WATCH LIVE: House meets to decide fate of Marjorie Taylor Greene

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Happening now: The House Rules Committee meets to formulate a rule on H.Res.72, which could remove Georgia's Marjorie Taylor Greene from committees. >>>...

Posted 9 months ago in Politics

Bradley Wilbanks 9 months ago

This is so wrong! The democrats are being so hateful!

Donna Parker 9 months ago

The republicans working for the people need to get some spine

Laura Tarnowski 9 months ago

I thought we have a right in this county to believe what we want

Laura Tarnowski 9 months ago

Just because you label it conspiracy theory don鈥檛 make it so or make it void

Bob Hammons 9 months ago

AOC was 2 blocks away from the capital, she lied to make matters worse.

Theresa Singh 9 months ago

He we go again when someone is bring out the truth, they want to get rid of them