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Live & open orders!
Isn't that dog one cute let me know if anyone wants a dog one or you know if they get cages Well I'll give you a stoppers um denise look at this these are pretty these are stoppers for the bracelet my favorite color you got a set of em Aren't they cute And they go on the charm bracelet They go on the charm bracelet there are five dollars a day oh okay alright And the cage yeah why are you frowning can you feel these five out for me for to nisha got five or Oh I didn't even get our bag ready shoot um I'm losing it Gotta go alright diane I'll talk to you later thank you love I cannot wait to get the shirt I can not wait by guy and isn't that pretty cynthia the hand with the hearts I hope you're doing real good we miss you I think she's got oh no it's seven at night I'm like get the kids are already home from school I think they're on break this week okay the kids are on break oh you got a nice one I think we started yesterday with a White one That means good health I'm gonna bang go um no I don't think so she went yesterday All melissa you're fine you are fine way enjoy coming on in and share and we'll have them don't worry look at this it's like a hint of pink in it but it's gorgeous Look at that White pinkish Pearl And that pretty Uh so nice I like that color I gina how you doing there Is that genius re to be laid by genius gina you're number five in line look at back there we're okay billy you're number five gina we are on number two Yeah that is pretty can you see the pink in it can you see the light pink yeah that's a very nice All right Clean this up I say susan welcome hi everyone oh she got that nice there you go alright denise don't forget to share my favorite and this is my favorite I use it all the time you got the remington face uh facial tremor set can you guys see that I love this I don't leave home without it it's in my purse I got one in my pocket but to yup I love this hey Santa hey kathy you also goodies one of the heel and stones very nice I got you debbie What color is that one that is look at that sector and I sit sit your night yeah look at that You can look this crystals up on uh 26 computers all day it's been all day like that facebook is really being poopoo they knock me off already cindy said that it keeps getting kicking her out now or keep spending my video that's crazy All right let's see what else you got here I wanna see what else you got here I got in jena thank you hello Got you doing thank you for all your tickets off of this You've got shine on which is a magnetic um you put it on your fridge it says shine on it's like a shopping list Let's just say you were just showing what You also got this kitchen tail it says fresh coffee is the best way to start your day right angel I know and you got the soy B these are headbands these are headbands lit 24 dollars they would have been and it's headbands I wear headbands all the time hi michelle These are nice Yes yes yes denise that's what you've got in your death a lopes today I hope you love it all I think you did great I think you did good well you're hooked up with socks you are hooked up with sucks I love socks Back in my shell oh oh you're welcome to nice and don't forget we do the end of the show drawing and so you're in for that You are the oh you're bad bomb is unicorn it's a unicorn cutie oh my mom's gonna start making stuff I'm not gonna tell you yet but it's not jewelry she's making something else and you guys are gonna love it Thank you denise thank you thank you she had one wait what are you Ma Marie said she had won in her purse that you were showing in a few minutes oh no that was trimmer that remember your face it was a tremor all right billy you are I know them socks are awesome I came across that this lady that sells them I'm so happy I found her um yeah there is there's still something there there's still a blanket in their Well are there still a bet you Johnson blanket in there she's at work yeah she said her company just left you can watch now she's funny All right we are on billy are you ready let's do your dice roll A two and a four you got six extra tickets I hope I'm on the second page I believe it'll say 10 plus two or 20 plus six don't pick the one that just says that below there that's just when you wanna buy a couple shirts are just writing God blow oh okay melissa be careful please alright we got six extra for billy That six of them if you got 10 plus two here we go there we go and you want your oyster send home send home And then you let me know depending on what you get Are they the right ones so tammy they could be knockoffs these are the hundred percent genuine ones Yeah these are the real ones that stuff junk from over there yeah I wouldn't trust order in these from overseas Awesome yeah I prefer to stick with someone that I know that is a hundred percent Alright 10 plus two here we go no makeup where my God all right well it wouldn't be any makeup anyway we're only except for mal polish or lipstick but we can't read them one to three For five plus I can get them every week I get em quick I love that two for five six seven 89 10 Oh you got booed at two 11 it's been all day and 12 They may be good in their because oh really tummy well at least I know I'm buying them from someone here I don't care where they buy them from I've seen knock off so they don't they don't really look I don't know we got a cable chain We got it boy sister Oh over on number 90 there's a tickets in here but I think it fell out of one of the envelopes oyster Number 28 Yeah I fell out of this one alright one 97 Aw look at you already I am on number three number three you got another oyster She got her money back and noise there's already we got charms Number 67 I'm curious to find out though All right we'll trade your lipstick And you got purchase tickets I could I could cynthia don't test me I could I know I could get him no there you go numbers oh she got four 28 67 90 and one 97 uh feel her tickets out real quick Oh there's a link for Tommy Yeah I wanted to check it out now I want to check it out I'll be mad if they're only paying 50 cent you got it and lipstick I'll trade the lipstick too I'll be made if there are any pain 50 cent and then what I pay for em I'll be mad shoot 50 cent that's that's gonna make me mad Tommy definitely send me that link I wanna check it out I won't order from there though cuz uh I just I don't trust things that come from there you got four boys oysters Okay pam I looked it up and update my lineup we got for this two pairs of socks and a set of charms Set of charms and to their of sucks there's one and two you got four oysters Well you can get one of them belly not to So you'll get one pair of socks for the cable chain You wanna trade your charms I can change your charms for 11 of each You want to do that All right cynthia I hear you so let me know if you're fine with that billy uh put your charms back So we got I hope hope and faith I'm sure you're fine with that right yeah I know it you got it They're cute aren't they I saw this and I almost passed out my nieces their triplets their Middle names are hope faith and joy hope faith and joy Alright oh I don't even have to bag ready see I'm losing it I'm all out of rhythm today All right let's see what you got here Uh I'm gonna switch this out I'm not gonna give you this stalls And I do that Billy you wear bracelets right I'll give you these Well you didn't score big Pool you got these three bracelets from paparazzi I switched out the um Reusable straws Also give them to you right now is that there are sure them all them she doesn't wear makeup so I don't know what that's gonna do y good I'll brow pencil don't wear makeup are she doesn't use Iran Pennsylvania either I don't know this thing that I brought pencils it its a brow um oh yeah I guess it is do you You do I brows right free eyebrows I think she just meant like rue Jan I should yeah stuff like that all right let me show you what you got you gotta silicone pot handle sleeve I know you cook I know you cook no she doesn't uh okay alright let's switch that out We already did our first share jessica give me another numbers you got three pairs You got the solar cone pot holder or pot handle you ever go to grab a pen and the handles hot you got the reusable straws reusable oh you're drinking that stuff again I showed you your bracelets it's a set of three Very nice And I got this again because Victoria was asking me to get them you got the triple chocolate fudge cake in a Cup And they are good they cake in a Cup Oh Jack either in the games I don't sell the Sox Really cynthia I know you are but you've got the cake in a Cup You didn't score big but you still did good you got four boys oysters three pair of socks I think you did good And some little gifts hey y'all so I know right how you doing allison had a good show today didn't you she had a good show today I'd lend a word billy go and Oh man or mean when they're sick oh jacki in the dappled lopes um or on the we all spend you can win a pit you can win Sox Where else I think that's pretty much during the death a lopes or the wheel spin Pam I got your order on the diabetic get the cake in a Cup to oh you are oh wow All right I'll throw in a gift in there I'll switch it out after the show I put something in your bag hey been able there okay you came back on I'll give you a gift Cake in a Cup yeah she can't eat it so yeah this is the triple chocolate cake the triple it's messed up cuz I ripped the tag off the bit cake in a mug oh yeah It's like taste like chocolate