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China You made it I'm just thinking about Tuesday Hi, tea trees. Hey Hello. Hello How was my trap? House family doing How's my trap What doing Doing tonight on this lovely full moon Hi Kayla How are you loving worried about you as my security doing you? Alright Hi here How are you guys doing I need my power and control. You just got our class wonderful Anyone for the love everything fixing thousand on there hi jain here hi ah yes Self Now Amy down Thank you everyone for sharing. Let's continue to share, share, share Men. I'm they better not cuz Imma have to do some extra extra Say better not Kayla play by my security now Okay Okay so yes I gotta put on a necklace too I'm getting this hot ready because hi Kiara. Hello. Hey girl. How you doing Hi you're doing something Just getting some sauce cooking over here. Don't pay me. No mind Don't pay me now my force Cooking I was talking about you today. I shut down a whole one is live today trying to say she was a tactic so I directed the live to your minute What happened? Okay. Love you better chill but then what happened? What's going on What's going on What happened Okay No matter if it's too many 20 The wait a minute you order did you Yeah. You gotta put on. Let me know well just put in an order. I get to order when you when you get it when you play them. Okay I am getting my stuff ready for tonight cuz we're doing some moon sales. We're doing a meal a moon blessing hot tonight. Okay so if you want me to add you to the parts just share the live and I will add whatever blessing that you want to cut I'm cooking up some stuff Okay because sometimes we need a special prayer request with specific things you know sometimes you do the money sometimes we do the Different and we we gotta do Pacific things so tonight we're doing a burn Bowl for a blessing, a blessing pot tonight We are cooking up a blessing for our blessings tonight. Okay so with that being said if you wanna join us because you wanna put in what you want into the pot and the blessings that you want to receive and we're gonna still do reading but it's about the moon what we're doing About the moon and the blessings okay and so I will be putting in and I'm gonna burn it here so you guys can see I will be putting in what it is that what I'm gonna write down what you want on a paper with your name or a burn it in here. Okay, we gotta have a whole year shots I'm gonna pray over this whole Bowl We're doing a burn Bowl for the new moon So if you guys are interested, go ahead and share the live and we're still gonna do readings We're still gonna Reading but it's about the blessing and we're doing a spell under this new eclipse moon is a very powerful moon and we need to go in and while the portal is open and to open this blessing for a lot of us and for you and for me I don't charge anything for this again as I always do it is for free All that I ask is that you share, share, share We're gonna do this burn Bowl and then we're also going to do some readings, okay but it's a very powerful that we do New moon this eclipse moon this burn bo I blessed him what it is that we want so I will be writing your name down and I will be adding it to the pot All you have to do is share There's no money or nothing required. This is what we do on the trap House as family when you family, you look out for people. You know what I'm saying when you family you know what I'm saying that's what you do We just do stuff like this and we're gonna heal This is a journey of us getting us together Okay This is a family and we doing this together and it's gonna be a blessing and this is for the new money. Okay So we're gonna soften it up We go swap it up Mm yes we is. We're gonna slice it up and don't ask him stuff up in Okay So this retainer hold on Working for me. I gotta fix that anyway so yes, let's go ahead and share, share, share I'm about to get this thing This party started dying I'm about to get this party started Yup let me put a necklace on already got my bracelet so my protections So what I'm about to do is get my necklace on and then wanna put put out some sage and here we gotta put a bundle of sage and I'm gonna add some stuff in here. We wanna do money in here I'm gonna burn some money We're gonna burn some roses It's gonna be a very powerful thing because we need a lots a lot of doing it needs to be So I'm gonna be adding a little bit of everything. It's gonna get real real saucy up in here Okay Real real source Okay So and I'm still I got three candles are gonna be learning this as well Let me get So I need my rose petals for my love My love It's about to be a whole saucy occasion Let me make sure Y'all Let's see that right there. It's about to be a whole saucy occasion. We got that we got the sage Okay it's about to be a wholesale page and I put a disc protection We're gonna do some protection Hello everyone here her Let me get up and get some