Taylor Swift Crashed Her Car TWICE! | The Graham Norton Show

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Wishing Taylor Swift an accident free birthday!

Posted 10 months ago in TV & Movies

Pamela Tihista 10 months ago

Not a fan of her songs & singing as well

Nadia Juan 10 months ago

She’s an entertainer!!! Love her! 💕

Lorraine Kyriazis 10 months ago

She is extremely talented but I just couldn’t listen to her, every other word was “like” 😂

Arinaitwe Tarcis 10 months ago

We share this birthday together. Happy birthday Taylor swift

Lisa M Forrestal 10 months ago

I used to despise T-swift, for absolutely no reason lol ... now I am happy to say I have gotten over that and can really appreciate the talent she has for entertainment and business!

Nikolina Jelčić 10 months ago

I like her song Love story and thats it...and I am not even a country music fan.

She probably is talented as a songwriter...but idk...never liked her persona. A bit too much for my taste... and can someone tell those Americans that the word like shouldnt be used that often. (EDIT: my comment was referring to American guests on shows like Graham or some Youtube shows...just something I noticed with american people...it is just a bit irritating for us who learnt English as a second or third language ...it sounds just awful and annoying... probably good for drinking games though).

Cesar Ruvalcaba 10 months ago

She’s a great singer!

Paula Brown Price 10 months ago

Legs for days.
After watching her documentary, I have a much greater appreciation for her.

Deborah Gate 10 months ago

She seemed much more relaxed than the other time she was on the show and her story was entertaining.

Valentina Simmons 10 months ago

She looks nervous. She's drinking a LOT. 😆