brownie right I'll take that out and like I said billy I throw in a gift for you Yeah I got the know your find oe I got the um blueberry muffin one oh my God they're so good Happy Friday diary oh alright mom just set over there for the next winter maybe they'll want the the mugs Alright it's been needed let me opening a I put you in the purchase drawing today because um yeah you can order them they're open but neither because you bought the coach risk slip from me I'll put you in the purchase drawing today and then here's your extra dice roll there's this benita she got 88 extra tickets into purchase drawing yeah anytime soon one buys whether it's on the live or through this the shop when it's not like they go into the next show's purchase drawing All right we are looking for gina Do you know her name spelled wrong in here how to do that quite it see it ed okay I'm on number five we have 11 so far 11 in the lineup but I'm on number five right now Gina you spell your last name wrong in here you put a d O ability thank you I know I was hoping something big All right gina let's do your dice roll I put something in there for you a little gift We got six extra tickets I was this Gina si very no flights I'm not opening your de cynthia they're yours I'm sending them to you all right gina 26 envelopes whoo she's ready she is ready I got to smoke a cigarette for this one tiffany you need to sleep you need to when you're not feeling good Just shake this up a little bit Yeah we're not sold out on them by am up I am all up 1234 I was and am I chip in hiss huh um in the us jackie it depends on what you purchase normal shipping is six dollars But that's us only we got 412345 six she's ready 78 nine 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 eighteen 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 And 26 oh we love you to cynthia Yeah when you have a House full everyone passes at all around it's hard Alright I'm gonna focus on this so I'm not gonna be watching comments cuz we got 26 a month we've got our voiced are Number 57 We have a cage Let me know if you want some of my new cages I just got face mask was that face what's wrong 72 She got more tickets Oh what happened to my necklace that was all tucked up here Oh we got more for the purchase to drawing 13 June a 10 of them Up we got five more 10 more We have a bath balm okay open them absolutely A cage you want me to pick your new cages that I could just got in Or a sister Cage where's all the numbers face mask Always served There we go one eighty eight 96 one 31 We got one 36 Number four All she had all the numbers now number nine We got lipstick one 53 32 uh holy smokes she's got 10 tickets already make that 11 one oh eight And we got another lipstick how do you not get socks gina you did not get any socks alright let's do this for nine 30 to 50 seventh 70 to 90 61 oh 81 30 11 30 61 50 31 eighty eight you got a lot of numbers a lot of tickets Lot of purchase tickets you got three oysters 1232 lipsticks one oh I'll give you the little boil we got three kids just to face mask don't um gina you wanna trade these for socks You want some socks I know you have a ton of em you let me know I'll give you know I'm gonna give you two I'll give them to you and place a face mask I gave you two pairs She'll be happy again She'll be happy And then three cages If you're gonna be going in the box I know that she won't be in this bag along So you got socks alright you got it you got a bath bomb look at this lip oil look at the lip oil it's a moist it is nourish and smooth lips it's moisturizer Look at that And then you got twinkle The lip gloss and lipstick We got 123 oysters let me show you your cages you got three cages There's one Gina do you have a dog The oh you did you try it before gina the lip oil I just saw it for the first time the other day Do you have a dog I wanna show you this dog the one Look how cute Look at the doggy And the Pearl where does the Pearl go shoot oh maybe Right carry all those man bags are awesome there's only two in stock You want one of these ones the doggy and then I picked out the one with the heart in the Middle it's a hand with the hearts And then this gorgeous one the heart with the flowers I have to get my camera put on their resume in they are your three cages isn't that puppy cute I like that one Let me open your oysters See what you get oh thank you I get excited when I get new ones in I got two of them one that says it's a girl and one that says it's a boy I ordered those cages I can't wait to get them I know jamie is gonna want one of them all the time you might want one too she's having a baby They're gonna they're gonna probably go quick are you going to get letter cages oh I do they have em I don't I've never seen them If I find them yell order some I just put an order in for a hundred cages and a hundred adoptable pearls but I'll be here Thursday I did end oh my God the necklaces I got six coming in there are sterling silver and they have three pearls in them I put a pick on the vip uh only ordered six so the first six people that order is gonna be the lucky ones if they go order more I'll definitely order more if they go quick and I can get them in a week the pearls are already mounted for me And if you want to special order one what certain colors I can also get that I can order on what certain colors but the first six I ordered I told them neutral or Beach colors you got some you got a lilac purple omg We've got a light pink dark pink and a lilac purple I haven't seen one of them in a while Look at that look at that purple in the Middle Oh you did Oh my God stephanie I have to give you one for Look how beautiful these these covers are Purple one in the Middle is awesome They are gorgeous I know that purple I can't get over it and kind of gorgeous that purple is Very pretty colors the look nice in the cages to that you just got That's gonna make sure mom shopping away oh you got them already holy smokes yeah I'm extra oh wow alright she's sure did hold on That's the night oh she got mom no this ain't nothing uh number there's nothing in it uh is it no number she send it to me as a number on it yeah that should be in there what is in it so just let her From Uh I was showing Doug that's why Yeah just pick something else I don't know how that got in that This mom in here going I know she she got em quick let me just take all the numbers off everything Oh You got some easter basket gifts here She got this magnetic one yeah I like that oh yeah oh yeah she well Oh I can't yeah belly you probably will get it by tomorrow Oh oh my God melissa no way what her little brothers were in a car accident oh God oh alright let's see here we I mean uh and then prayers melissa you got this fcc makeup bag you got this makeup bag What a cute little bag You got oh my God I love this oh this ain't the one yeah it is this is magnetic look at this bracelet You can wear it as a necklace or uh triple bracelet it's all magnetic That is cool Isn't that nice yeah she's drinking her energy drink Oh it's alright cynthia yeah linda she's drinking it Alright let's see you scored one of the lollipops and they have 40 here hair ties You also got this key chain it's a big donut it's a donut look how cute that is Let's see You got this little fuzzy bunny is it a bunny yeah look at cute You also got this nightlight you got a night light What else did I hear you have the light up toothbrush Who's next oh cute These are good easter gifts We got that you got to easter sign You got it the easter side Yeah alright you got another key chain in there you got this one that's cute You got some who do bubbles up on the good that they're opposed I hope you have a little ones that you can put uh what is this hold on Let's see what we got here This is Tagger who some make of this this is cute look at this cute tote we got I was trying to see who it is it's got to tell you that but I don't it's a cute tote bag Yeah I can't see the name tiger lisha ce I don't know there's always says tiger that's just yeah but I don't know who to make is yeah this is just a fun tote just a fun to Yeah it's not a name brand but you could take it to the Beach or whatever yeah Taliban there it's a Beach tote bluff It's like a little Beach tote very nice you didn't score big but you got a little bit of everything no it was this the bag that it was in two Right there on top of them to vote that was off of this oh yeah that's all for this gina I hope you love it all That thank you for everything She got the mixer stuff today score big but just still be good I don't I'm gonna send comments I don't know what the hell do you think they're talking to each other okay All right gene is gonna go on a box Let's go in a box for her Can you tell me what my order was sent up I rain everything was sent out on Tuesday yesterday show is going what tonight show tomorrow so your order was sent out last Tuesday I can give you your tracking number I don't have to be after the show though alright these are doing this mom Well there's your boxes and she have a ball I don't think she ordered yesterday um Alright we're on denice Robinson denise you're up again You are up All right irene I'll check the tracking number love after the show I'll send it to you Well know Friday Friday show and Sunday show gets mailed on tuesdays So it was made on Tuesday But I'll send you your tracking number okay alright denise let's do your dice roll This is the price five now that one 's dolores isn't it now oh you just put it up oh And that's okay eight for denise she got eight denice Robinson We want to ask you