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Global Press Conference Invitation

In response to a recirculation on social media of the _fictitious document titled “list-of-girls-with-HIV-1”_...
To get going this is like looking at how I felt about peace. We have to use like slip queens you know this list of their big issue around 20 16 uh lots of lovely 16 and uh January. 20 17 lease of slick wings guess who this woman 10 -minute the same time, police officers who are performs one of two procedures of Washington uh 70 is with you go to discover I'll be there. I miss people who, because there's a art dealing for one means tip into position. The emotional trauma distress deep roots on humans. That means who will, for us. We initially and of course, the custom of giving your West. It was so to speak. It would that's what creating fastenings like booby if you can get into a very business on salem and Canada flames. They tracks to give legitimacy to the act by Names, a very highly respected people in Israel that is not only weak at but completely or accepted and just to return. It. One of the worlds that was uh one of the phrases that your of mask, who has responsibility to leave your Backed by Oct element, uh, it is press conference. He just States ask yourself materials. We wish to ensure the Journal we can. Everybody who might have seen it makes me mad to guess. He doesn't least that is so called least escape features document that best new authenticity in the sauce of operation there's no truth in the least whatsoever. It also meant for the stage that sexual 19 subsection formed The month up to thousand lifting makes it an offensive criminal offense for anyone who want on your plus for the school population, your status in society to publish false information related to hiv and Aids prevention visit exact party used and have copies of and you will have copies of the nasty geez uh press Back issue in 20 17 that says get to bed of the press. It is so fortunate that right here gauge that people are abusing and misusing social media, everything that is posted also has some bit of negativity. I will see this as an unemployed to cause pain, but I think serum is stronger than those who balance sharing this false information. I think What's to give up, I put out there. Anybody who shits and so I'm going to encourage anybody when you receive it miley shots on very fight document or whatever it is leased or whatever in your form don't celebrate it or give it to eat my shirt on delete it. Then start benefits in your sexuality on what you can very fired and friends. They you know what see I did was looking at the Last year dude I'm not a professional and stop. Please accountability on you for holding on very fine information and data so you will be anybody's crime by 40 messages that don't very fight and so can she protect that defense and put you on that on the Street. I don't need to stress so the light of this. I want to present to Oh my statement and Apple position as an Organization, uh press conference on the eastern of this re circulation of this property at least of girls which is driving my stuffs so that we know is one of the leading and largest private sexual family planning services division of physician and surgeon. You. We just discovered that let us today you'll receive relation exactly released our September last year And this list is identical to the least there was security in 20 17, which we, as an Organization. The mission of health make sure uh concentration not fully in the public sector agencies of government and yours completely different. At this time. What did you happened to be aware that my school did Yes, all cichlids at least I'm never as a practice. I love personal information of our clients to be published online we'll. Never publish details of our stuff online. It's not only your account is on professional Deep we are reported so you really about to already as you are where we have the result. Mass and I'm very confidently. This book nurse and I want to commend the society for his response. The last time and yes to to take in by sending know me know, for sure, but in very single on his deputy on to this matter. Last year cid is to get our police or in this over part of the investigation and our expect that again this time around who can't wait I'm drink possibly, some people to Why, just show the public that this is a 43 and I have been created for sex with a yoga position. This is clearly a potential customer emotional distress to women and their partners and their families. One made the list and we put them its creation. We call Democrats of people is crucial in the strongest possible terms, forever 20 He is in the hands of the services we are and we would like to show you that we will never publish will never share the depths of our clients in any form. My original director ship with us every presented by uh Christmas either today is afternoon that for the last three years our service to be our new marc by the hat possible quality standouts possible, including services differently and that's. Why not in the past. How supported us Resources to respond to the champions just and you can speak the words of its worth to me when I found him that's what the vehicles that last gift to us as part of the restaurants to which hiv Aids was the return back to the opposition. We are facing anyone who receives this list on social media to ignore and it's completely from their phones don't be part of This crime hopefully it's also put the everyone who has information on the list and discourage you to go to the nearest police station or to the cyber crimes units inside the report. When I say atleast on display for any for that type of least that's