Has X just proved PSYCHIC CONNECTION between Ant & Dec?! | Auditions | BGT 2019 | Facebook

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NO WAY! How is this possible? #BGT

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At the end of it we know that your wife will be hello Welcome Ditto I Presume we are going to talk okay That's. It. Thank you good luck Mobile It doesn't my tag These also strike Inhumanity More respected We weaken it We To demonstrate I'm an individual 1999 Take a seat right the wrong way around Can you both? Please close your eyes now Close your eyes You must pay close attention to all sensations. You may feel These ways you're right All set If you felt touch right And no point way you feel Oh my gosh This is one remember how many times you feel you feel a touch If you found a touch With your fingers show us how many times you felt Open your eyes now Incredible incredible For the ultimate test of connection I also have a board for you Electrical subconscious Minds Begin drawing now 98 76543 One When people The impossible You may own We have to adjust No Establish 13 years ago in 9089 Wow Come with me

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