Sean our bracelet real crack but here showing see now show them they're coming to me these are the small and the medium so these are the bracelets that are in the shop just to show you guys and there are small to medium there are size small and medium and small to medium and small to medium all awesome rose and you get a bottle of oil with them that's just one That's a butterfly uh thank you This is gorgeous these are in the shop there's three in the shop And then there are all different colors small to medium again and there are all the crystals and that one is a gorgeous butterfly look at these colors They are gorgeous Just in case anyone was interested in in this I know a lot of people ask about the lava bracelets that matt made a large and then we have one large for right now I couldn't make a lot of em look at that time that's the tree of life with the crystals in it and all these little gold things have crystals in them oh yeah all these little gold they have crystals in them as Nice I love this tree of life one and that one is a large and that's a large but these three in the shop they come with a bottle of oil They've got oil well that's all we have is the good oil yeah I just wanna let them know that it's well we've got oil yeah so these three are in the shop too small medium lot like size and one large That at the heart one 's nice isn't it she's doing real good with them alright denise we got 10 plus two 10 plus two where do you see what she's going to make next she gotta practice Sorry what I was doing my uh um olives alright here we go Down close to one during the shopper 25 right now they're in their 30 dollars in the shop because you get the bottle of oil with them We on I'm on denise Robinson Oh it's a lot of oil for the bracelet They're all three different um who won the share drawn who was the first one oh tiffany and oh last night my know laura Myers won the share drawing that we did at 50 we're looking to get the 75 Oh wait You wanted to do the coach one hold on So I think you ordered Apple ups again Denise hold on Oh God you it's a grab bag yeah I looked up the wrong one love you got the grab bag alright pick a number any number one through 10 except for number 71 through 10 except number seven You tell me what your number you want I wrote it down for adopted again but one was a grab bag and one was that uh I was ready to do that so again hey Larry Number three alright Oh no I didn't write on myself Hold on I got marker on my hand Oh man Alright number three let's see Ah oh my goodness Are you ready to nice uh drew what's number five love haley what's number five We might have Charles All right you got some tickets in here there you go She got one you got to hoist a O let me show you the bag number sorry that was bag number three that's what she picked not yet nicole you got to hoist are one and two you got a cable chain and bracelet set You got a necklace and there you can get no cages in there oo probably because look at she won she wanna coach She scored one of the coaches and that is 48 dollar value look at that She got one of the coaches The first two bags picked had coaches in them there's one yeah yeah I saw that bag last night I had a coach and this one Hugo denise said open please yes you go denise I know we got a cute one we definitely got a cute one I will open It's a nice all very nice oh she got the one last night too she said huh did you really she said she got one last night To haley oh she thought we were guessing numbers wow where do you get those cool cable bracelets I ordered them online you can get them online All right you got a necklace in there let me open your oysters able bracelets yeah the cable please The cable bracelets necklaces Yeah I usually give them away a scared cuz I think her boxes up here I have her bag right here I'm opening her oysters where her bag I'm not even sure Will she is probably going to I can't believe she won last night to how lucky is that I forgot you ordered um one last night she did good there's still one left in there we got eight bags left them one of them has a coach in there there's another one in there Thanks for it all me it did yeah all the way over there yeah oh what oh she got a nice purple oh that is gorgeous and a lime Green she's lucky isn't she Oh you found the necklace but you couldn't find the bracelets yeah I found them online I just type in cable chains cable necklaces I the first ones I got were magnetic but they weren't a couple of people said they broke these are the twist ones but I give them away as prizes I don't sell them Lacy I'll check for you in one second let me show denise her two gorgeous pearls nice nice nice look at them you got a dark purple and the lime Green Happy Friday aren't they nice uh tammy right that's sweet what happened she said me and my eighty one year old mama love watching oh in order You're a blessing to say ha I didn't punch am I seeing any other comment I don't see any of that congratulations denise I still can't believe you got one last night and today that is amazing I lost my video again you did alright here's the nieces bag We are being as up next then we got dawn detergent carol may nicole pam I have 11 let me just double check orders all year welcome denise thank you uh pros ordered so we got 12 12 in the lineup but I'm on number seven all thank you jesse I put a little Don't bond it's Friday rose you're gonna be number 12 love and we're on number seven Nina are you here Lawsuit over here watching e ss it goes with her stuff to Yeah she's going in the box oh thank you little makeup those does wonders onus here I needed to give me a number one through eight let me take a guess six You want to check out she's playing lucky male uh Oh you're fine cynthia you got it Oh you scared me girl may I thought you're on a date date That is funny alright she's playing lucky male We're going to House all dario bees were from rose look at my necklace she got me the necklace and earrings are they pretty That's paparazzi to No pick number six nina you can pick number six that's my favorite number and I've kind of figured it was yours to know you can pick number six Let me look at number two and see what it is You tell me what when you want I know rose it looks nice doesn't it oh alright number six it is All right she is gonna play pick a 10 but it's now pick an egg on a roll and pick two clovers let me do your dice roll we'll do your dice roll you got a six and a five uh 11 tickets You want me Jones are you back on I'll do um it's nina all right nina pick it pick an egg ab or C a B or C I just have to change the name in the shop from pick a tend to pick an egg I'm slowly converting over to easter You let me know nina a B or C whichever you want They and then on a roll 12 or three They look at this big egg let's see what you got in here They're cute aren't they And then on a row On a roll what number you want 12 or three 12 or three three Alright you get number three There's a Fox key chain and one of them and no one has picked that yet all right so in your egg you had two boys oysters you have this new cage look at this one it's a two hands with a heart look at that one Isn't that cute And you got this new one that says What this one says faith that says faith And it has a butterfly look at the or the flower look at the flower at the top isn't that cute and you got a necklace You got a necklace in there alright let's see what you got on a roll you get to pick three items that could be cages voiced are socks you tell me there's a beautiful vicki hell you got 20 extra purchase tickets and look at this bracelet that was in there Isn't that cute I'll put the oysters back I'll give you socks okay isn't that pretty this bracelet mom didn't make this one though I like this look at it Looks pretty nice on me to All right let's get your cages in there your necklace yeah so you get you get to pick three gifts do I already know what you want soft ce yeah And then You gave back the oysters All right so this one 's Alright 12 and three here's one two sets of North yeah there's two Oh I'll give you another um How about the mom one look at that one You like that one nina You let me know if you like that one and we still got picked to clovers Oh I can put her in that little one pick to clovers here we go Mom has everyone in the all your fun mina moms putting all the names in for the sheriff if we hit 75 we're gonna do our second giveaway And I'll probably make it for a full set alright pick two flavors here we go There we go one and two Let's see what you got what you got charms and you gotta always sister you want another cage you got or you want to set the charms Do you want two sets of charms or you want to cage and a set of terms You let me know Alright guys hey ladies thank you for sharing Cajun charms you got it I'll give you the other new one that I have just have a message from sara Lee a message yeah on the show I don't know I was all right Mike and check them to after the show Somebody raised so we wait oh you know we raise oh she should be getting her package any day y don't know what that's what she said it probably is because remember I had to wait for her to give me her address and stuff by guy Andrew thank you all this one 's cute yeah I remember I didn't send her out right away or someone out Tuesday when the second Bell and by so fast I couldn't see Here is the other cage and it says hope it says hope in the Middle so you've got one that says faith and one that says Mom this is say hope in the Middle I don't wanna give her to the same oh I can see that hold on I don't want to