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Posted 6 months ago in Music & Audio

Barry Umar Adams 6 months ago

D Oracle like Owambe too much


JoJo Benj JoJo 6 months ago

Daddy osinachi aguma aka JoJo from Goshen villa estate lugbe , watching live , but una go give me my mb oo

Obono Magdalene 6 months ago

Hello Mr Fortune and plus 1, you guys are wonderful together,

Emeka Ibe 6 months ago

Fortune my man u always make my day go well anytime I listen to ur broadcast kudos man my fellow uni agric student

Michael Lord Detso 6 months ago

Fortune my guy always on point bro. I site you guys.

Deborah Ohamara 6 months ago

Guys in black,I will have to change what I am wearing 馃う

Cix Man 6 months ago

Live in Lagos
Prince Oluwacix watching