martial and you know the source is this necessary little new to world report. Please go ahead I think what's at the nest in this situation, what you see, I did actually decided to make a visit watching, correcting will say about experts and reported it and then we broke the book. Thank you So don't miss this Sunday, but give me What show that uh this is a six the one to win a new one of us to visit any. Thank you very much. Thank you to you. Handful to sleep with least it's not offensive, not school high school staring so many that someone out there. I mean that, like to mention the steps of improve now, you have the newest rescue ideas. We needs, but as you can for me, that is not going to you know take some questions that we are pulling, asking people to ask questions and take notes. There was I'm sure, some of us are staring and they have Oh just something whoa look it's just wanted. Some shootings, like they won't mention about six pounds. I've been a kind of stuff just what I want to do. You have to leave some things and exercise families experience and we're open to that to continue. Well, it's not assistant this was a bit yes okay. Thank you very Oh, you know just wish she smile. I put into beautiful yeah the knife investigation that or between themselves and the absence assaulted and I'm also, as an Organization. Some of our members and coach so we usually aggressiveness what was the time. So much that can be yes. With that is spence was josh bolts along Yes to what's happening. Yeah you will only have been two that's. This is my kiss. You this up on Christmas eve. You also said to and last this activist, I was probably to side when they got credit because my list was incredible invention. That it will do the lesson that's for the course is So if you can use some of the good time, we have left is my stuff in my own listed so who post because it is that's what information gorgeous names that yes cute oh and there you go I'm gonna. Do something. School okay. I think I'm getting this one time. I still also here to see how awesome this was supposed to approach customers to give you see So, let's roll come on, go to your friends, stop here's nice to get this good too. I want to measure for watching it be nice to make it sure of your plants while you gotta ask questions because it is how to act. 22 revealed his that was pure plates and which are cause you should ensure that Yeah that was uh very um on wed see us win a cure so if you allowed the status of your plan to go out of the city, you've been to the dentist yet character and and you come back is the plan impact on your face against of the Sea in front a community with thank you okay Yes, that'll ensure questions uh thanks for the incentives that was good to the use and I'm just gonna make you stand up for you to begin to what you saying, but if your I'm pulling for me, you and um for last year I saw the list hopefully this year having scene it's a whole and I'm gonna show you where that these guys out now because it just sing or The clothes are might be positive for so names don't do that out last year to be in the series. This year with my decision of selection for movies is that the city's form it's changed. Why not force them because we actually very um what that was for me to hear shit. It be. Why we're dressed because last year I did what you got for him to accomplish amazing for Well, you got what it takes. 15 got this almost speaking Cia so far that measure at least this year. You meet a 24 seriously consider not spoken vanity loyalist to see most people to win the next part is already trying to be different about to album say that absolutely Supreme agency in fact, I can receive is a team I am to see people how you said that you probably a 20 and 17 to eighteen time and what's my question is out of it 50 shades got this. We not with your community technical Yeah looks like someone who cares so thank you very much for questions. Yeah very tough questions I'll take. What I can get answerable festival for less let's agree. Let's go. I could back to all let's see that was my food. This is my told you right. What have we seem When I told you I'm social media It is even device like this right. You see this information and I do not have the presence of women. The best on the planet media said something about depleting out 40 that you ask people what is your favorite at Union of bikes. I recommend students that's if you do not, if you forward, you have beauty as you can see, the autumn so if I do not delete it from my phone and I can choose What did you get right. Let's think that's. Why we're suffering from that's what we are faced with at the moment. Like it, somebody said you said chef most in the least, but I think that's the challenge of social media least I mention the last time we've got can sense and calls that impacted from around the world to enhance our first Australia, look to us people. You people in us people with their Because it takes two minutes just in minutes for you to reach out to 250 people. If you have 200 people are 200 cruise and you send you reach thousands of people already and they choose to forgive because of thousands of people. So what I saying we have the challenge and that's what it called by uh cooker disguise very important. Do not part of anybody's great by just clicking What to smoke those names and needs of individual that's my friend acts, whether he said the city is exactly couple copies. Last year was wonderful. 