give you a tour of the same Where is Yeah that's hope you like that one alright you got it and then here's your two charms thank you anna There is your little bunny the little bunny with the blue Pearl and you got the skull and you got the skull Nina thank you so much love I hope you love it all I know you do I know you do All right dawn detergent is gonna be up next looks like she got lucky mao as well going got lucky male Oh you're welcome you are welcome love All right dawn you have Let me do your dice roll right now I know all right kathy go eat Phil that belly don't got nine extra tickets I think she ended up staying another week at her daughters she was telling me you got nine extra into the purchase drawing and for all thank you blanche Oh you do like the skull one I wanna take you All right gene like the skull oh oh maybe like the skull oh I know carol may does donde urgent it me a number one through eight minus six one through eight minus six I can't keep my cigarette butt she wants number four you got it Let's see what you're playing let's see what your gonna play today there we go Alright lucky slots we all spend and high low and that is number four alright lets do old let's do your lucky spin you're lucky slots we haven't played this in a while this is dawn dawn religion if it's um nine of em yup All right yeah I was nine I dropped the Let's throw some hearts up for triple sevens uh and it's from pink thank you I've had this shirt for a long time all right here we go lucky spots There's one To Uh three Suit for Oh you win to voice theirs and a cage you got two boys oysters and a cage for mention you didn't get the sevens they were right above it but you got the three lemons so you get two choices in a cage Don did you want the dog cage Did you want the dog one Let me know if you want that one But I put it I know it was right there did you want this one doner kno That is so cute and then your oysters we'll do we'll do hide alone now I came early cox thank you kyle UN Alright so you're gonna tell me higher or lower you gotta eight I know carrie I was thinking about you when I got it Oh laura will happen was it that work Kim said hi Ma Marie let me no higher or lower than eight and I just said I don't owe Dog cages yours and I open your oysters when we're done so higher or lower than eight She said watching us ladies make hard day so much better Leases like a higher huh And dawn's gotta tell me higher low Let me know done Uh lower It's a King you still win a noyce your or cage you let me know which one you want so if you lose you get the pick an oyster or cage if you would have won you would had to hoist are zana cage so you're still a winner there's no news and you still win well you have to Oh don't you pick which one you want cage or oyster now we're gonna do your we'll spend We will do your wheel spin Oh she got a chain and oyster and 20 tickets You got let me know what size chain and you get an oyster and 20 tickets Teen boys oyster and I branch I see uh And also still bond yeah so she got another oyster you want the hope one you got it make sure I pick the right one Here we go Dawn group and now I don't know where she means donned argent O don't dirt day hello I know or I'm waiting on her right now all right there's the hope it says hope in the Middle 24 inch month alright and you want me to open your oysters you did good you got three oysters to cages and a necklace that was good and you got 20 purchase tickets Yeah yea well I can get her to me while you're doing that 24 oh It's funny I was gonna say I just got them and 20 fours That's right here See what a gorgeous colors the first one that gets an oyster that eye open if they get a a solid Green I'll give you a surprise we're looking for a solid Green whoever gets it first from the oysters that I open will get a special prize You will get a special prize if you get a Green For saint patty's day thank you for sharing um there's 12 in the lineup I am on number seven jackie there's that cindy foe for cindy cindy fell that's what it says in the file yeah thank you it was a gift isn't that nice see rose you maybe look pretty today A lot of compliments on this paparazzi I love it alright nice stuff so we get your lucky slot your wheels spinning your high low Now let's open your oysters clothes are still gone yup still gone yeah they're lucky male they play three games oh I forgot his tickets in front of me oh I know come on Don you get that first screen you get a surprise And it's whoever gets a dark Green emerald Green will get a special prize from me And I'm not saying what it is yet We have a very beautiful anyway rose but this makes me look even more yeah that's beautiful I love this Can you hear me a little bit yeah oh don't already has a bag that she yeah that's yeah just put it up there and I she has a whole box um you gotta box coming to you done alright come on Green come on Green right here big box over here is that her box You got some pretty colors though they're not Green but you've got gorgeous colors let me just wipe them all walk I don't even know what color that one is It's a inner Green but it's not emerald Green this one it's nice I can't tell what color it is And then this is a dark blue and a silver Look at them You almost done you gotta light Green there Look at them you got a silver a dark dark blue and this is a hint of Green No jesse I don't I wish I did now I haven't seen them Oh but neither farm race they put the colors on them yeah they inject the colors yup They put the colors in there Cuz your all natural one I have natural ones they're not shaped around or anything their natural for a reason but I don't like them I don't like the shape of them They're all funky there you go Nice They're nice size too they are nice size cars alright these are dawn's congratulations dawn thank you thank you you did good All right carol may are you ready girl carol may Let's do your dice roll A five and a four you got nine extra tickets carol matter you want here you got nine extra tickets I wanna make sure I see her before we do her order give me one second guys let me know of carol maze on I gotta stretch my legs oh Uh barbara but she says I have thank you so much on you ladies were banned the oh no oh I can't learn or you got it you'll be number 13 Ford ups Laura meyers And voice for so your number 13 lara All writers Boy strong I got your bright on so carol may I rolled in nine you had nine tickets into the purchase drawing and you got 10 plus two here we go I already know what you're trying to win I'm praying I'm praying for you Alright here we go 123 I'm trying my hardest for 567 Going said she's strong order again oh this guy I am going to litter again none 10 11 she's crazy 12 let me double cathy's 123456789 10 11 12 I'm dawn don't pay shipping again are you stoned on If you order today and you wanna order again you don't have to pay shipping here's the code unless it's kind of the right yeah Canada um it's not free shipping um you can only use that code if you already ordered tonight show you only pay shipping once per show I hoped on catches that before she orders Michelle should know you have a you never know I don't want to pay it alright paparazzi We have bath bomb Number 115 I am now sandy I had the same thing I had to go back in the House I got knocked off twice eighty four Black swirling strain that's what I have charms yes she's been having trouble all day number 56 is it okay going alright awesome one 21 yeah don't pay shipping again love Number eighty one she getting some tickets all you get a chain let me know what size shane Number 11 Right guy and lisa thank you polish And socks but you can trade that for an oyster We will trade that for an oyster cuz I know the Sox don't fit you so I traded that for you Oh you didn't get the blanket They are you know doggie anda O you say it it's on her profile picture oh I'm like how are you saying all right so your oysters gonna go home so I can give you one of those ones caramel you want one of the price ones I'll give you one of the prize one There you go love that's what the surprise in it Let me know what size changed All right he says Tom I says how do you order oh it's pinned right at the bottom love you can tap my face and uh it'll take you to my business page and then you can go in the shop here's her tickets paparazzi now polish its suit color Oh that's a pretty one we got charms Uh we'll do that one Charms now published let me know what size chain you want carol may I will see what one I pick for you Oh wow what is this one Oh nice Oh carol man I'll give you you wanna brace littering carol may Oh I like this bracelet uh you're gonna get that one that will fit you to I know the blankets in there I know someone's gonna get it look at this bracelet carol may which you order last night comic uh I'm not sure I don't know why well because you got this and I'm trying to do she did was yeah it was yeah look at this Isn't that nice oh wait carol may you can't wear a bracelet right hold on Yes she has a bad wrist out right I know it was something that I'm gonna give you a ring instead I know amber Wright come out I'll give you a ring instead cuz I forgot about your wrist Oh really amber Look at this ring Look at that one isn't that pretty That is gorgeous I like that one of those fish back in the envelope Oh they're just pictures barb there not what I have an inventory They're just pictures love I have a whole bunch of them I have all different kinds Carol made let me know okay tina you have a good one Um Here's one charm And here Huh Look at the kitty cat Now