New Jiminy Cricket & Dumbo Emojis!

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Let your conscience guide you to our NEW Jiminy Cricket & Dumbo emojis! #DisneyEmojiBlitz #emojimine

Posted 5 years ago in TV & Movies

Na Dine 5 years ago

I need friends

Karen Hernández 5 years ago

Jumbo and Jiminy doesn't appear in my game , my diamond box it's gone too! Would you help me??

Kerry Banks 5 years ago

So I still don't have levels past 75 yet others do... Please fix this.

Nola Barnes 5 years ago

I love this game, and I play a lot of games. This game however has the most useless support team! Never have I played a game where the support team says that they have no control. I bought a package of gems, coins and lives but got nothing! I was told that my only option was to contact iTunes for a refund. I've never had a support team unable to reimburse items or to be able correct issues in the game. Why is there a support team if they have absolutely no power at all?

Madison Huberlant 5 years ago

I Need Friends for game :P (sorry for my english, i'm french) ^^

Kurt Christiansen 5 years ago

I need friends to get Dug

Dody Dover 5 years ago

Anyone else have Jiminy Cricket at power level 2 (or higher)? I've reached level 2 and there is no increase to his power. Still just get one rainbow star when I use his power.

Kurt Christiansen 5 years ago

I still need 2 friend adds for Dug emoji

Mason Ireton 5 years ago

Love dumbo and jiminy cricket

Megan Strouphauer 5 years ago

I did the update and nothing has changed :( if I uninstall and reinstall will I lose all my progress?