17 minutes. He's resolutely names the same six o'clock signature the same or glove party starts. You say, individuals nothing as changed right now afraid talks about how they are approaching. I can tell you Awesome Organization and our friends from woman to tell you we did what we could do. Fortunately, we cannot. We need what we can do in terms of it. My marketing it signatures in assist, things, trucking to see how do mystery cleanse confidence and it's just to check whether this any possibility, like mention mask own and uh the cyber crime team we're here, even for most after all, to September last in I mean look at up issues of about looking for Charles, whether they say you can't do anything of loss. What I would know as civilians before what's the investigators. You could be surprised that this is kimberly investigated right and uh. I know the last position I had a country director was a presentation that we act. What we've also found out as an Organization that we shared with all the partners you can have this so I'm very sure that because I can be one Okay, like I should beef up is just that these are very confident in nature and in shape to the present moment to write to do that for the digital. On us and I am seed they're continue to get serious conversation official members okay. I just show you some of the big enough written to the police to see id to not come sacrifice performances. We both Christmas to be Because did what's this. You do and we'd like to tell you what we should do. I think that's what the challenge is on so what you say about this time around. We kill and I can tell you this. It was a wheel for look at this, but this is also the ruler for the actors which we are going to have an Organization with two pushing collaboration with nice that's. What I was saying about that now in terms of confidence in our staff People in our clients and I think that's what we're calling for and that's what we're doing this so. Today's, my future clients and the call to our clients and definition. We don't have anything to hide, is the color of the way we work is the ethics of the profession, American project, professional. We keep our client's information in very extremely confidential Uk we keep it very confidential if you call me, John service to you and you ask for us the next time you go even the best of all fucking says we will be able to know the pain of the people that we will said so. We want to show our clients, your information is safe with us. We will never forget this move possible okay not intense And Steve mom I'm not sweating beautiful pieces well, we, wanna be too painful to see that couple of people, our friends get a friend or friends that's not friends that I have. I mean the list that don't have anything to do any given to do it was something least we are combination of people sleep. Last year the people who felt we know how, whatever you need me, I answer in your right. You gonna have to get lots of the same Bank. We have 15 in my vision. I have moments Also, like it's so which of the woman but uh who are we talking about so in love people Alright, blades with stress and this is one stress that's mommy days and that's why we need you that's. Why. I'm speaking with you to use your programs, your programs for me to publish for you to do what you need to do for the next foreseeable future to you the assurance. This is my 44022 beautiful assurance. What this person deep back there has the capacity of the media force of government. I just doing the message in the video is even has to healthcare in the community, so these are people who are just over Ricky why, don't you have some yeah. We got indie October from last year's investigation and Including bodies too, we actually moved process and what we engage decide you need to be another investigation Department and we're also not cold and uh we're really like making progress, but what I'm curious threw down everything. What's the election process. You know uh contour the end of the challenge and for us uh we're changing government definitely, we We can get you get all this put together issue so that time we've got even we'll see you and then uh in 51 be up running out to do is that uh very soon or before the end of this year. We have been with you at National it's party see and I same time what we do, we knew it's act. We want to make it act right. This time around and then we have To my opening remarks, I did see to our partners there is a friendly solutions which will lead to uh because of the mortgage is a report and uh you did well by putting it out into the media and we also try to engage your head a Committee. You know and uh all of us working as one yes, definitely, we And I will say thank you. It media uh, for that, but definitely this issue of the social media issue is something that really push and I think it's only affecting us is also affecting the government is also affecting the sioux. Many people and that will be seen press releases from even the police when out, on this issue of you, no false publication and uh. What else is we all have to work as a team to see We love this, these issues, but definitely we have been to we will pull this case and definitely appreciate it. So that we can go to a logical conclusion on eight um. Thank you very much, Mr questions. You may have we have to go and get up your boots very busy and you have to go. You know that you have a stories and then from more people that's just 15 more president's Yes, um waiting to see the scoop on this Due to its been, it went to such as these people with the champion in that lots of popsicle alton yesterday that was there. We have all these images that even this, but not exactly what I wanted to find yourself in my story. That's anyone of these physician to other products such anyone's post on facebook over what's, that that's a needed this is guy investigated piece and make sure that foot down because it yesterday, it was Well, this is what I was again today