cuz I am rode them there is now polish did you tell me what size chain or no Like what oh um I have mom cages I have but um I have pages that say hope faith I have dog cages I have Dolphins I have I think tree a life's I have a whole bunch there's a ton what are you looking for that will help me more if you tell me a 24 inch if you tell me what you're looking for that will help me That will be so much easier 24 inch Oh yeah you want one hope and one faith I know I just got them in today bar Alright and voice were two cages Barbara hartman All right you've got it I'll show them to you too I know dolores aren't they nice there my gift from rose There you go 24 and to do good What's up folks I don't know I don't know I'm trying to remember what was in the box Alright there's your necklace uh oh she got that oh that's nice That's nice no don't at the very bottom it takes it off it takes it off at the very bottom I'm going to double check Uh melissa Jean order yeah well doors on ordered again mom so put dawn she's number 15 and then melissa is number 16 All right melissa I got you thank you my Russia All right Jean carroll may let's look at your gifts oh you got a nice one Oh the kids are gonna be happy Oh yeah look at you got girl This is a nice gift to share and I shows a charge shipping alright let me look in there real quick Cuz this shit love if you put the code in Oh it did all right on I'll give you extra envelope okay we'll make up for that If not I can reimburse you the sixth hours you let me know Melissa corbin okay yeah you can let me know we'll give you an extra envelope for it carol man look at this You got the Victoria secret it is than out kit and the hand lotion and then now files look at that Darn dirt in order to again you see yeah look at that you got that You got one of the little sewing kits a little sewing kits Always good to have in your purse mom taught early in the night a couple I got myself one you also gotta remington Look at that you got the facial Schumer pen very nice Alright here we go you got an m O G you can put this in the kid's easter basket you got the m O G bubbles Well uh caramel I'll give you a necklace I put the ring back and I'll give you a necklace Yeah I'll give you a necklace cuz I want you to have what you what you get I know carol made that's a nice set alright I will give you a necklace instead Susan F losing hearing girl yeah I'm gonna give her that can set Oh this one 's nice alright I got one for you you also got this and you don't have little girls but you got the light up light and it's from little pony movie alright it's a little light up if you doing okay but the House If you I don't know man I'm from Canada I was wondering if you doing and it I don't know what more the any Exchange Needed I love watching the tapes I don't know what she means by that all right carol may here is your necklace and earrings look at that And it isn't that nice I don't know what she's saying You like that one Email trance all we don't do email transfer now it has to be debit credit or paypal and then it depends on what you get um for the shipping Oh I got to call me well you like this necklace and earrings I think it's pretty yeah we don't do uh e transfers I guess that's a way that they can be yeah yeah yeah I don't have that I did or did you get your husband this You're welcome oh and I'm sorry Carol man hope you love it all she does awesome well the kids are gonna fight over this bubble that's uh liza's ant O Alan O a license you could answer that for her Yeah the kids are gonna fight over these bubbles oh You don't have to deal with them on that bubble right yeah this is nice this is real nice Oh tiffany raleigh is that bed That's because you're not feeling good very very says something about yeah I'll give her re what I'm so sorry I don't know what I don't know I didn't catch it all Yeah awesome there her tracking number should be able to track it she should get it any day come on 12 member I hope you know strive and oh Who's driving the loris O watching at our hobby strong up there now to pick up the baby oh alright congratulations carol may bubbles right alright we're looking for nicole is nicole on We're on number 10 Oh you didn't know what that was either less that I don't know if she was I thought he needed and they empty yeah tina less is emerging not guilty yeah emergency medical teams like all 911 and you come say hi real quick just give me one second I'm waiting for nicole to come on nicolle you're up now live Does yours get like that yeah it's ready oh my God it's a southern message um who is Kelly what I can't it like and yeah I can't be tries I was ready to call 911 I thought they needed um emergency medical team that was crazy Let me know if you see the cold she said I know uh but I didn't know it was like probably electronic money transfer yeah that's what it was yeah Yeah cuz I think jesse takes that I don't know how to take a I don't either She said mama here funny oh my God yeah I got a little worried right whether we needed to call somebody alright dude the dice roll from the cold while we're waiting So we can feel her ticket out Check to Nicole a lot of people are using that I have a friend in Canada uh that has a show that uses that she accepts that she got eight of them this is for the coal the coal yeah I didn't see her come on dj a oh there she is alright alright nicole you got to read at your ticket you got eight extra tickets for the purchase draw and she's gonna be on your next yet don't go nowhere thank you for ordering thank you everybody That's funny eliza I know at first I thought it was welcome and e of the webster knew it first it's not any now liza's in e welcome to our show There's still a vera bradley purse there's a Victoria secret there's leggings um there we have another couch and chair I think we should have good Terry it depends on what you wanna play uh you can um go to the bottom of the page and or tap my face and it will bring it up and you can go into the shop and look at tells you all the prices of everything all the games are different all the stuff is different oh there's a lot I don't know what you wanna play there's a neiman marcus recently than here Uh thank you Kelly Doors turning again nicole now O her aunt ellen she's uh um she has very protective sites that she deals with yeah she just doesn't go with any anybody she got kin on it's very secure on what she does My stories through go daddy and it's through square are you square All right I'm ready for nicole did you finish your tickets yeah alright go here's your girl Here we go All right nicole got lucky male and one death lucky male and wonder up So we will do she said understood uh if I knew how to do that and I would but I don't know how that works all right nicole Pick a number one through eight minus four and six So one through eight minus four and six Yes it's very addicting it sure is so one through eight minus four and six are you giving away a coach for the purchase of a coach I don't know I have the one that I picked out of a need it was just sex and she said my Maria is on the front of my babysitter did miss fran say I had tickets for another oh yeah she's in the purchase drawing for purchasing the coach s number two Yes been e to you got How many extra tickets you got eight tickets into the purchase drawing yup alright and she said number to you sure are in the purchase drawing yup uh prayers melissa Jean number two here we go I'm praying for you in the message and you got pick a hat picked to clovers and lucky swats Oh she said it might not work anyway because banks are different It's alright so pick a hat 12 or three All tiffany Is it isn't that bad right now love all That's what when they're sick they're Oh that's a soon like I think she's going to be up this way should be out this way yes square square works hi melissa Jean that's billie's cousin oh just ordered and shame on the city I think she did yes she did yup Yes she did her first order billy all right we're waiting on pick ahead she's got a whole family on here I know So 12 or three love picking up three alright let's see what you got uh I'm not giving a charms that she have a charm bracelet And a call say I don't know yeah we'll do an oyster and a cage how's that voice your and a cage We'll do an oyster and a cage The other one was charms but if you don't have a bracelet or oyster and a cage And we will give you this beautiful cage Oh you did a Green Bay packer shirt Look at this cage this is the two hands holding a heart look at that That's cuz he sick to tiffany so we have an oyster and a cage from your pick a hat we're gonna do pick to clovers Well do pick to clovers Unless you really wanted to charms and nicole but I think you're happy with an oyster in the cage oh you're fine tiffany Well if you're ever this way you better stop by and see me All right free shipping and no oyster so you get another oyster And you also get free shipping so I will send you a code for free shipping if you order again So that's not bad All right carol may so you wanna oyster and free shipping now we're gonna do lucky slots ok linda up which in the lineup You will be number 17 Number 17 Yeah this Kim I think carol mays very crafty uh anna werner hearts yeah see my heart leggings They're so comfortable all right linda you are in the lineup you're number 17 Kelly raised are you on the live I can't read your messages while I'm live Alright now we're gonna do your lucky slot Uh yeah yeah lucky slots we're looking for triple sevens to win the big prize here we go let's show her some heart Oh one Oh my