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There is alot of killing and immorality under Socialism.
I just report you decide Here's a glimpse at them A glimpse of them Here's a glance album You'll never hear him saying anything like this We've already made the charge. Romans three The Jews and gentile alike are all into Sea socialist and Communist never ever talk about sin to them. There is no such thing as right wrong sin our region Karl Marks had to say it a minute that never comes In any of his pontificate say this old guy he just come up with these ideas out of his head and some countries have embraced Russia China North Korea, the amount not many but the ones that have embraced it Lot of killing There's a lot of killing in America It's gonna get worse if we keep it up there is no one righteous out there Not even one not even close There's no one who understands and no one who seeks God. These are the irreligious. These are the people he's writing about that has that have no awareness of God No belief system whatsoever This is your common man across planet Earth. He's writing about it To the Roman Empire boy, they needed to hear it. I guarantee that they've all turned away They've together become worthless humanity will hurt up under whatever better their flag any banner but Jesus Christ and here they go their throats open grave, their tongues practice deceit The parts of the vibers is on their lips, she said. What did they say it elect Me and everything is free You don't have to work anymore The guy. I'm gonna take care of it and it just builds on itself It's like working in farm fields and the farmer goes out and he works hard and the profits go to the farm but the hands of happy do the work on the farm He pays them a salary Carl marks angles and all the rest of them. So that's not fair Everybody all to get the same thing that be fair No profits It's all spread out even what the socialists and Communists are saying is that you can be good We're good without God We don't need him We're loving without God. We're compassionate without God. We're forgiving without God We rule the rush and what we say goes not my God says what we say And they get the people hoodwinked You have to have the entertainment business under your control the education system the news media and finally the government You can't pull it off unless you gather up all of the arms of the people You say what's a basic tenant in order to accomplish a socialist country or a comedy swim You have to get all the guns from the population you can't have You can't let them have guns because when push comes to shop and they start seeing what you're doing to him they'll revoke and they Weapons you must get their weapons all of them Every one of these companies in social country The people are not armed at all

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