Walter Wallace Jr. protest in Philadelphia

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HAPPENING NOW: SKYFOX is live over a protest in West Philadelphia following the fatal police-involved shooting of Walter Wallace Jr. DETAILS:...

Posted 1 year ago in Crime & Tragedy

Norma Garcia 1 year ago

We need to stop this the police have the right to protect them self to much violence in the world hope this is a peaceful protest

Charles Simon Bryant 1 year ago

So a criminal with a knife goes for q cop. He is killed. And this is they way other criminals act???

Madeline Bassil 1 year ago

Nancy Pelosi wants more monies for these Democratic run cities thats why there is no STIMULUS Package yet

Debbie Hayden-Murray 1 year ago

It’s really protesting about the man that was shot by the police, let’s go loot and start fires in the memory of the man that was shot today

Madeline Bassil 1 year ago

They only care about those killed by police officers, that why its a Political Group

Jackie Campana 1 year ago

This falls under the governor rule...he has to ask for federal help...

Ericka Johnson 1 year ago

I have seen plenty of other people unharmed in the same situation this so unfair

John R. Fields 1 year ago

Free TVs everyone needs one to protest the death of a minority. That is the going value of life these days.

Andrea Aitken 1 year ago

Protests make the world listen ! Without becomes yesterdays news!

Beth Martin 1 year ago

Everybody’s got a big screen I remember back in the day with the Rodney King riots and they were carrying out big screen TVs in those things were freaking heavy