money. I need to get some money to put in his ball and I think Let me I need a father for their freedom I need a feather because freedom Wel First ending a dollar I need some money I can't love No. I want a real money I just Okay. So we got the feather up in her She's about to get real short Hm hello. Hello so let me I wanna see if I got money in my my first dollar And I need a necklace on I guess I do the see is helping me Now you see, I got a dollar Wait Give me a dog I need some money I need some money No, I want a dollar bill Oh My wallet is in the car Hello. Hello Hello. Hello. We are doing a a moon magic ritual right now Hi Bella. Hey boo We are doing a moon. Magic ritual ही है Dang I know somebody over here together I'm sorry Y'all get I give frustrated when I can't give what I was Sorry We win all day. Hello Dominic Heller I'm kay So we get we got the feather freedom. We got the sage for the cleansing. We got the roses for the love. I just need my dollar. Somebody can bring me a dollar After I want a real dollar Somebody get so without a move magic which were and this is going to be for love this is going to be held this is going to be for freedom this is going to be for cleansing and it's going to be for money that's why i am a because only one I want it now so I'm about to Planses live with some positive vibes. Y'all know how coming when I'm coming you know I'm saying we're gonna do some readings. I do this but we're gonna start now is I'm about to get my pin pad ready because I'm going to write everyone's wish is on this live down. I don't care how many people is on here Okay I'm just gonna write your Down and whatever your wish is you let me know Hi, Monica Hi Monica So guys if you want to be added to the ritual to give me your name I'm going to write everyone's name down. Okay and we're gonna burn for all your blessings. You keep your blessing. I'm gonna write what you want You know what I'm saying you keep that but I'm gonna write your name. So comment your name below If you want your name to be added to this this is for free. There's nothing I'm trying. I'm just giving blessing and power to On this live. Okay and we're gonna do a whole sexy thing Thank you Thank you Okay So who I got all of that so I guess the dollar is all that I wanted Okay Hi So we got Jazmine Mueller Okay we got cameras Okay thank you, Destiny Shakira Morgan More in him hit those lifetime Dea Okay, we got anytime my light down. I'm crazy Idea Okay, Tory. Mcgee Wonderful Miss Kayla Okay I'm sorry to hear that definitely send you and your family some love peace and blessings did you want me to add your name to the bouquet roses Okay girl Oh are all R O S In a Washington Be lay I'm telling you the girl. She was praying. People struggling committed. She was 1110. I made she was hiding 40. - $5 for a whole reason free No Kayla be late. I got you all here. Angel is let's get alone but I'm not gonna stop Laura Repose His blessings Y'all name going in the pot Amber Mitchell I'm gonna buy it Mitchell Koala चाची यहाँ आना i am calling we ah we do no money ah without ah form a special so everything right now so let's listen i have not done reliance buy now thanks hi with this pillars of will be there was reading so okay yes okay jain Stephanie lakshmi sir lakshmi see cm bc guys are saying guys was thirteen to see how are you gives you are blessed with all the as a deputy cm donors free guys match hardly anything another turn is You wanna be added Okay, Kathleen Washington Okay I got you Sandra Hello Honda Toyota you want Flora and Victoria Lora Victoria I wrote our names next to each other Okay let's continue to share guys how many shares area Okay, Michael Okay guys Okay. I got you Okay, thank you Jimmy for sharing. I add to the spells live Thank you Kayla definitely got to win So I got one list. Let me go ahead and make another list I will be adding this to the Burn Bowls Okay. Hold on I gotta make a new list Okay, thank you Michael for sharing Hi The voltage. Would you like your name to be added to this bill tonight we're at 70. Come on guys. We can do better this year 70 shifts Hi dada I will be adding you to the Bowl as well Miss Angela I gotta added you to the pie Let me see Aging Washington Selena Welcome. Welcome Hi, Jamie. Definitely Annu Thank you. Boo Not that I had to do Okay thank you so Brandon It's not that What is wrong Okay. Divergence Okay, thank you guys for sharing Okay Tanya. So what I'm doing is I'm doing a full moon spell we have here is we have money That's what the money we're doing a feather for freedom for new beginnings. We're doing sage for cleansing We're doing roses for love So it's a whole pot of blessings that I'm going to go ahead and open up during this photo the photos open with the full moon and the eclipse is a very special powerful moon There's a lot of special powerful Hey, I wanna use while this moon is open while this move wearing a full moon right now. Okay Kayla with so