Wheel Spin Off | 1982 | The Price Is Right | Barker Era

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An absolutely AWESOME Showcase Showdown! If you want to experience a bit of joy, watch this video! #ThePriceIsRight Episode 4604 - 1982

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Posted 5 months ago in TV & Movies

Randy Wiley 4 months ago

That was fun to watch again!

Graig Mellon 4 months ago

He forgot to reset the wheel back to 0.05, but it did not affect the outcome in the end.

Gregory Pearsoll 4 months ago

Showcase Showdowns with wins like this are far more exciting with Bob Barker hosting than these days with Drew - something just feels missing - possibly the fact the wheel is too tight and hitting $1.00 way too much, making $1,000 wins less special?

Rick Butler 4 months ago

Bob forgot to reset the wheel to 0.05 cents.