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Eddie McGuire has relinquished his vice-like grip on the Collingwood presidency.

Bombarded with criticism over his botched handling of the club's...

Posted 9 months ago in Social Issues

Nancy Catharine 9 months ago

Political correctness has gone absolutely and uneccesarily crazy. I'm sorry, Ed. None of us are perfect. You are a good man.

Max Delacroix 9 months ago

There wouldn’t be too many clubs around that have benefitted from a president as passionate about his club as Eddie, a sad sad day for Collingwood FC

Elena Duzz 9 months ago

At least he wasn't responsible for the death of 800 people

Tunumafono Ella Matai Rata 9 months ago

Eddie you will be definitely missed. Thank you for all your great service for Collingwood. You were force to resign by nameless people!!

Pete Baldi 9 months ago

What a awesome president Eddie was for us pie fans .. he saved us from going broke and finished .. brought us back from the deep mire we were in ., then he has saved a few other vic teams ..

Misy Dancer 9 months ago

This is a terrible day in Collingwood History! Eddie has been amazing for this club and his wrong choice of words should not have brought down such an important leader within our community. If u listen to his comments the word ‘proud’ referred to the CFC moving forward to rectify racism. He was not proud of the acts of racism. These acts bring to light another area of concern “bullying”

Jan Cooke 9 months ago

Bullied into resigning by a bunch of nameless people

John Rhodes 8 months ago

So he is gone now is that going change or stop racism from both sides, and it is from both sides. "Now what" who are you going to blame next.

Tanya Burns 9 months ago

Now watch all of the other "racism" victims crawl out from under their rocks. I guess it's a good way to make a buck if you haven't played for a few years. Regardless of who you support, this will open the floodgates.

Matthew Silk 9 months ago

Nine is going further and further down the drain. Thankful I don’t watch tv if it’s continually filled with this rubbish and Ally and her constant nonsense