right now. this called a bone I burn Bowl for blessings. It's just completely free. I do this just to help my people because I love Y'all. We are family If we found it, you wanna see your family do good, right if we family, we gonna help each other right? We go here together. We're gonna get everything together to Sandra Attitude Kim Bray Cambrie Maya Linda Thank you Roslyn new share Thank you Hello it's at Sheryl Thank you Let's continue to share guys Cristina different Christina and Jay nine I know I'm not saying this properly Jackie you said, I'll be adding you to the list. Thank you so much for sharing who else Kennedy Allen Yes good vibes Yes Amen Dorothy you would like to be added guys. Make sure you share like and follow the page as well to Mia Thank you. I'm adding you to the pot as well our teeth Thank you. Boo Did you get my honey? Shadow Whatchu talking about Tori Sheriff You need the blessings. Hello kitchens. I added you to the list. Right No sir No problem here. Your sister to get in there. I got you kid My name is Nina Castro Okay No problem you Linda. You share okay Kia Harvey We got two kids out here Let me put your Harvey Can't get it confused Hello. Thank you Dominic for sharing huh There you shared Thank you. Love Hello Stephanie. Welcome. Welcome. No problem. Natia No problem Okay I added you no problem. Love Amanda Willow Young getting outta hand that I need to get on the live Y'all. We add an extra family members. This stuff Y'all over here at extra family members of stuff We kind of miss Thank you bitches. I will be adding you Thank you. Boo You want a new job pressure? I wanna see the thing is why do these rituals Y'all gotta believe Y'all got to participate so I don't already said your name when I add the ball your name already gonna be going into the burn The burn the Burn Bowl right here. You know what I'm saying That's why I'm riding your names down because with this new moon your name gonna be burning up in which your wish is gonna be smoking up and it's gonna cook with all of these classes in here Okay that's why I'm writing all these names down You know what I'm saying Let's continue to share so Mia Chennai Mia Crystal Crystal got you boo Marquita Thank you Tito Thank you Melissa Thank you Oh thank you, Charles Candice Cole Thank you Candice please guys. Let's continue to share Thank you No problem. Kelly Cox. You wanna be added as well Thank you Erica Bell. Thank you for sharing I'll add you as well to the high rise. Leland you shared again. Did I rise to do got you boo Yolanda did you want to candles, better and flowers in shipping You can be added to my favorite party both thankful for Okay, Julie, would you like your name to be added to the spell Let me know if you're interested I'm not taria Okay Charles. Hello Hi, Lindsey. Welcome. Welcome Tasha I did not get you. Let me add Tasha As morale, the yes is Will yes say you wanna be added. I got you as well Delaney. Thank you for sharing so rainy Page Okay thank you Annie. I'll definitely add you as well any Let's continue to share guys You gotta ask some more sauce over here. I ain't even got started yet. I'm just writing the names down here. I'm saying Tonisha I did not add to hold on I'm doing one more page. It's my last paper. Was this fill up? That's it I'm only doing three to Nisha Okay Ashley See How many shares that we know you do not have to pay. This is all free There's nothing you have to pay Charleston I'm not trying to take advantage of people Tanya Marie. Let me add you Can someone tell me what Y'all do Latoya I do think Felicia Thank you Felicia Thank you. Boo Thank you so much. Candice Audrey Candis Sandra June here Luke can I get a free ivory? We not doing readings. We're doing a blessing Bowl so if you would like to do that guys let everybody let's all share three times the gift of money ritual started everybody share three times and we all share three times at least we're gonna be good It's gonna be good See they don't want somebody to get their freedom They don't want somebody get that freedom I was asking. Can I be added? Yes Kathy. I can add you love No problem Una Okay let's all you. I gotta added to the toilet I'm not even going to Felicia K Thank you approve my yes. Miss Bill I got you boo It's hot. I'm trying to reach as many people as I can yell I'm not doing readings right now guys. I will do the readings in a second. I'm doing this spell right now. So we could just everybody share three times. We're gonna be good Gonna be good everybody to share three times Yes. Thank you Kayla Tanisha Did you get at it No problem Thank you Stephanie Thanks. Anyway. Love no problem shaky. Did you get at it Cuz you wanna be added I'm just tryna make sure right right now. Did you get a genetic Okay so let's shine. Let me get you Tatiana unit came here by people name Y'all. Try to get the whole family going on this little thing. Okay Jimmy Evett Okay Jimmy I got to J I got okay ivory. You