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Clint is falling for Tovah, but when Tovah reveals something traumatic from her past, it changes their whole relationship. The roommates discover an old...
Any opinion we have on 100 percent What do they say They don't even know you and they're making these assumptions There's a lot of black kids who scared to come out today. Families We all have people somewhere in our own families I don't support the lifestyle I like you in a men trying everybody knows it for the first six years. I refuse to believe that it happened my God I'm down here at the L This is the true story who you texting seven strangers to live in a House I'm looking for some Atlanta peaches to have their lives taped stream and share across Facebook What do you mean? No find out what happen you are. Not listening. People stop being polite. Oh my God and start getting real baby the real world Sit next to me People on the Internet or leaking information about the roommates and literally they're judging you from a photo but if they say I am fat and hairy I really don't care cuz those things are true and I am raise those things about myself when they say they're famous now they find me though Talking about my teeth Look throw my team You better stay fired up I don't go on it smart because I know I will cry They going in They're going in I don't know me bro Just talking in a comments I honestly don't give up you just gotta roll with the punches man you know what you signed up for everybody's gonna have an opinion They're gonna talk about all of us and ugly things about all of us and pretty things cuz we all have many different things about us Yep He can be the sweetest Somebody ain't gonna like beaches What are we doing tomorrow night I thought we're going to the compound thing Is it a gay bar Yeah but it's still a club to non gay guys. Go to gay bars or not a club is a club dude. If you're there just having fun with friends that's different than going. They're looking for people to hook up with if you care what people think when they see you in there then that's a whole different story See I would go. I wanna go for many black males. The last thing they wanna be is categorized as being gay and so me being someone who speaks on lot of black issues a lot of people are looking at It can be heavy weight as far as people's expectations of you I don't see myself Would you not go if we all want I probably wouldn't go It leads towards a hard nose No damn Yeah. It's just not my environment. You know I'm saying not against anybody going to the environment is just not my spots Borderline homophobic borderline fine home being scared to be around gays. If you know you're not getting everybody's going as a group but as friends right, it's a place, I have no desire to be the fact that we've all been open to going to different places for everyone I feel like Justice should be more open to going I have no fear of Group of people to call someone homophobic that's very dangerous and problematic If I'm working to understand you you gotta work to understand me He's upset about that because that's gonna make him look bad Are you working to understand me when you don't want to enter in my environment? So you don't understand that you talk about all the systematic stuff White people are doing right and you fought them for not trying to understand black people right right But you're doing the same thing to a gay community Are you coming from on black with that comparison I'm part of your own community I think there's one in there Do I own one Me and we're gonna go on our first date tonight You know we hang out every day in the House so it's like it's kinda weird like take it on a date but we need to know some time where we just go hang out too We're just feeling it out seeing what's good Here we go Here we go Ready Profile picture Damn you sometimes your eyes every time I look at all of them She does seem to me to be honest You know every time I look into her eyes man. She's got this thing about her I love and it just fits man then you Plant tells me all the time he like wants to be with me but honestly it's hard for me to open up I'm holding back This is the weirdest life situations I appreciate that Justin mad No but I could see he was getting frustrated frustrated because it's really important for him to look right to his black communities right? But I would rather use video truth bro Let me talk about it with you. I'm not saying you have to you don't even have to you can say don't be gay people. I don't like you I don't like the community I don't like none of that and I really don't feel like that's true though. I really don't feel like this, I feel like is kind of the case We don't wanna do with the whole gay culture I understand dangerous point of view for him to not feel supported for someone that he looks up to I think it hurt his feelings a lot Why do you care who somebody sleeping with Why does that offend you Why does that scare you I'm kinda getting kind of emotional about it cuz if people were more understanding and accepting That conversation is what I want out of like this. How other people like him kinda push out black gay people Those are the type of conversation that community needs to have There's a lot of black kids who scared to come out today, families and just be the best him and living like they truth You don't have to demonize us man