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If you’ve read #RemarkablePeople you’ll know the first chapter is about Winnie Mabaso, Lisa Ashton and the amazing work of the Winnie Mabaso Foundation...

Posted 10 months ago

Terrence Brian 10 months ago

Thank you Dan for share this great to see Winnie would be very proud of them all have a nice Christmas to you and all your Family Terrence

Ruth Gough 10 months ago

I've read 1st chapter so it was lovely to see those children, I really hope they have a blessed Christmas, and thank you to the staff for giving them such lovingkindness.

Lesley Gallie 10 months ago

How wonderful are they? They have so little, yet radiate so much joy.

Jane Harris 10 months ago

Can't wait to read it Dan..it will be in my Christmas stocking this year..congrats on the success of your book..

Carole Dick 10 months ago

Hope this book is in my Xmas sack Dan hinted enough.
Merry Christmas to you and the family.

Claire Kerr 10 months ago

Ahh how precious is this, I'm absolutely loving the book Dan 🤗

Joanne Tait Bolton 10 months ago

Thanks for sharing Dan. Winnie & Lisa truly Remarkable Ladies. 🥰❤

Jean Stables 10 months ago

They lift your spirits beautiful x

Wendy Jayne Leaver 10 months ago

Fabulous! Thank you Dan Walker TV for reminding us of Winnie's fabulous legacy xx

Elizabeth Gledhill 10 months ago

I had your book for Christmas .It’s great and lovely to see the children singing