Diggy Simmons Talks Evolving Under The Spotlight

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Diggy discusses evolving under the spotlight 💥

Posted 10 months ago in Music & Audio

Tarence-Melissa Evans 10 months ago

We are always concerned about the wrong things. This young man is well spoken and obviously is in tune with self because he went on hiatus to have some alone time it didn’t matter to him about being famous or popular which says a lot about him and his upbringing.

Roxy Slay 9 months ago

I like this young man. He has grown to be such a dignified person, but he’s always carried himself in this type manner.

John Whitney 8 months ago

Look like Run and his wife did a very good job with that kid! "Well adjusted young fellow"...

Helen Galloway 2 months ago

Diggy you got your head on straight and come from a good family Rev Run was in the music also you got this.

Mary Golden 9 months ago

Always wonder what he was doing 🤔very well spoken man self is everything 🥰

Curtis Sutton 2 months ago

Met him in VEGAS with his dad very nice young man

Eric Kinley 10 months ago

Such an articulate young man

Kenya Joiner 9 months ago

An articulate, intelligent, handsome black young man and there are more criticisms than praise. Smh...l swear "we" kill me.

Sheron Sleepy White 10 months ago

In my opinion, a child of an successful hip-hop artist will NEVER end up at the top or have longevity because mcs were forged out of hunger and struggle. Unless they went through the struggle with them. Successful Emcees will never be born in a mansion

Joshua Davis 10 months ago

His barber must've been out with covid🤦🏽‍♂️