God to Holy smokes three For And five you get another voiced are or cage you pick which one You can pick an oyster or cage so we did your pick a hat your pick to clovers and you're lucky slots So you get another oyster or cage or if you wanna necklace I'll give you a necklace you let me know that way you'll have a full set up So easter caterer necklace and do you want me to open your oysters You let me know if you want me to open them or send them home She's a good she got 30 40 dollars on a 25 dollar game That was good So boys oyster cater necklace and then do you want me to open your oysters All they are you want me to pick the cage for you You want the one that says hope That one says hope in the Middle of it or I can give you this gorgeous um heart one look at this heart one that has the flowers Look how nice this one is Oh Kelly I'll send you your tracking I can't read messages why I'm live it only tell me who sent a message so I can't read it until after I'm done but yeah I'll send you your tracking on it I shift your package out um this past Tuesday she needs to get some pearls to go in her cage yeah so let me know which one you want if you want the heart with the flowers Or the one that says faith I mean hope That one says hope or you want one that says mom I have this one that says mom with the heart The flower one that's pretty I love this one Oh you did a lies it awesome she sent me um picks up cages that are letters Yeah that yeah we're heart up now I'm opening her oysters yes she ended up with 10 20 30 50 dollars on a 25 dollar game That love that when she gets older yes I'm waiting for joy to command I think I ordered one that says joy hope faith and joy Oh we're still looking for a Green whoever gets it a dark Green is gonna get a extra surprise First person that gets a Green oh you got a nice blue and a peach oh well these are gorgeous You got a dark dark blue and a peach These are nice look at them that is a Super dark below and a peach That's nice Very nice I mean put them in a bag they always look pretty in a bag Okay dark that is And those really dark but it's a dark dark blue it's hard to tell but it is I think pretty can you hand me a pink envelope And she won a free shipping code which I'll said all message you the free shipping code nicole And she got one debt in the course see All right you on another one but oh a free shipping yes you got a free shipping code yup Alright let's see she gets one day off a lope All right a lies are that sounds awesome that sounds awesome alright let's pick a good one here we go right here Let's see what she got who's that she got a bath bomb nicole do you want a pair of socks instead of the bath bomb you let me know I'll give you that choice Bath bomb or a pair of socks Socks or bath bomb you let me know These are so cute Bacon fried rice oh that's sounds different but bacon I know with that I've never saw bacon fried rice Who doesn't love bacon nicole let me know if you want socks or bath bomb oh my gosh how can I get their pearls to go inside of them Kelly says investor oh hold on guys I just lost my phone where this to stick things I hold on guys sorry I didn't mean drop you hear Oh the cages um Kelly if you're having trouble open a cage if you're having trouble opening the cage just drop it and it opens up alright you got it right here look how foggy it is again probably back here here oh you got one How did that just fly off Do I have dark purple Um I don't know I never really noticed the colors alright you got sucks it's still far be a little bit I don't know what happened and that was to replace a bath bomb Nicole thank you so much I hope you love all your stuff and I'll send you your shipping code I know girl may have flew off If lou right off my phone holder that's our spirits here oh geez it's something it's weird does it look foggy on your end yeah it does it has to be the camera Here's another wet White look at it you wanna wet White yeah mine dried up hold on I'm trying to get it from being foggy Because that really from little off they handle my phone flew off the handle But don't use your hand well no I'm All right we're back and looks better now um then you know it'll come back there's that's cuz you're a wipe in it it's better now yeah it's better alright we're looking for pam o'neal pam o'neill Took us a long drop it blew off and there I don't know how We are looking for pam o'neill I'll do her dice roll It shouldn't be foggy now oh she got five extra tickets and that's for pam Yeah we have a lot of good spirits Alan Around this As pamela do you see her comment and now yes she is she's on alright pam you go five extra tickets into the drawing Can The u There we go five of them And then 10 plus two Alright let me get a bag ready for you They get this bag ready rose you'll be up after pam And our our yet Alright here we go 10 plus two I'm not seeing comments again now and I don't wanna know my neither one there they are what's your last comment you have I want like that I swiped it the last one I have is a lucy it says yes foggy uh two there's one oh three I'm saying keeps Ma Marie for and say oh I don't have that 15 six you'll have to read comments because I'm not getting enough seven oh right on nine 10 11 and 12 Hold on guys alright let's see if they'll come now they're they go eat Turkey the smell bacon makes me sick singing all right I'm getting comments now Uh huh 123456789 10 11 12 alright let's see what you got you got five tickets When they talk about Turkey Turkey bacon oh we got a cage We have a face mask five more purchase tickets five more Number 71 one oh three We have an oyster pam let me know if you want me to open our Center or oysters home you have Victoria secret socks five more Number 99 And number 29 number 29 So easter kate's face mask and socks Finally sir you want me to pick your kids for you Cage face mus and sucks Socks and faceless So you got the mega 369 and evening primrose face mask We've got a pair of socks and Victoria secret socks you have this mom cage That says mom And then your oyster which I'll open for you We're still looking for a Green still looking for a Green Oh we got another lilac purple all that's nice very nice You got a gorgeous lilac purple very nice Look at that Over that purple That is gorgeous All right let me put this in and then I'll show you your gifts yeah they're black Sox ship There is your purple in there that is gorgeous I like that color All right let's see what you got in your basket oh she's a good All right you got Japanese blossom body spray you have a body spray you also got these Caribbean Joe they are three piece reader set look at that three piece reader set She's getting our heart caged or a mountain of You got three pair of glasses in here their reader glasses and thereby Caribbean Joe look at that That's a nice gift And you got What is this you got a wireless Portable Speaker you got a wireless portable Speaker Look at that you got a portable Speaker very nice and you got the hot fudge brownie cake in a Cup She says you need so so glasses there's three pairs in there and it tells you on the back it tells you here What the strength of the yeah that's a nice Beach pairs of different strength for rating yeah you did good pan I hope you love it all these cakes in a Cup oh my God they're so good they are so good I was trying to see the price on these glasses I know that betsy Johnson ones were nice set and uh delores got them she loved on Awesome awesome delores do you wear your glasses the ones you got All right that one fit that won't fit Yeah that was a good good draw you did good alright pam goes here and these are pans And o'neill We are looking for rose yes are they nice they're nice aren't de All right rose you are up now Let me see her hubby words into she said oh wow and there's three people O who um dolores O that's he wears simp that's huge onsen ones that's awesome that's awesome alright rose she got 10 plus two let's do her purchase draw um her dice roll I don't know what I was rose you got seven extra tickets seven of em alright rose let's see That's trying to pick up some good ones Here we go we got one To three For five 67 eight I'll tell you in a second lacey nine 10 11 12 there's still betsey Johnson blanket there's a vera bradley purse um there's a neiman marcus uh wrestling that there's still some nice some nice prizes still some nice prizes and if there's still another coach in their 234 56789 10 11 and 12 yeah there's still a variety of stuff alright 56 There we go extra tickets All pam I'll give you one what size tell me tell me what size you need I put it in your bag I'll put it in your bag glove Alright where here we go 24 alright it's going in your bag it okay Philly would mean you're diabetic remember whose diabetic The only way is to Here at home right this is going in your bag pam Oh I think you oh it's right here Oh thank you you're fine you are fine The extra pair at the actual tickets are for the entire purchase and did and I give a way out and there you go rose you got five more Yeah we do drawings at the end of the show So they're just extra tickets you know to try to win And we usually do depending on my sales were usually do two giveaways All right We have a face mask Bath bomb Number one oh seven We have a cage Victoria socks Another face Mass which we can switch that out for socks if you want since you got two of em uh you get a chain rose tell me what size chain We have A cage there's all the numbers and annoy sister she's got two numbers mom two numbers right here Let's see what you get Did you want to trade one