would like to be added Did you give Jennifer what's her last name event Carla Let me add you Booth. No problem Oh okay Thank you Rita I thought I had to do my beats over needles. Let me not even I'm added you no problem. Love shine Let me go ahead and add you as well. Thank you so much beautiful I appreciate you I just need you to roll off three people names. It's Luke and not included you but as folks people use add Nina Smith I didn't write it down. Thank you Thank her Yes Jaylen thank you for sharing Jaylen. I appreciate you love right. I'm telling you. I'm tryna bless everybody everybody this for free everybody Yes Urban everybody Can I get at it? Please Veronica Okay. No problem. No problem. Thank you so much. Thank you so much April I'm gonna add you as well from 10 this. Yes I'm glad all my people up here for this blessing tonight Yes. Amazing. Yes. Yes. Yes Jamischia Anchor defining gonna add you to the spell as well In it Yes I I do as well Alright. Once this paper feels up. That's it. Nikki Hernandez Thank you No problem loan is definitely I'mma go out there and check it out while I'm on live Okay Mika Let me add you. Miko How many shares are we at Can I get at Britney Craig Okay Olivia No problem. Tasha Okay Alicia Alicia Pamela Jojo, all you have to do is share for your blessings. I'm not asking for no money Yeah. Go ahead and check out. The website is up and running. Everything is on sale right now 320 - one. Yes. Let's go ahead and get Okay, Tanya, did you wanna get added to the spill? No problem to meet the Sneaky Fast and here is Snowfall on Brittany Craig I don't know how to pronounce your name but I'm writing to E I saw a Super full Dominic would you like to be at it? Cuz I'm about to thank you so much. Julie. I'm gonna be adding you no problem Tanya I'm gonna be adding you Yes. 350 - four. Thank you Yes. Hope I got you Andre Once this paper fills up is it Vanessa Someone and help me was wrong Jennifer Monique Brianna thank you so much how many shares are yet Rachel Yes, let's continue to share angel. I got to let me add you and I got you Bari makes you guys like the page as well Donna and fellas Fearless Lakita No problems Rally Jennifer Ringer No problem Yes Christina Rosario I think I got a little more spaces tape almost full Thank you, Devon Lakita Crystal Imma just right on the back of the paper Hood on Ashton Harris Clearance Why are you doing it Turn a lateral Ambition Love Jones Miss I wanted to hit one case shares guys. Can we do one cashiers Iberia Actually I got you Crystal stop Turn the light out Jennifer Brianna Francine thank you Yes. One case shares is the gold trade Capone Savvy More You don't need your name and his wife guys most ads. Are you good markita Cia Mine. Thank you gonna add you mighty Mar Debbie Jamaica Nate Tracy Maria Candies Michelle Eddie Martin Put my own family members in here Victoria Somebody gives me come on Zenda 480, let's continue this year Honda Miranda Andrea Right Hello Dennis Dennis No problem Say thank you Thank you L A e Cia Miracle Yes Elizabeth. Thank you Thank you Carla Maddie Is camming Dory How many shares guys let's continue this year Emma Harris Shaky I do now safety Max All no problem Nicole 500 oh, let's continue to share guys Princess Sarah who's gonna raise Sarah? I can't do all that so cute you in a E J A Okay. No problem and actually I got you boo No. Well Hello, we are 500. Thank you Deborah. Let's continue to share Jojo Crystal I'm not doing the readings right now. I'm doing a spill right now. I'll get to the after the spill so guys hang tight with me. Okay Delicious fat Jennifer Key Lisa May Low problem Yoger No problem Rob Miller gonna ride on a Red on other one Miller Monique Chasity Living. Yes Well, maybe I should wait faith Mitchell Jennifer Greer Boss No problem. Carlesha Wow Rose Thank you. Love Jackson Crystal Low Crimson. I added to a Asia you were earlier Events Yes, let's keep soon guys Cia Coleman No problem Villa Okay guys I only get this half of the paper left Once we finish this up. I'm gonna start this fail cuz I gotta get started I didn't do three papers So Davis Danielle No problem. Boo Oh thank you Jeanette. You're so sweet we have Rary Denisa menu Series I brought two Davis countries Clara Clarin D Moore Thank you day. We are freed Yes Eveni more everybody. This is a trap House. We do blessings Yes. T shirt T shirt and be ready to turn up. That's my turn up girl. I love her dearly. Yeah. She read it. Turn up some Mm Oh I'm definitely praying for your family. Miss Dimitra definitely Acura That is very serious mental health. I always talk about that Cindy Omega Pamela Love No problem Charlie Tatiana Gianna Hello. Welcome. Welcome. This is Janelle Levi's only Shannon Welcome on my new viewers I love to help heal. Give positive of uplifting messages. I love yet Shina positive messages. She was. Wow That's very deep Wow Okay. Audrey a D R E Lacey Cheater Zammy All no problem Jennifer Oh hello