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Seth's world changed the moment his parents discovered his sexual identity. But now, he's turning his pain into a promise to help other LGBTQ+ students...
I didn't have a whole and at that time I didn't have a school and I didn't have a future. Education was my only way out. Because I was always the nerd in school, I found a lot of solace in education. High school was, I think overall a good experience, but the opinions of our community in Jacksonville, Florida, was not very welcoming of anyone other than straight system or White people. I started expanding. My way of thinking through education and through reading and that's when I really started seeing a divide between me and my parents in high school. They found out about my sexuality and they went through my film and I found out that I'm gay and so they put me in conversion therapy. I think the worst part about conversion therapy is that I, you know so desperately wanted to work. and in my years and years of trying to suppress my identity to please others, it was anti-police. I was a miserable person. I was dealing with very intense, suicidal ideation and depression and no kid should ever have to feel like that because of their identity. I was working three jobs in high school hoping from friend's House like a month after I got kicked out or show called the and I was accepted into their School of Foreign service and so I decided to attend and I was extremely excited. But when I got my financial aid package, I quickly realized that I couldn't afford College. There was about a $20000 gap between me and Georgetown. So she started a go fund me with the goal of $20000 and I was. I was really blown away when I reached 2000 as a queer kid in Jacksonville. I didn't receive a lot of support for who I was in my identities but for someone to not only say I support you Seth in your journey to College, but I support you financially was a totally different thing and it really made me believe in myself. There were a lot of teachers that like started it by contributing $50 and that meant. A lot to me that the teachers in their low salary with take money out of out of their budget. We had the idea to start scholarship Foundation once they go fund me with viral and once we exceeded our goal with $20000 and Ellen did generous picked up on the idea. She partnered with Cheerios to provide us with an additional 20 - $5000 to go towards I'm not the only kid going through these struggles and there are so many other kids and you know it's my responsibility to stand up and fight for them as well. I would tell them to roll their shoulders back their chin up. They are fierce clean and that they deserve to be loved learning to live as my authentic self has been so liberating and I've never felt better. So I think it's important for me to share my story and open myself up for the criticism because I think it's important for other kids. That you know there is light at the end of the tunnel and these situations are dark but we will overcome.

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