of the face mask for socks rose That way you can have oh there's purple I got in socks they're purple All right you got it so you'll get two pairs so face mask Well you get you got to face mask so you got three pairs there's three of em for you Today smith's place most of Rose let's sing And she said the smallest chain that we have We've got a bath bomb I will give you this pretty rose that pretty rose for rose huh All the numbers are hiding well they've been coming out it's just in vacuous one around there's an oyster bath bomb did you know wait cages you want it we got this uh member billy game back cuz the uh We need the smallest shame which is eighteen and then rose you want me to pick your cages or You want me to pick your cages Let me know if you like the mom one Or the hope and faith This one says hope That one says hope And then here's your teen it's a size eighteen Which is about her this probably will say to you what what's wrong oh whatever you choose you got it alright so we did the I hope one very nice and the mom There was another message that came out but I couldn't see it And let's you want me to open your oyster yeah you can play games yup everything is open Nice pink you got a nice tank one Nice nice pink Alright let's see very nice I like that one it's a bubble gum pink Look how pretty That's a bubble gum pink That look at it in the camera I know I'm trying to give away a gift of someone get to remind and I can't even give away a gift Alright here we go that is yours where's our gifts this she got that seriously oh my God Well rose you've got this bracelet which we tried to give away yesterday look how cute that is And then there's the flowers look how cute Oh that one is the Victoria secret cynthia as Victoria secret look at this bracelet rose look how nice and I think in the comments you were saying something rose look at you guys one oh 71 oh seven look at you got I think she said something and comments about oh this is she yeah She got a coach Yes she did That is a nice one I like this one I go back so far but yes she did I thought I saw something in the comments wow that one 's nice look at that one I actually really like this It's like patchwork she said love it this one is really nice You go girl oh it's her first one ever well I'm glad I'm your first one rose I am your first one congratulations you did good oh I really like this one Isn't that we like to put that in a little plastic bag oh yeah that is really nice alright laura Myers welcome here yeah I like the colors of this one to I don't think I've seen one that look like this That that's that's a nice one oh you're welcome thank you April just tap my face Or the link at the bottom yeah that's a really cute one But it's cute cute cute yes yes yes all right laura Myers Let's do she's got all kinds of stuff out roses I know miley faces look at her Oh Kim no cynthia has that at her House I think she was joking yes cynthia didn't win one here Yeah she didn't win she didn't order today I think she was talking about one that she has at her House All right let's do your dice roll You've got five extra tickets five extra tickets into the drawing and we got Ford apps can you please embrace me for 10 plus two macy I sure can you will be number eighteen and we are on number 13 so waste see yeah Simpson we got lazy 10 plus two so you're eighteen in the lineup What's today's date the fifteenth uh now I will send the La the coach of one alright yeah cynthia has it at our House uh they thought she wanted here tonight But she said now I will send the ellie the coach I want my I don't know why she's doing that though why is she sending her Your lucky number 13 yup I don't remember what coach she one cynthia oh it was in a purchase drawing uh but I don't remember what's won she won alright here we go lara Let's pick four lucky ones for you one To three And for Hm alright here we go I'm missing all comments I can't worry about them alright number 39 All the bags are already full we have an oyster the bag is definitely full Oh I gave philly um I think socks and place of that yeah Yeah it was in place of the makeup brush Yeah I replaced her gift oh we got five extra tickets there you go that's for laura Myers And we got number 60 Yes if the I gave her socks in place of it Yeah she's switched but you can still work a deal with her on the side show go by you off makeup for that coach shoot anyone oh by elf makeup 39 and 60 We got a voiced are laura do you want to cage didn't you want one of those cages ono cynthia you're fine you can do whatever you want love But billy I know you can go buy enough for us and send it to you for coach so buy you some makeup Yeah I just didn't want them to think that you want it tonight because I don't have it here Large do you want me to send your oyster home or you gonna keep it I mean you want me to open it or send it home You want me to open your oyster Alright here we go Check it on it oh that's nice that real nice That's like a I don't even know it's kind of bluish Oh what bracelet look at this it's like another lavender lavender purple look at that Very nice That is nice nice nice there we go right on its x cuz we're half hour away and for hours all right That is a nice Pearl we had a couple of them oh what did you get girl hold on And hate have a recipes Shoot Hold on let me get it open first I'm gonna end up beating them cakes and Cup alright holy smokes I cannot get this open well look at you got girl Like that that you got one of the necklaces So look at that And I'll give you three charms to go in there very nice and you got a set of pot holders Now we're already hasn't quote look at that it says a hot pressure hot fresh coffee is the best way to start your day And I will give you three charms to go in that necklace I know that was good That's funny too cuz you always want it one caper the daughter okay at her in the lineup large didn't you always want one of them necklaces Oh my God pan them kicking the cups I eat them at midnight they're so good alright let me get your charms where's my two things to charms oh here there oh my God I got new ones into I got birthstones I got all kind of chance let's pick you some good ones oh there you go April stickers are done okay There's that one There we go oh God Let me put them in your necklace and I'll show you them this necklace is gorgeous What is happening are going to get socks and stead of a pot holder oh yeah you can you can have them They have been the ticket back often I threw it away but I have them yeah in my there you go their socks Yeah All right so about one to test and can you give me a little bag for her There's a fit oh these are so cute We've got to guest it don't have tags okay look at them you're three charms in there you've got a strawberry you got a rabbit and you got a heart with the gem in it isn't that pretty Yes April you definitely will I'll tell you in a second the lineup Yeah I do all orders live Laura congratulations I think she's been trying to win one of them on the slot game that's called that yes and I even won a heart necklace from lucky slots oshie did wayne one uh oh well you won another one girl you are welcome all right April let me look and see where you are the next person up is gonna be barb hartman and she got two cages let me do her dice roll April we're on number 14 and you are number 19 Your number 19 it okay So I'm gonna do barbs dice roll she order to cages she got five extra tickets five extra tickets and she wanted a hope and the faith Hope and a faith There we go you're welcome It's barb is barb honor she not on these are the two that she wanted hope and faith I vicki bass scratch how's that baby she got hope and faith can I get another little pink flags for her Thank you those were for barbara donde urging oh there you are barber you got five extra tickets into the purchase drawing melissa your number 16 love All right angel you got it thank you alright see you Sunday and so here is the hope and here is faith very nice very very nice so if you get to meet your sweet baby vicki O lot of pictures of cute cute baby all right barbara there you go love and you're in the purchase drawing Horrible hurt man When we sell lars Yeah there's are shiny aren't they and my necklace alright don't under him what the dawn get with the shield or holy smokes oh you're welcome Lucky male and 10 plus two alright Don you got lucky male Don again 10 plus to get her tickets yeah and I'm giving her an oyster or pair of socks cuz she paid shipping again three 15 is she on donner you hear let's do your dice roll and sir we got a four and a four she got eight extra tickets If tiffany stop it alright don't got eight extra tickets why need her cuz she's got the lucky male game I got a mac Both see if we can get done on here They're urging She I Center let's see if so come on All the dice for always free when you purchase you get a dice roll for extra tickets Oh my God no way lacy Oh that's just shame oh there's done alright sandy wants another baby sandy who are sandy she said I'm 47 already have one late in life 36 someone alright let's uh will have to give me one so picking number one through eight minus 24 and six one through eight minus 24 or six alright you got it done let me know if you wanna voiced are a pair of socks in place of the shipping that you paid you can have either or you let me know socks or an oyster I can see it done I see you did you respond what number No you didn't say what number yet one through eight minus 24 and six one through eight minus two for six Number seven alright you got it Number seven Without 