I love to help my people. I love to help of lift people. I love to bless people. This is what I do. I love what I do thank you Tammy Denise This is what I do I love to get readings. I love to do my skills to bless people yup Kayla. I'm gonna add you What is that I got a C A Y L E K Y L E Taylor well Brandy Marie, thank you Marie for sharing my love. How many shares Jamie? Yup Faster. Let me add test No problem. Stacy Jones. Thank you. Love I love giving my people blessings joy Hm Chip Yeah. Too Dessie too Mary Okay Once I finish this. This is Charlette watch cuz I'll name. They get added Demetria M E R A this yes I added to Angel Marine Attitude Radishes R o D I e No problem. Test son Mia Mia Mia Mia Keisha Thank you Nina You got a Naomi Right, I'm just gonna say to rest of the live That's it cuz I came right. Double days after this. Jackie Deco Okay. I got you delicia Like I gotta get started with this bill. Yo Wanda Vegetable No problem Okay Oh girl. Yes Let me actually Guys check out the website. There's a lot a lot a lot of jury available I pray over my Dream blessed Yes, I'm gonna be doing a special prayer today guys. Okay so check out my website shop and Sarah dot com We've got to get this spill started Alicia let me just add you just in case We're about to get the spell started yeah So we got our money and let me open my source cuz I've got to give real sweaty up in here real Saucy and I'm gonna put a crystal in here too Want to put a crystal in here Yes, let's continue to share Marine Okay, let me add you Miracle household Yes miracle attitude I remember adding you okay. Hold on That's that's Okay Anyways I'm gonna get started with this spill Let me make sure everything is ready here I got everyone's names added to the list already I got lot of saw song today is a lot of source It's your lettuce is a special occasion anyhow with that being said I have everyone's names here I'm gonna go ahead and start the live. Okay Let me put on some some money oil cuz we're doing original some money oil Some lovely Okay We got money in love This is very cool. I'm getting tangled Wow Wow This is alright let me go ahead and like my candles cuz I'm gonna burn Bowl so let's keep sharing guys I'm gonna bring the light down a little bit We manifesting right here This will be working on right here so I probably wanna see There should be let me go ahead and like my candles I may not be able to Cds but don't worry about what you can see I'm about to instant up in this pride is getting very powerful And I still have everyone's names. Let me while it's in paper I'm not right. No more name Imma just be doing Doing my For the rest of the people on this live cuz I can't write no more names. That's enough I wrote a lot of names Okay let's continue to share Amy we get a case है ये akhil a free his there Is cooking up Is cooking up Alright let me go ahead and get started To start adding these names to the yes Dennis Plan Here we go Let me put this to the side I'm ready. Let me go ahead and ask some shorts here Spirit the holy goals with the power and I'm coming to my Angels. My guys and money Associated everyone James and guys in the ancestors who are on this live. We're calling to find to cast a wonderful full moon eclipse fail. We are going into spirit while the portal is open while the door whether it's the moon the stars and the planets are aligning for a open blessings and even though Break we are resegregating blessings about to us your restaurant ready healing back to us. We are restoring our children but to us we are retrograde money back to us. We are celebrating our healing back to us. We are retrograding our blessings and love and finances Okay We have Retrograding mental health back to us mental health prosperity Now I'm gonna do something for protection cuz a lot of us need protection. Okay Let me get my savings We call upon my Angels for our blessings Let's continue to share guys Gonna be you guys his name to the list Blessed is plate real quick I always feel light love guys, Angels and answers so I want you guys to make sure you guys can see Angels and Ancestors look at that Take that We are calling to find you right now to bless us with all the might and healing empower invested in New York calling upon you to bless this Bowl This Bowl is powerful. This Bowl is anointed His Bowl will open doors and blessings and new beginnings This ball will bring health healing prosperity new beginnings and all that everyone on these papers wish we are putting in our wishes spirit. We are We are blessing for a new homes New jobs children, new babies, new love marriages. We have to end this ritual tonight Blessing this Bowl So my Angels on the East We call upon you to bless us but we call upon you to notice that my Angels from the West we are calling upon you to bless this ball and anointed this but we are calling upon you to bless this Bowl and anointest my Angels from the North Let's continue to share