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With the WWE Title on the line, Adam Edge Copeland battled Brock Lesnar AND Paul Heyman 18 years ago today at WWE Rebellion 2002!
To by it we. By Edge Nichols as they're knocked down the ring of the champions really. It's so. Lester Lester out of his game here comes a chance. Edge to his feet shot to the gut. It's like hands into the here comes the oh look at that. The champions almost had him. Oh, look at this stop the move. there's the quickest in the hay is supposed to be on that apron. there goes the baseball slide by again. Oh I just to need do it. New Champ and Brock Lesnar just save the title. It's gonna fly. It's just gonna fly and down by the challenger and again as he takes the cold. A new champion this is. Kick down. With a cross body of the referee by out as a six foot four man hit by and look at the five in the house and five, oh. And chairs sucking the wheel let's work on the gut the on it and just get it. Chip in

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