What else do you start with some of them? Yeah. What do they say on social media They talk about you know the show and the cast of the show My name comes up and it's a bunch of just rude comments what is wrong with my smile I don't think there's anything wrong with this to see a terrible mean comment about you It hurts and it's hitting a nerve with me It's like oh maybe I do have a weird smile like I never even really realize it They're controls Yeah, that's all there I couldn't slate on social media all of the comments or just ugly stuff I feel like I'm stupid for coming here putting myself in the Middle of this to get abuse on the Internet Turn out bullying is the worst kind like you know my insecurities and all of us are insecure I don't give up who is people used to make fun of me for all things about my body So I completely understand what Megan is feeling I know that it really hurts and eats you up inside and I just don't want that for anyone else They literally don't even know you and they're making these assumptions They could be doing anything in the world and they're choosing to do that but also there's gonna be a lot of people who love you too and that's the great part Just have your confidence litter, robot fish I really hope so Honey oil or just regular I have local They gotta be honey No way you eat them all I don't know Ma' am. I'm predicament I don't think I ever associate sex and love It doesn't attach to them No Clinton. I have been hooking up but just cuz we've had sex doesn't mean that I'm more emotionally attached to you What attaches to them the way they treat me We're starting to dig deeper into our lives just because you know we're with each other all the time and a big part of my story is how I lost my virginity definitely Who I was It's a big part of how I act around people. How I view sex. How I the relationship? So when I talk about it, it's important for me to explain why I am the way I am One day right before I turned 17 I lost my virginity because I was raped I'm sorry Cannot imagine I was ashamed of it for a very long time I am not anymore He started texting me and harassing me like I really do have a great life so crazy damn and my little small community You don't hear that you don't hear of like girls get sexually assaulted and I don't know what to say man Go to do I didn't tell anybody It's him against me Everybody processes things differently This happen to me 11 years ago for the first 56 years, I refuse to believe that it happened As you gonna therapy Oh yeah it is what it is No, it's not it's not something you just brush over It's a very emotional thing. So when I tell people and I talk just you know kind of monitor It's a defense mechanism because if I was gonna cry about it everyday for 11 years, I'm not living I just wanna talk about it like I own it You can find the power You know when you were telling me yesterday how you like last year's Indy when you're raped I mean I see like I didn't say anything because I don't really have any words. It's time you know what I mean but I just want you to know that You deserve better No one really knows what to say you know It's in every single relationship Because I was taught from the first time that like I mean absolutely nothing That's what frustrates me so bad when you're like you're not giving a hundred percent or whatever and it's like I'm trying I don't know if I'm ever going to be able to like attach myself like that Having him want to listen makes me just like feel so much closer to him Sorry I've never let anybody in more than I've let Clinton I am seeing a completely different side of client that I Love to be honest but it's also kinda scary because I feel a huge shift happening and I don't know how to feel about it my hands everywhere God I don't want the door to come closer today my friends always ask how to take pictures of may for from test shoots there is a huge lack of representation for middle east and people and drivers body types harry people i have had so many different as a people which out to me by inspired of confidence without them self and that means a lot more to me then just having my makeup done into four to taken city justice for free जय sai मारो no its is everything will be working with people like Meanwhile I am Super excited to watch yes and in her element gonna do her thing. This is like her job so this is gonna be fun To see has been taking her pictures and be able to just be so comfortable in her body and be able to have pictures taken. It's awesome so real slow, luxurious confidence is something that I look up to I respect and I definitely admire. It's something that I wish I could channel for my own self Don't put it down. Single didn't know I put water. It is hot vacant country. Just did that. I don't understand because his was cool Oh we should just throw it in the pool I me. I will recommend it Did you find anything good today Or I found one on the beauty of just talking about what he feels about guest of and his entire family you know is also game i am creeping on social media and i find that this they just and some of our big side click on the link and i look at the video that they are talking about we all have they people so when all family so whether you like it to the matter is kept people are put a black communities now drama political view the realities i don't support a life sir there is a life style that also support