guys I'm calling upon you to bless this fall in a ninth. This ball. This ball is powerful This pats is going to be so soft stuff that's gonna bring Miracles and magic and new beginnings all through everyone else's life This Bowl is going to touch people this spill This ritual will touch people's lives and powerful ways We are calling upon our Angels to help those who seek help help those who seek guidance help those who see clarities help those who need a new beginning in their life walk in their path walk in their destiny We are asking that Who allows be guided those who are feeling lonely that they they feel your power and then you bless them in Jesus name Amen. Amen. Amen Those who are needed a blessing with their children and and finances and bless everyone that wants a new job. You know what I gotta add my name to the list I don't even have my own name to the list. Okay let's continue to share Alright We are just comment. Find us a noise May everyone's always be granted each Angels from the East each angel from the West each angel from the North and each angel from the South that this is moving in powerful ways for everyone that everyone on this live depressing your name. God be blessed in your name. God be protected in your name by the way they want to spin that you cover them that you bless them that you show your power their life that darkness is no longer In their life their money is no longer is you wanna like the health is no longer an issue in their life that they are blessed They are free. I am praying for freedom right now. We are praying for freedom A new beginnings, new beginnings freedom and no beginning It's okay All of that. No Blessed this year For the full spirit you know the moon the moon is working in my favor American Mercury retrograde is bringing in blessings in my favor This smells so freaking good With this paper Home is working in my favor Everything is working in my favor Ray One My name is one of these breakfasts We're gonna do that Listen to me At my name Cambria Yes Yes Yes Yes My name and what I want for my own blessing here and my name. What I want for my own blessing here Imma do me last though. Imma let Y'all get your blessings first Okay Imma do me last I'll get your blessings I gotta say Y'all wish I'm burning Y'all names, go ahead and stay out with put it into the put it into the pot into the universe. They all which Look at that. That is powerful Wow. That's Look at this Last. Imma let everybody get their blessings Yes. I receive everybody. Say I received. I received I received. I received Look at that Y'all. See Wow Right Let's see And then I received I received This I'm doing everybody else there US Alright Let me do my waist Gonna write down and put it in here Then I'm about to pray over this pack right here when you hear that clicking up You got it Adding my own No more sickness Amen in Jesus I receive this blessing I received these blessings I know that this spell has been granted I know that the universe will Grant my wishes This field has been granted. Let me add a little bit of money from her A little bit most sauce Special sauce Let me add a little bit more money. Blessing up in there Alright let me go ahead and blessed as a woman Sam how does that look is beautiful I am praying for all new beginnings Amen. I received I received as you Yes. Whatever that you wish is this is a wishing ball right here right here. This is a fishing boat. Whatever you wish is I am putting it into see the door is open Your wish will be granted It is cooking up Wow You did that Wow. That's helpful Around That was beautiful Wow That was beautiful wishes have been granted and Jesus name the portal and the moon has been received and yes Randall Amen. I am praying for your drug free beginning Miss Unique. I am praying for your weight loss I am praying for you baby. I spoke about that Yes, I am praying for all Y'all. This is all your wishes have been granted I did a whole thing So now I am trusting spirit that I want you guys also the true spirit and give it to God know that this portal has Your wish has been put into the universe now that you have casted your own spells as well as with me You know what I'm saying but we're going to Grant a wish and with allow spirit to do its work to allow the change to do well and prosper into your life. Okay Wow. That's beautiful Let's see what we have here We have here Hot That was beautiful Let me ask these blessings up to spirit real quick Last time I can't say everyone's wishes but I'm just going to put into the universe that your wishes have been granted Spirit of love like guys angles and assessors I'm calling for everyone on this live that there was have been granted that their blessings on this weather, you're manifesting ever whatever it is that they want I am calling upon my Angels from the East my Angels from the North, my Angels from the South and my Angels best thank you thank you बहुत अच्छी होगी आप has all about