If you want to know the bitter truth... - Femi Fani-Kayode

Femi Fani-Kayode • 5 months ago   435     133  •  17.1K Views
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If you want to know the bitter truth and believe you can handle it, listen to this...

Posted 5 months ago in Politics
Dallas Emmanuel
Dallas Emmanuel4 months ago

What special about that, its an open truth everyone knows, has Americans learnt anything from that?
Do you still remember that recently they were arming a group in syria to oust Asad but it failed bcos Russian army were in full support of Asad. Tomorrow same group ll emerge and start attacking western interests.

Chidi Josiah
Chidi Josiah5 months ago

This is exactly the plan of Fulani Buhari regime to use Boko Haram nd others terrorist group to take over the Zoo but the foolish ones I'll not understand this danger coming if not Mazi Nnamdi Kanu nd that is the reason why fulani Buhari regime try all they possible best to get Mazi Nnamdi Kanu by all means because his the only one that can stop they plans nd if this happen in zoo everyone I'll see hell even rich nd poor even those that supported Buhari in power

RevAcho Anozie
RevAcho Anozie5 months ago

Russia should now lias with Afghanistan to handle America

Play Anicho
Play Anicho5 months ago

2015 on my mind... Nigeria are paying dearly now๐Ÿšถ

Moses Philip
Moses Philip5 months ago

The same thing that happened in 2015 that some people were armed. Look at where we are today.

Sati Anthony
Sati Anthony5 months ago

I can believe THAT US brought boko haram that's y they supported a president for Nigeria with same idiology with boko haram, bandits, etc and no wonder Nigerias president never visited America during Donald trump this also proves why the insurgency in Nigeria keeps soaring and more people are killed on a regular basis our military killed all the time that's y they are not even in support of biafra or oduduwa GOD will not shame this country and all this evil people will pass away but Nigeria will remain

Olalekan Olasupo
Olalekan Olasupo5 months ago

You solve a problem by creating a problem. The question is were they also trained to destroy their own? Were they program with the convinction to destroy, kill and remain archaic ?The fact that I trained my dog to be wild for security reasons does not excuse it to bite me!

Nicholas Ojukwu Eke
Nicholas Ojukwu Eke5 months ago

Always creating a Frankenstein Monster. I will not be supprised if one day, the battle ground becomes Washington.

Felix Sunday
Felix Sunday5 months ago

That is what is called game of thrones

Ani Elvis
Ani Elvis5 months ago

Bitter truth.. so glad it ends in shame.. American has realised their mistakes..