before. It's nothing really the question has a uh address. The gender of mine and you know, develop push all it is to be with it so those really interested in what's up Africa today in this post and write, thank you, yes, hundred listen to Mr that the media has a fundamental to play and, like circulated information which means that this is first, I also believe that my student has a greater risk. We don't believe that want to come here next year again to see the discuss some sort of this and I believe you've been Infront of effort to get especially for the younger swim school, um maybe for some of us. We know how to handle yourself about such situations. What were those young girls with courage. It's come to take preventing you said you know to avoid to the presidency and the light if they need some social needs. There's. No way you can get them to complete your facility because of the end of the day. It's just like a family that, yes really rv charlie engineered to take your treatment so I just hope that this time around my still selling with no Visual bunch of people to finally got you should use to play to actually so if the government is also advise as possible and then make it every then you have to push it back to the. You. That we have been making efforts to ensure that we have dresses intuition, but the government is nothing positive to see that last one star specific you know yeah it'll be basis tide mars time soldiers yourself skills and I wanted to do go to Michigan just tell you to know basic We do this is only because beautiful daisy also nice is about the list is a truly supportive smoke coming from artist store, something about having a thank you is unbelievable. It's about time. Sometimes you very quick to solicit East against big protein. Chef's also service portions with a very strict sergeant. Why. Because it's been a year now we still have the same huge 21 time some of this is that something everyone I'm trying to climb it and I think I will take is the money time and money school scaling. It into salvage. We got a beautiful vision down and until 31 you can take you know that this is another face. What you need to do and thank you very Oh today, she want to talk to you about like a restaurant um yes, uh yeah let me try to be uh like defense event. Yeah uh. I don't think uh. I really like it and see you know the job that I do you know. We are responsible for mortgage and all of the hiv response to this country and what about your information, that we hear when we You know we should get prepared, like uh as soon as you know, we're invite you. We should be prepared and sue yeah. I do actually meet you and uh since that's the uh you know they need immediately started circulating now, because I haven't seen the list. Yet, but based on the investigation and based on thinks so last year, we believe it is a force of. I released and that we strongly Even uh consistent plans, computer charity, we strongly believe that and that me as an example in palm, I didn't really executive it's only people who have disclosed estate sales in public that I know that I hate hiv positive. I go to my concert if I tell my Council lemme have been needs of the positive cases that comes in over the never released released only consider will tell me, is today we just did this number ex positive excess meal My wife's email that is, the only information that I get and I don't have any right as a boss. I want to be cleaning and literally seats behind the counselors computer. It's against room it's on education to even publish false information or four it's not about how hiv any detergent is false. It's premium So that I'm defending them, I'm not really like defending death but when I hear such news, you know it's embarrassing for the response is embarrassing to the partners that I had been know. I don't email me or demand that I will is to actually call you need to. We are not instrumentation and mattress stores have been a very good job while providing resources to them or they actually help in us providing the ultimate Mission in terms of distance treatment and we're gonna give you the resources so we are able to actually that capture and collect the move things that is happening. So that we all did our detail. If we said okay because we don't even mind still somebody still cannot reporter ross. We have the responsibility to report on behalf of the country so if they have any issues, then definitely we have to wake up and we have to move immediately to see how we The 25 to to see who everybody's guilty to be not possible so I think my brother does. What uh one time. What for us and internationally secretariat you know, uh when I do responsible for the data related to treatment you know where we get our only Is the highest it's probably is open for a dh. Is you go to an idiot child. Is Web based. That's why we got a treatment people's that's. Why we got a busted because all data comes from any source that this people details and that is the digital polish. So I think that's why I have to thank you very much of what I very much like a legal said. Thank you very much, okay. Let me uh thanks guys for your patience and this will be the one of the other question must just be blessed. You everything you don't want uh friend from the National government to Um, I think he says sure of accountability, ownership and responsibility for mess to be here and we must commented and just two after what he said. Nice, special does not wisdom and confidence. There's no conflict of interest. They have no reason, like someone said to come support us. We have everything you know why, because that you relate to, if We have messages of giving a little bit lost excitement. You if you're missing to yourself