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Posted 8 months ago in Religion & Spirituality
Emme Lusanga
Emme Lusanga8 months ago

Thank you Jesus for my life, i was very sick on Saturday they rushed hospital i thank God we were blessed with the new anointing water from our father prophet Tb Joshua as partners i prayed and minister it believing in Jesus and i was heald i had the symptoms of corona but the results was good i didn't have it i was discharged today from Belgium

Bongoh Mathabela
Bongoh Mathabela8 months ago

I connect myself and my family in Jesus name..... please man God pray for my kids and my family to be delivered and have financial breakthrough in the mighty name of Jesus Christ and please for my grandmother's health my the heal her in anyway ..... please pray for my love life remove the curse upon my life and have happiness joy and peace in Jesus Christ Amen 馃檶馃檶

Nicole Lee Fulton
Nicole Lee Fulton8 months ago

Prayer for my husband, Ben, to be saved and delivered and for Godly men to come into his life. Prayer for the divorce decree to be cancelled so our marriage can be restored and for Ben to move home so we can start a family. Prayers for alcohol and ungodly relationships to be removed from his life, Amen!

Rebirthson Ritoon
Rebirthson Ritoon8 months ago

Dear man of God, 脤 look up for help and 脤 have 帽o places to go .So please pray for my family, deliverance and permanent healing from this stroke which I am suffering from last year. 膸矛脿b猫tes, high blood pressure, sleeplessness are 艜猫lated. I hail from chandel Manipur,India. Distance should not be a barrier for your 暮ove and compassionate gestures. Thanks for everything and may God bless you and your family and 莽ontinue to bless your ministries.

Candy Mulubwa
Candy Mulubwa8 months ago

I know distance is not a barrier to the glory of God and I connect myself and my family to you God of prophet TB Joshua deliver me I want to get married, financial breakthrough and spirit of delayment upon my life

Anne Wanjiku
Anne Wanjiku8 months ago

Thank you sir thus is why God chosen you in our generation to alert His children before challenges comes

Samson Mutua
Samson Mutua8 months ago

I love Jesus my Lord, I love Emmanuel TV, Scoan Church, TB Joshua and the way he has trained and imparted the Power of God to so many people to Work out miracles and glorify God. I personally also received an impartation through watching Emmanuel TV... Am trusting God to work in great miracles even than what Papa TB Joshua is doing. Jesus said we can do greater than what He did. Lord I believe... Take away my un believe馃檹馃檹馃檹

Jeanette Fernando
Jeanette Fernando8 months ago

I'm.from Sri Lanka
A helpless widow
I feel as I have faced this several times that I'm under witchcraft as I cant walk properly ..I have to hold onto something to walk and come down to real poverty
Please pray for me as,I'm so fed up with my life
God bless you

Anne Addae
Anne Addae8 months ago

We serve a true God, he nerver fails, I ask for forgiveness of my sin,and ask God almighty to have MERCY ON ME AND MY FAMILY, from every affliction, thank you jesus

Kelvin Udoh
Kelvin Udoh8 months ago

There is no barrier nor distance to what God wants to do. I believe that and it works for me and my family.
Thank God Almighty for the ministry he committed to his servant , Senior prophet T B Joshua and Emmanuel TV. May the good Lord continue to use you to restore hope and instill faith that work for this generation. Amen.