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"I may be petite, but I'm as big as it gets."

Rita Moreno: Just a Girl Who Decided to Go For It premieres Tues, Oct 5 at 9/8c on American Masters.

Posted 4 months ago in TV & Movies
Judy R. Evancic
Judy R. Evancic4 months ago

She is one of my favorite actors. In 1961 I was a senior in high school. When West Side story was released I went to see it. Having seen Leonard Bernstein in NYC crossing the street next to me. I was so happy that day. But when Rita came on the screen she was really something to behold. Couldn’t take your eyes of this flamboyant lady. And being a dancer she was so thrilling to watch as she danced with George Chakras.. I have a disc with that movie...

Anita Kristall-Sclar
Anita Kristall-Sclar4 months ago

I had the pleasure of meeting her some years ago. What a lovely, gracious woman she is!

Kim Young
Kim Young4 months ago

...Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony...Deserved every freaking award!!!!

Carol Ruth Kimmel
Carol Ruth Kimmel4 months ago

Chita Rivera should have played the part of Anita in the movie version of West Side Story, as she did in the original Broadway production.

Janice Albers-Horney
Janice Albers-Horney4 months ago

Love seeing her in ‘anything’ .. have enjoyed her for years

Yolanda Roman
Yolanda Roman4 months ago

Well deserved Ms. Rita! 🏆

Laura Flint
Laura Flint4 months ago

Beautiful and incredible woman.

Robyn McIntyre
Robyn McIntyre4 months ago

Always a fave of mine.

Guillermo Rodriguez
Guillermo Rodriguez4 months ago

Bella la Sra.Rita Moreno.

Ruth Wallach Brite
Ruth Wallach Brite4 months ago

Incredible entertainer. Well deserved accolades.👏🎭