Lil Dicky - DAVE season 2 teaser

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DAVE season 2 teaser

Posted 5 months ago in TV & Movies

Allan Weinberger 5 months ago

Really hope that CGI... seems like animal cruelty to me!

Tasha Marie 5 months ago

This is rediculous.. I LOVE IT. 😂 Had no interest in watching this show till now. About to go start season 1 right MEOOOWW

Jack Neighbour 5 months ago

Yeah man that new lil dicky series... yk the one directed by Michael Bay featuring young thug and a fucking mid air-pirouetting anteater. Dk what’s going through LDs head but I’m loving it 😂

NayJeah Destiny 5 months ago

Can’t wait for the show!! Got super excited seeing Gata!! Let’s go SEASON 2!!!!!

Ryan Martin 5 months ago

Season 1 was great but looking at this. Just looks like the guys upstairs have to much influence now because Season 1 was a success. And probably made it daft instead of funny. Fingers crossed its not the case tho.

John Barsalow 5 months ago

Can't wait, season 1 was prob my favorite show last year