because somebody else will release the work that they do and days and oversight over all that we do and they acted behind professionals and we will book so I want to thank you very sad and I want to show my friends and beautiful is that this is what it's called meets. You do and they're doing it to my friend who mentioned about facebook. I can show Let's uh I'm very happy that you don't mind sookie all those things you make sure you know that things you see you know you look at this time, but the same disease in content of court when I see there's a lot of information that you have that I can't disclose here. That I know that not as on this subject, the police has the idea has creepiness about community tires matter has that can't, even at the points I will have some Can you probably because that's the Joe, I said starts to do so. I can show you do a tons of screen. Let me screenshot that we're taking individuals of your provide just to just to let the public know how to let's see your new new that's gonna. Do is one facebook 40 like use, a lot of profiles in taking people move within the ambit of the lord just to National you that there be a lots of things that's a two -time golden pack, so I was about it together as related, but he will lot of no, I should be friend okay, that was done and Lots of meetings lots of coming to the office presentation as important, different. I have to be deliver one to be those meetings with it. You wanted to me to get things out and this home to several people and all of that. So, thank you for doing that and I'm gonna tell you uh just do it sex with this because it's just a great team of real estate working on with information right now and so anybody who posted yesterday on facebook well, if the police begin to you get upset because New Jimmy styx will be from meeting your sticks you'll see just before they left and said, if you not, because if will you, that for that you are as good as possible in current you know wherever africans right and you love like just saw the lord attends ball the process of getting this do you know it's telling someone you're the type of somebody told me I was going to country and typically checkout forms you know that yeah what's up before the sizes of information that's left countries where to go to that's amazing news to receive on your We just missed you for checking you guys. We got this two for one look at him in the airports because it's gonna be on you, yes, you to stop with this thing yo ever seen it's gonna message on some awesome. Yes. Do the same. If you know some of us are like yeah something is in your spookiest alright. Let us come, see us come on the market. Don't just with you, like I mean you have somebody can make me sick 1267 the message to your loved ones so if your boyfriend altogether and the partners in faith photo you just be somewhere, someone who just six percent that I'm gonna give you coming back lexus that gonna swing watching the action watch out. Tv distinctive honestly okay that some countries you don't want to with whatever, whatever you can talk just festival is my best. Nothing as it continues to go to that for how to reach 14 and get a little bit older because I don't want my friends, all the girls that I've been going to for some fish Joe talking hey look you know it's funny. I don't know what you can tell me it's easy when you don't just develop something so that's. What I'm saying that's so please, there's a question then On the role of government go man place from I will say, like you said you had to scoop in your glass House. The swings, but we'll do something really serious about it. I gotta tell you where it started when he came in our first use on down. We send looking out so what's the best tip on where he came in just to show you guys that yeah let me see what we can do because well, because if you do, we have the complete right so we completely epic waters and you can write all the evidence The appropriate time this is what we have this come on let's talk to you last year. This spend close to three to six months. Look at the height assistance matching the names will be an act. What they don't look at the names. We sell domains and what about those mental physical and love that and I'm very happy I'm not only it will, from hiding you know writing that you gotta get this go. You know, give it to all of us. You thought about the fact that so much time with someone who care team, they take about this is that I distance is very simple and easy. Alright assistance All student evening of being overpowered world of this in our Center, we don't even like this just we just gorgeous right that's our family wanted to is ask anyone who promotions. We just closed. You don't like names so everyone is talking about names. It will just be see what a really interesting since I last. We don't even use. This so that's it guys. I want to say I understand, is to pull up rates and to the former, which what what that, don't know we have donut ready before complaint and delight, appropriate for to us and provide caste one mission to go man and a woman ages at the speed of courses so that we can be able to take this forward. Um. I think uh, whatever questions yes, this annual one no more strength, no, yes, coffee and it's a gentleman before you call us we'll answer enough of the closing Mass slash fruits of fast they're fish out some ice in the back quickly you've had you've got your status and quotes to meet your comments so we don't leave you What is your name will be here before you know what I actually said that they cannot put it down so this year and then I thought that I was just watching this probably from all the time here. Can Grant a regulations that you must keep up on