Who is so big on respect has conformed to a negative part of what this community believes in Justin's Instagram There's like a video about homosexuality As a leader of the black community how can you be a leader in uplifting people? If you're gonna put down, you're gonna section off a part of the community We ask him how can you say you respect me also say you don't support me because my sexuality is a part of me That's negative in itself We're talking about this video of you that showed up on the thread about how you said black gay people who gave so much to the progress of the black hmm but you know i agree with the life style ah ya everything up tomorrow is what is what i feel like will be best for progress on a mask so more have sexual relationships among the people they don't think the home sexuality is good for the community i gonna promote on a mass go so no no is the so you don't think being homosexual is good for the black money in life is good for people of life that rules but i am gonna promote Something that's gonna grow that populations as much as possible making that video was risky but I felt it was important a child should be around their biological mother and father. So that's that's something that I personally believe it's just you just not what's best for the community. Don Direct I'm talking you as another black man on to another black man who's promoting growth in the community You're not supporting the black community as a whole in all aspects of it I am you can't you just said Lifestyles and was best to help a black community I feel like we could promote that bro It's still not cast a certain demographic of the community out I gotta speak what I feel is important Sport here in the shower and I see he has been drying off winter sheets I'm ready. My eyes first Have a punch No. No It looks so good Okay I know how good I feel when people take photos of me so I'm excited to like take cute pictures of Megan and if she wasn't a space to control that I think she might feel some sense of power and that you know what I mean sorry but that has got to show a little bit of stomach cuz it looks better There you go trusting you Super uncomfortable I know it sounds so silly to do a little photo shoot showing a little more skin But I think it's all part of the process in becoming comfortable with my body 123 Turn your body like a 40 - five You're so sweet It was Super out of the box for me to channel those inner model looks relaxed I would've never thought I'd be in a crop top in cutoff shorts taking pictures but I gave it a shot and I'm really glad I did Alright we're done Let me see The moment of truth What a hello So I go You did good No you did good Do you feel like you look pretty in any of them Oh look at the abs Of course I'm looking at the photos and I'm critiquing my whole self but I'm trying to get better about it It's a process. It doesn't happen overnight. I know that I think we're getting somewhere Y'all This is just a message to I guess anyone who's Dealing with their looks I promise you you are beautiful but you have to be willing to allow it Well. Let me see I don't wanna show you I don't wanna see Macy yet only 15 percent. I gotta go charge June over against you man You know I didn't mean to offend any form I definitely agree with you like homosexuals are pushed out of our communities that I have been in your shoes so I don't understand everything that you experience. You know something that I deal with as a black man as well just like my manliness is like diminished because of my sexuality in our community. So it just like damn that's what I'm trying to advocate like bro Yes cuz my sexuality does not make me less of a man and I agree that's a huge problem in our society. So I think that everybody should be treated fairly and I think everyone should have the right Like just living their truth and so like whether you're straight gay in between like that's what I'm willing to fight for but that's something I want you to start understanding like if you are gonna be the leader and you are gonna speak on those things good or bad. You need to be diversion and I agree I'm not asking Justin to be like a gay rights activist I just want him to take the time out to actually hear and understand me and actually be open to the conversation so we can move his mind state of Black gay men in the community forward if I offended or put down anything that you're working towards trying to stand up for that was I apologize for that if I did that cuz that was not my intention at all I've dedicated my life to working to change the system and I don't have all the answers but I'm on a journey of trying to figure it out and trying to have an impact during a little bit of time that I have here on this planet Those conversation that me and Justin just had is like what's needed I really respect Justin and I thank him for talking to me about it instead of letting it go like talked about Anyways Imma go blow my nose and stop looking stupid So yeah Bye Be good bro Megan she's basically star struck over this professional baseball players again. Why you're such a Jersey chaser honey Jersey chains are no, I'm not. Yes. You are get the away from me I've had enough I'm not gonna be treated like you came at me clip for nothing I'm pretty sure your dad take care of you the rest of what you say anything about him

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