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Finja, the polar bear girl at Zoo Vienna Schönbrunn, is always in action. She loves to splash around in the water, play or roll around in the bark mulch....

Posted 11 months ago in Animals & Pets
Duska Richter Ex Djurdjevic
Duska Richter Ex Djurdjevic11 months ago

Finja ist wunderschön! <3

Bo Jönsson
Bo Jönsson11 months ago

Zoo Vienna Schönbrunn is one of the best Zoos in the world. Everytime we are in Vienna we always take a daytrip to the zoo!

Alessio Edoardo
Alessio Edoardo11 months ago

Manca l’Austria manca Vienna manca il relax e l’ospitalità austriaca

Manuela Barucchi
Manuela Barucchi11 months ago


Matilde Limoncello
Matilde Limoncello11 months ago

Mi mancano moltissimo le mie lunghissime passeggiate a Schonbrunn 😭

Jonathan Zeilinger
Jonathan Zeilinger11 months ago

Julia Zeillinger sind keine bros, die kleine ist ein girl

Vlaďka Šolcová
Vlaďka Šolcová11 months ago

Beautiful !❤

Lenka Minarikova
Lenka Minarikova11 months ago

playful beauty

Svetlana Sim
Svetlana Sim11 months ago

Finja is so big now😍😍😍😍