wishes all about in allahabad desires our needs all our one because we know to you guys it is possible Amen Amen Amen I'm Crawling scared to bless everyone on this live and give them all the healing All the guidance of the clarity of the finances. All the love all the health that they need that this life has just pot in his life has been blessed in your name that your wishes have been granted unto the spirit that you know our heart you know I knew you know I desires and that these blessings are on their way to us I received I received I received I received I received. I received arresting I received I received I received. I received. I received money money. Come to me all of my wishes and grants come to me with abundance times three with abundance times three all of our wishes come to us and everyone on this live all of our wishes come to us Let's continue to share guys come to us may all of our wishes and once in these and desires come to us in Jesus name without the with the help and the power of The health and the power of our answers with the help in the power of me Thank you God for allowing me to be United in this moment that they got me to be or whether everyone on this life see received this season the season C receive your blessings received your change. Receive your new beginning. Receive your new destiny received your your flourish man, your lights in a dark place receive the power of God and know that he walks with you and you are protected receive receive receive all that you need in your life at this very moment that there is a new beginning These blessings are on their way but you must believe you must believe you must believe receive receive receive I'm receiving I'm receiving I'm receiving big things. Victims are on their way to me powerful things on their way to me I am receiving Thank you Thank you spirit. That was very powerful That was very powerful. Sham, some serious Serious you know what I'm saying and it's funny. How this pot is literally Take the camera so you can see this pot is literally yes Half way Have Y'all see how I got this a rain No. No. No. Okay. There we go We got the pot of range. Her one pot is half of the pie is Super melted. The other pot is like chill in one really doing too much. You know I'm saying so what this means to me that a lot of us are half There so our blessings you know I'm saying we have way there but you gotta believe and let the power in the flag of God take over the whole hot so know that you're halfway there at your Mark but there's still more work to do you see this This is still more work to do but we will receive you have to believe and know that there is more work to do hm but it's also stuff Y'all. See that Y'all see that All that went to the spirit We big things are on their way Sage burn Wow Look at this real quick Put the stage out with my crystal How powerful is that Don't wanna let out it. Don't wanna let out I'm receiving all of this abundance I don't wanna let out receiving it though Saving it Don't let up I'm receiving all of this We gotta have control if you notice I was in control this entire time You gotta have control This is a powerful sage guys. I have stage available on my website as well This is a powerful message Don't wanna let up look at that spirit is not letting go so powerful Spirit is not letting go. I don't wanna let up Look at that Wow That's good A lot of blessings is gonna come through Yes, that's wonderful. Dominate A lot of blessings is gonna come through Look at that I don't wanna let up This show Let me go ahead That made a lot of people need some blessings. A lot of people needed some some sages some cleansing That's what that mean Wow That's what that means Still is powerful Amen. I win Amen. Amen I mean a lot of people needed that cuz it would let up right away You see when I put my sage and this is over that power That was not it was not wow That was Really when I do healing work and still work like that I get really thirsty Cuz it it takes a lot of my power That's why I have to do when I do get on live. I have to do my spells first cuz I need a lot of power to do that This was amazing. My first my yes No problem No problem Oh thank you Erica My little pussy pussy right now but this time i don't the reading no problem lazy Okay girl So powerful people. I can feel it. Yes so Yes miss Amelia. You write You are right on with that God's power Hello Yes. Let's continue the show about to start doing some readings. If you guys want to go ahead and get some free readings. I'm feeling anointed. I am feeling cleanse. I am feeling brand new with this spell it's wonderful I'm gonna go out and see if I can find them on real quick, I wanna go look and see if I can find them Get up I'm about to let's continue to share Thank you for that prayer. No problem girlfriend I'm about to get up and find a home while we're doing it. Let's share share, share

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