all the rest of the time in any type of person you know very well and I love people have asked what I was. He said and Here we are so she can show it to you. I've never want to play on that. I am not anyways because I've lost so many places but the issue of confidentiality is so much strengthening on hi. My sister idea or one of those on my House and I have to act and for our long way trees definitely, we cannot take names. You, she was lovely salt and much I know, sports so I don't see I think you should be an advice and running check these by sin. This is hiv. This from an Irish pub surrounding the marriage filter and the only is not using anything of me which lab results. If you get your our pfizer whatsoever. I was he's dead is purely calls so yes, nothing about me is all so every a confidentiality is very, very high, demand we ask for equality that marriage sponsor an event of such an things because we are credible institution we're Alright, you shopping as we have 17 did light your path for the world that is, we have also men and the mission's okay. Thank you very much. Thank you very much. Councilor what's the other people, we've got to get your child into a new one. Normally take out sometimes okay, all good evening. Everyone uh my name is the head of all the place. I It's from uh when such an Organization we just lied Center some love integrity and confidence sharing all our clients that their names on the outside in quotes of the agent. I can tell me one for the message I don't even look at it. The number mentioned in there you know this is the only thing I know is that Trinity and I just want to x Center turn into our treated uh. What you've been missing from your running on train to and from the little time servicing, company such a days and not and even of the country that doesn't memory can never see such and other plans. You optimized something to be to become smart home and it before to reaching everyone, like to delve in hot three call five that's integrity to step to Find what you're going to fishing muscles, that was to be very clear, recording live Center. I'm in we are the last sentence thinking every single time he's possible so something in the most desperate script money, even once dropped yesterday is uh seven dollars down here from the level where the glass it's the next you're, not you know, not knowing where it would, for Launch whether you move the ultrasound is not so much history is called usual. Positive response. Thank you so much. Thank you. Yes, quickly oh, you seriously. Yes wondered what needs ladies and listening that's the job so security done our cleanse include total. This is a real business. Our city centre. You is very, very much you're Guys we don't keep come on in welcome gloves and those close school that taxes that's cold. Can believe it. It only our city as a possible that my skin like most that's gonna get you access to the coach that sit preventable vision so most everyone in my circles as access to the fast food labels, all the awesome myself into and my boss present harmony manager so no one has a picture of that. So I'm glad because you're the Thursday, music you okay thank you very much and let's get those any muscles So that's inventions, one is this. We were very single guys. I don't have said everything looks just to see something is wrong, something in the shop. This is um. I do think I will not stop on the trip and begin to pop out because I have the ball and if I fall it's very years right so yeah, we smoke stop we're talking about the credibility of the snow, stop with our store that I can leave can actually get mix of people upset if you Hey did you missed the copiers your trying to actual one. Do mine crucial conjunction with little mix just got the percent is that and I look at the least, we, like picking up means for I love y'all know kenny mann free time tracking to get you. There. I mean that was interested so I have to back to look at that crazy, together when I looked at it might be stops me don't operate that, for you and if you have it folks that's what our forms. If you look at that, look at that is that is very low go. Look at that. We don't use it now because what I was looking at you don't let us lose in two minutes and I kind of craigslist that in the Oh my goodness, that we did original so I can do some of the questions I see. What say we are not defending facial recognition but I am here to apply just apply to fight and we possible to get a short time goes. You are the last of us. You might have some people that know that might be without least and uh because of the stigma uncomfortable with student. He did it. What it is to do or in the society you will also need to get some kind of voice so Um just important you more so help us to and fight this and play fight to the people. I started some people even read in some sentence again. The list before getting on of kind of people so is this important note the bullshit. Why would you ever thought so just see that the risk of back pain or give back six that is doing this. I would like to get them something I'll be looking for something that they want and you want to take and they cannot get so getting this. I don't know just really you know in size right, but please just give us an Done and I also wanna thank you very much. I know um you are you are you have to lean on some duties and your vehicle business. Um uh gonna get the spotlight. Playhouse into um. Thank you very much for coming uh and I do believe that you would have us and this contact so I totally problem all the things of the distant alcohol in all of yours. Thank you very much and okay yeah thanks Now the announcements please

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