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Carl Cox's cameo in Human Traffic as club owner Pablo Hassan. Legendary!
What the fuck are you doing man Blow son complete skits of Freddie Coke If he sees your blogging in his boys are gonna fucking name you man He likes to think of himself as a better business man yet I came in to do business Son Tony Truman. Sorry. I'm like oh man My Secretary founder yesterday afternoon. She she spoke to someone here range the mean tonight eight O 'clock over those to me. But basically what it is mixed bag Yeah. I've done a survey of wealth clubs. The asylum has been voted the best club atmosphere in the olive oil No he's going for it Yeah We're gonna do a double page spread interview yourself obviously resident DJ some of the club shoe everything over Danny man You wanna do it now down below a well wish us the only problem you know gonna believe this From London right and I just found out my photographer was involved in a fucking car crash on the way. It's like two camera nothing serious it just it just means we can't do it tonight So you need to tell me you drove all the way down from London. Just come giving interview loved you You fucked it up I'm sorry about this. My can I use your phone so it's been a big fuck up here. I wanna talk to my Secretary total Come on Yes Devin Whales so what the fuck is going on with public son now yo I I don't I don't wanna listen I study around thinking firmly sets my Ministry Okay Alright Cheers. Come on you anymore than scuffs accident didn't Yeah See you later Cheers my God Can't do tomorrow night next Friday night Yeah Nice Sorry about the fuck him tonight I promise we'll get by see She does my son. He my nice

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