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Hinayaw Dancers - New generation
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Super Movies - Best Kong Fu Full 2019
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All captain are we leaving We still have to wash so who cares You're asking part You're talking to me bakit alright next batch ideal and your tickets visit patrol fifteen minutes seven k nine thirty thousand rice terraces you attorney glenn working with the five thank you neng buwisit ka everything a shower face first pahingi ulit we may not file is that ready hope age twenty one like a b c person no in the well in those primary and high school in the music ko hello na close in just had when he was the same feature yes at the same time with five members of the streets skill hernandez at seconds left front performances recall extreme dangerous taxi where is your ears what you have Why Why do you have bullets in your chest you still have a go youtube action What do you know We gotta let them for you this morning There's a photographic side check that you will be part kami chicks up the management your question is what are you trying to tell your special if it's the guys i'm here i have you have i always like that chance for business especially especially us you aso 'yong mister aft avenue guys you don't bind si chief prayer prayer and welcome to more or less one number one if you catch your side bag aside how dare you i will protect test stay with god bless cart ito wala kayong pakialam everything face binata ano secret me out na siya see you later after punished way of the supreme i tell you wanna think ah 'yong ano mga children sana beach i swear cut anyway sir and so that is going ano help you guys must be a blessing ha ha rice masarap 'yong paso package and then because you thank you got it and uh we want and i got you can you this is results is risk thank you flying kiss senator page we want to say the assisted one basher ikaw the government is think we can tell what it don't so many of god has the punishing here i should know that i am two i want you tell everyone just one mocha rules of the no self and not self Oscar have the power to punish Alright Let the bastard go and forget about the old man Yeah you see i'm come but the others call what how you what can the rose for you can take precision made you should be the leader oh you just respect may oo nga eh plaster if it's the background follow the truth is to take your time to protect the rights of change the kind of po so i don't really pare si part pa dito ay nagturo sikat kill you must patrick if you have any answer the question to ensure this is the city restaurant when you life Fine man Your arms got Ricky You're finished ready one juliet so you can still see you guys si joey vicky alright alright whether it's been saying the charity you can even our cambodia at least thank you sa effort now you will not be able to make it for tonight 'yan ready for the budget mind sign as finish rock you as well let's go we will mahinang construction julia what's up my choice you wanna be a movie Yeah It's okay. Don't be scared Yeah panahon angel man kamay not consider the best father magkano for release his decision now just have to mention the dialect ever you hi guys three months the world yes jump faster congrats that's why i said calories po we have yeah sarap you religious i was referring to another yeah where day what's that he was just like the one in it's a much enjoy where you can find him what do you want you want churches yeah that when we cannot go home crush alright ready you for a good show at joey palakpakan this is the lights that god will one hundred thousand but you know going to me now in loving why i want you to us give up oh diyan ka muna diyan diyan council okay how does not the face of this person that's why ask me to stay ah one everybody was filed their this very live i think the right if we can encourage this we need right kayo you get a part received apple I don't know 'yong last batch bakit sarap you got more difference great hair Ricky I have no choice i'm sorry i'm sorry sorry natin everyday how sa mga students na guys see you generally fair let's go seven cases na naman right here ready i don't think he said and i wanna staff i think we can be friends i'm gonna be as long as you pastor you go there you go there bachelors asan gusto ko to march sige brother come here province of you guys we want final kaway tumaas thank you deserve better for yes you go events and if you talk to my fellow lawyer tayo video day before you can you are right there will see you guys thank you guys ready present korea ha 'yan 'yan ako he will be bisita ni facebook live sa facebook friends ready ready pa-share po ah pare panis pass to feel free to my ano ba friday seryoso the nine one day from hanger you would not have anything even your target softdrinks take note not week right enough na oh thank you thank you can be ah less vice sense of all i love you Alright, then you assholes. I'll kill you all No Now you're just left to me than you could stop the ride better offend them alive No. No no guys especially made by shooting at it brechie ncr and you die i don't know what's the first classmate my first tingnan mo again wala 'yong mas mabigat 'yong friend ang balance kami kaway president talaga ninyo i'm gonna check up yes yow let's say good day off day off i think the one of the president has to be the investing control na safe keren where from the sides tulak martials should be done friend and get stronger instrument alright ah so si bea thank you you ba sir god bless Hey, stop Alright

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