Lil Dicky - I used to watch the Emmy’s every year with my...

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I used to watch the Emmy’s every year with my momma, no exceptions. She can’t believe her little boy opened up the show this year! Thank you all for...

Posted 1 month ago in TV & Movies

Zack Wall 1 month ago

I think you’ve fallen off

Tricia Drago 1 month ago

You are so brilliant Dave! Love it!

Justin Corey 1 month ago

Love your music, but the 2nd season of your show bro....damn.

Drew Soup 1 month ago

Good job LD ! Fans of yours since the beginning here. Saw you in Buffalo years back. Now we watch the show!

Josh Dillard 19 days ago

Lil Dicky Loved your open. I won one this year too! I make commercials.

Aby Lewis 18 days ago

Bro…..I watch “Earth” like that’s from a Disney movie!!! I’m a boring suburban nurse….you’re music….its a movement. I would equal it to Queen…..

Quin Kosidowski 1 month ago

Man don't ride the sellout train any further you used to be so original and hilarious with sick nasty bars and now it just comes off like you're doing all this new poppy sounding mainstream shit and features with shitty mumble rappers because that's what you think people want you to do. And your second season of your show wasn't what I would call total fucking garbage but FUCK was it hard to watch after you delivered non stop bangers all throughout season 1. Get back to yourself man, you were a cold dude

Dane Webster 1 month ago

If you drop a season 3 before another album I officially give up

Timon Calitz 1 month ago

Keep on pushing man you're doing great and alot of people love you. Your mother is really proud of you it's one big achievement more life Lil Dicky!❤

Kulani Akahi 1 month ago

Matthew Souza
Dave, we made it!!

(Still waiting on dat LD album tho)