Milky Way rises above Rhode Island

Daily Mail • 10 months ago   978     99  •  49.8K Views
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The Milky Way is so majestic! 😱😍 via storyful

Posted 10 months ago in Travel & Leisure Activities
George Hambursin
George Hambursin10 months ago

Yes, it is so majestic because it was created out of nothingness by God who invites us to take part in His works by doing good and shunning evil.

Roz Ettridge
Roz Ettridge10 months ago

Everyone should see it from Australian Dark Sky Centres - out in the desert with no light pollution.

Gary Donnachie
Gary Donnachie10 months ago

Like to see a flat earthers explanation to this strange phenomenon 😂😂

Gloria Robards
Gloria Robards10 months ago

Am I the only one that sees something weird on the horizon in this video? Lol

Audrey Phare
Audrey Phare10 months ago

Beautiful. The Great Creator/Mother Earth gives us this blessing to witness.
O'SIAM for sharing (O' see' am)means thank you \♡/

Fanny de Bigault
Fanny de Bigault10 months ago

Johann passer des heures dehors rien que pour pouvoir voir ça 😌 C’est magnifique 😊

Brant Penner
Brant Penner10 months ago

Lauren Gilmore , looks like when we were camping and we all said “just look at that! It’s sooooo crazy” then Todd said, “next person to say ‘it’s so crazy’ is DEAD!”

Jerry Raynor
Jerry Raynor10 months ago

Now that is beautiful I wish I was able to get into a rocket and work my way through the galaxies of everywhere there is out there and never return to this terrible planet

Tim Scott
Tim Scott10 months ago

We are so lucky to be alive and sorta understand the universe

Susan Pilling
Susan Pilling10 months ago

Amazing to see this. Beautiful ❤️