Work smart with plastic water pipes

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Work smart with plastic water pipes

Posted 1 year ago

Andrew D. Bergem 11 months ago

Look at all that plastic and time wasted. They are worried about using to much water but use so much plastic in what they build they are poisoning the environment well saying we are saveing water. I would never use that technique

Serkan Gök 7 months ago

Çok güzel beyentim maşallah

Paul Ius 11 months ago

How that tool from 3.14 called?

محمد سوات 7 months ago


Toni Nemr 10 months ago

شيرزاد كةم ئه ندام 8 months ago

نرخ 1

Gulnare Baxsiyeva 7 months ago


Hans Vermeulen 8 months ago

Wat stelt dit voor?????

Δημητρης Ευθυμιαδης 8 months ago