Miley Cyrus - It’s official. #PlasticHearts is the #1 rock...

Miley Cyrus • 1 year ago   31.6K     1.2K  •  404.7K Views
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It’s official. #PlasticHearts is the #1 rock record in the country. My mind is blown and my heart is overwhelmed with gratitude. Thank YOU to every...

Posted 1 year ago in Music & Audio
Courtney Jade Harvey
Courtney Jade Harvey1 year ago

Congratulations Miley! So well deserved, the album is AWESOME!!! I can't stop listening to it!!

Kimberley Elkins
Kimberley Elkins1 year ago

Congratulations, Miley. It’s absolutely epic and masterpiece of a rock record. #PlasticHearts deserve every award it’s gets as it not just a rock record it’s a story of your life and feelings with every song written from your heart. I’m so proud of you, Miley and I’m thanksful to you!

Pete Dollaway
Pete Dollaway11 months ago

The album's Amazing. What a sound. Congratulations on your success and im betting it's not gonna be your last number 1.

Jennifer Bammert
Jennifer Bammert1 year ago

Your “new” voice is so phenomenal! It now totally defines you the second you hear it OH that’s Miley! Every song you sing comes with heart, soul and so much passion 🥰 and you freaking belt it to the moon and back! 💕 YOU GO GYRL!!!!!! You’re not a tweenager anymore you are loved for your music your energy your heart your soul Rock ON!!!!

Sergio Plaza Vidalón
Sergio Plaza Vidalón1 year ago

Thank you for sharing your art with us. This record has truly had an impact on me

Jessica Lynn Jones
Jessica Lynn Jones1 year ago

Miley I am so proud of you you’ve grown up into a beautiful young woman I followed you throughout your career his album is the best album congratulations I’m so happy

Piyusha Pawar
Piyusha Pawar1 year ago

Congratulations Miley ! Plastic hearts got the recognition it deserved ,the album is beautiful.Especially songs like Angels like you, Golden G string and Never be me you can feel those songs .The rest of the hits are great like:
Plastic hearts
Night crawling
Midnight sky
Edge of midnight
Bad karma
Love you Miley ❤️

Liz Larson
Liz Larson1 year ago

I love you so much miley cyrus! Your music takes me away !! Congratulations on your album !! P. S. I love you&you're hot and we should go on a date!!! I'm in Minnesota!

Pedro Henrique Forestt
Pedro Henrique Forestt1 year ago

I loved this album, the concept that defined it and its plunge into new ways of expressing its art, I loved it, congratulations on your great contribution, you deserve it!

Che Ryll
Che Ryll1 year ago

I've been watching this many times already. I love your reaction Miley. My heart is filled with joy. I'm so happy for your success Miley. I wish you all the best and happiness. I love you! 😘❤