15317 What is she playing oh you got the wheel spin lucky slots and high low so we'll do your lucky slots first Who might I note cynthia you wanna always through you got it There's a voiced are alright we need seven tier we need some seven one O'hara bars you got triple bars but let's try you get three more roles let's try to get the seven Or And five you want to voice Thursday and a cage You got to voice there's an it cage So two more let me know what cage now we're gonna do the high low She can rack up on moisture boy I wish you did oh I missed it I missed her comment Let me know if you want me to pick the cage for you All right Oh I know cynthia I know alright higher or lower than a King oh lord higher or lower than a King Oh she can't get that Green will see Higher or lower than a King Faith cage you got it All right that was his hope and you want lower you got it There you go there's the one that says faith And you one virgin or from you one to voice there's an another oh wait lisa said lower yeah oh I die early looked suit there whatever alright she said well our two cages I mean two wasters and a cage two more oysters and a cage There you go two more oh my God you are wracking up and then what about your other cage you want me to pick you one thank you vicki that scratches we appreciate it oh you like this cage look at this one It's thinking hands holding the hearts I love this one Let me know if you like this one I like that one Yeah we're gonna open them as soon as we're done you let me know if you want this cage I love it it's taking hands holding the heart two hearts We're a bunch of them this week and honor a strong don't set lower too yeah you can't gauge alright I picked that one for you alright let's do your wheel spin Oh what she get kate ring oh you got a cage ring Victoria secret socks and 10 more tickets 10 more purchase tickets sold on yeah so she gets a cage ring oh I don't know if she has a okay to invest she Oh Let's see what's one Again huh batteries well oh this one 's nice don't do you have a kate You do now but Look at this one it's the rose Check that out And it opens up and you put your cage right inside it So you can wear any color look at that pretty rose oh melissa there for the purchase drawing Yup they're extra tickets into the purchase drawing that's very nice buzz in a table it's my phone messages yeah it's the message say it and that's a nice ring they come up and go so fast I can't catch him alright so we did your we'll spend your lucky slots and you're high low Also that's your first one awesome It's gonna be going on another bag I don't say that tiffany Bell that upsets me what she say I don't feel better and learn might just kill myself oh this she a lucy to discover Pearl comes up All right let's sing let's see if we find her Green she got 12345 oysters you go girl five of them this plan Keeps blowing my stuff everywhere isn't that pretty it's a cage ring you up Okay tiffany bell's long as you didn't say yourself that upsets me What that's that's not a good word for me She said someone kill someone oh I thought you said kill her so No she's got beautiful kids that I hated all cc you ain't mine to hold all my chocolate and I still have one okay benita you got it love I just save my chocolate covered blueberries All this is not a black one You know that's a dark blue All we don't have a Green chute no Green Let me clean these babies off they are gorgeous though you got two of em so okay definitely looks like twins but Oh they are nice dawn they are nice you got some gorgeous colors They're pretty aren't they look at that couple of the lot of pearls so we got five of them she had five operations yeah wow no Green no Sit down say universal colors I think that one 's a dark purple look at these Aren't they gorgeous aren't they pretty these two look like twins this one and that one on the end oh boy oh God gotta runaway Pearl on on Right go Oh boy So we're gonna go Shoot I got a runaway Pearl and that was what one that was your pink one oh I got it never mind I found it Aren't they pretty let me show you in the bag they always look prettier in the bag That might be oh that might be um this color here that's gorgeous it's like a peach color I dropped all the curls at they flew over there I got I got em look at them yeah they flew off the thing cookie yeah that's alright now we got 10 plus two here we go Plus two Meet again Don are you ready let's see what we can get you yeah they flew one flew over here next to me and one flew all the way over there Alright here we go Don what are you praying for let's hope you get it one It was all are changing I have done lara too I'm so and on three oh my gos for yes she did the three game special and 10 plus two wow five 123456 789 10 11 And 12 12 Oh my God it's so hot in here now what are you trying to fan away from yourself because it kept blowing everything no I'll turn it on low oh it's so hot I'm going to leave this on your shell just make sure I'm not have cynthia wants a cookie you making her hungry alright we got paparazzi Oh sitting right here yeah but I don't want them to fall right they're not that person was my brain you got purchase tickets fire freedom here I'll put them down here on top of here what is that it's a thing I'll sit on off oh my God put them back in the room we got lipstick she did come to play now polish Oh there's a number eighty seven They got a face mask And she got a voiced are gonna try and get that Green another oyster five more tickets Something is like please gonna have a cookie cutter you got number one oh two Now powers And more purchase tickets there you go mom didi on them um you got two numbers eighty 71 oh two We got to hoist are do you want to trade anything for um socks You got to nail polish you got a lipstick paparazzi in a face mask so I'll give you a choice there's We have two more oysters I'll get your paparazzi All this is pretty Look at this one Look at this one done look how pretty that is And a pretty that's your necklace and earrings that you got very nice That was your paparazzi You get a lipstick Oh there you go we got lift oil Let me know if you want socks love Now paul's for socks you got it Here is two pairs for you because you had to now policies and oh I'll give you the moisturizing socks How is that instead of the face mask moisturizing socks They have some flower seed oil avocado oil and vitamin e and them That's cool yeah we're gonna hope for Green we're gonna hope Let's see huh there's one Uh we're all Irish pt it's too We're praying for Green we are praying for Green this is dawn yeah dawn darden Did you get hurt things already yeah we're right there Lots of pray for Green I want the moisture that would perfect for whom she get those oh I got those um Where do I get those what I find them I might have got them from like family tree I think I've been on those that family tree oh oh you got a gorgeous pink yeah that's the first time I saw them So I only had like five of them well she got a Green but it's not she got another line Green Look at those two colors but that huge pink that's huge pink always smokes Look at that Oh no way sandy are you kidding you got another one You can make some money off of the stuff you got sandy She thinks she's getting another surprise from geno she thinks that's a backpack Look at them Very nice all right are you burning down stores I don't know what you get here There you go You got The pushing spray crisp linen it's cuz you gotta smell good in your House that's the pushing spray And looks like you got a Victoria secret tote look at that we've got this Victoria secret tote bag The Victoria secret look at that that's nice and big this is really nice What I can fit in this bag I can fit in this bag look I think it is holy smokes And this nice melissa isn't that nice Yeah the retail on this was 25 dollars 25 dollars a bag for cruz I know this is nice I like this one cynthia don't be jealous she loves Victoria secret she loves Victoria secret you would laura oh Carrots fun thank you guys love you love you that was nice It's not a coach but victoria's secret I love all right dawn is she up in those boxes let me go put this in your box Don you got a big box coming to you love alright I think we're looking for a melissa now I think there's another one in there melissa you might win one you never know Well I don't know what you ordered yet hi my name is jenn knew it cynthia I knew you're gonna like that oh my God you know older gina order gina your number 20 love here mayor cousin general says on hi jen I never message her sneaker in the stores or whatever don't you can yes you can it is this gina clients she ordered again crazy people you people are Crazy you remind me of me cuz I was ordering all the time she stops she is up with all your birthday and Christmas tree let's see melissa what did you get girl oh she got 10 plus to this she could 10 plus two oh no she got eight of them All right why did you order it that way I'm gonna give you melissa I'm giving you 10 plus two Cuz that you ordered it under the five dollars singles um oh guys we're gonna have to close this video and come back yeah we're almost at mighty to get knocked off but melissa you're not getting a tap lopes you're getting 12 okay you're gonna get 12 cuz it's 10 plus two is 40 dollars and you pay 40 dollars for eight singles all right cynthia alright guys give us three minutes we'll be right back we're gonna end this video and come back on I don't want to start her Order alright make sure you come back

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