South Central’s Loaded Southern Plates 🦞🦐🌽

Foodbeast • 1 year ago     5.4K
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People come from all over for these LOADED seafood plates that you can smother in GARLIC BUTTER SAUCE! 🦀🦐🦞🔥

Find them at 3 Stakxs in Carson, California!

Posted 1 year ago in Food & Drink
Sol Bolton
Sol Bolton4 months ago

You need to open up a restaurant in Canton Georgia

Aletha D Edwards
Aletha D Edwards4 months ago

Yummy. I am so hungry just looking at the food. When are you coming home to Georgia? I would like to taste of your sea Food.

Willaryne Nailing
Willaryne Nailing11 months ago

Why can’t I live near this eatery? Everything looks delicious and yummy!!

Carol Harvey
Carol Harvey11 months ago

Not yet, its on the way to Marjorie . I got the address , I used to shop with her but this place was not there brush. One day!!!! I can't wait

Faithful Holloway
Faithful Holloway12 months ago

OMG!!!! where can i get some of yrs in Mississippi and some of that garlic butter then entire menu where r u located

Georgette Anderson
Georgette Anderson11 months ago

Please come to Clearwater Florida and start a business here we will support you the food looks so good there’s nothing like that here they have seafood restaurants that sell crab shrimp lobster but nothing like that come to Clearwater Florida please

Charlotte Jones
Charlotte Jones4 months ago

Looks delicious and I love the amount of food you give would like to try it one day

James Kim
James Kim11 months ago

U guys should get a shop in nor cal. Food looks fire

Zarah Rover Rover
Zarah Rover Rover11 months ago

I'm going to try the salmon and pasta dont eat shrimp lobster but every thing looks good you can cook ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🙏

Carl Smith
Carl Smith4 months ago

Food looks fire 🔥 I can smell and taste the food through the picture. Bring it to dc. You will get that bag 💰