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We went to the Oxford vs. Cambridge boat race (ft. ur mate who swears they don't vote tory)
Baking pens inside have a brain so um um to bloody times the bed race began a hundred and 90 years ago which means they must be getting pretty tired by now Here at the time we do actually have clad boy powers now I know what you're gonna say Cambridge does in fact win this year's boat race and if you don't want to know that you should look away now this video does contain spoilers in particular it contains extended footage with rose what did she say uh he said an idea what is in front anyway awesome 15 okay until you win I won congratulations S We talked to the man in the boat mainly driven by that cost do you think that's true of men in general parce que Would you let James crack will go in your number two sport yes Definitely that James thrilled to fashion and dry I see bringing some mesh for the surface He was supporting You're supporting yourself on your feet you should try do you enjoy the race he's at high point theme right back to that is no obstacle this is the afterparty enjoying yourself off the embargo see you know you had a lost probably

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