropriate stand over here We're gonna talk about the Sun and I'm so sorry about that How can I help you? Okay so I preordered a steel series keyboard and my last name is Sandy Spray the There is the steel series I think you said it wasn't hard at all No Hey, how's it going Okay Yeah Hey I was hoping to see you all seem to Candle ranch Since I can't no No so I know we don't have any sense of candles Never have are you at a stall Well no, we never really had stuck. It's not something we've ever stopped here and then in the White House or something Oh God This is so annoying. I just traveled two and a half hours and rush hour traffic to get here and troubled Yeah No sorry. No I we don't Why would you think that a textile would have seen to candles Little? Doesn't you know it was my sense Not to me The logic there Okay. We'll say your mom's always hounding you saying all you do is spend all day gaming in your room. It stinks of pizza So what you do? Is you take your pumpkin spice candle Yeah You like that I just place it in the corner of the room Yup Are you getting plated confused with big bath and beyond not bed bath and beyond the worst range of candles ever I just feel like you could be sorry Sorry so interrupt what sense Assistance so this customer is looking for a scented candles to those Apple cinnamon or pumpkin spice pumpkin spice. If you've got a lot in stock right Thank you So this is our range of steel series seems candles now we've got Apple cinnamon have a smell Oh beautiful Yeah But I think one year after it's probably the pumpkin spice Yeah Yeah Yeah Okay. Three of those through the pumpkin spice Yep 123 just off the frame Yeah Cool Okay Follow me so this is the steel series pumpkin spice They are absolutely fragrant Got the wonderful Yeah Just take you there is there anything else? I'm giving you just some eggs and some milk Yep Not a problem These are fresh this morning Fire Brown here and it comes in three days a week as well. So he chosen the right day It comes to 1870 - five. I think that's gone through Absolutely fragrant. Got the wonderful Yeah. Just take

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