Indigenous Women Keep Going Missing in Montana

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There’s an epidemic of missing and murdered indigenous women in Montana, and Native communities have had enough.

Posted 12 months ago in Crime & Tragedy

Vanessa Hunter 12 months ago

The bigger underlying causes of poverty,domestic violence, substance abuse, racism and misogyny are unaddressed and government is not going to step in and fix things.
Without funding, adding more police in these areas or educational programs are also not going to happen.
More laws aren't helpful if existing ones can't be enforced.

Jose Bustamante 12 months ago

They don’t go missing. Them Trump supporters out there take them and keep them in their basement. They are tire of their livestock and want something with a little more color. If you ever get a chance to visit Montana, pass that up. Them busman out there hardly see anyone and when they spot a beautiful Mexican or Native American is goodnight Irene. I used to go hunting there with some Marines back in my days in the winter and you be surprised how uneducated those poor suckers living there are. That’s why Trump does really well there. Them rural folk will take you on broad day light.

Victor Martin 12 months ago

Human trafficking and drugs.

Craig Levy 12 months ago

Anyone watch the new ABC series “Big Sky?” It’s about a trucker and a Montana state trooper who abduct and kill women. I thought the show was interesting until I read this story. Just like Hollywood to make a show about pretty little white girls and hookers being taken in Montana all the while Native Americans are actually dying! Disgusting, whitewashing and monetizing this as entertainment!