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In love He predestined us to adoption as sons through Jesus Christ to Himself, according to the kind intention of His will, to the praise of the glory of...
He will not share it with anybody else contemporary worship, so often begins with a man and his need rather than God and his glory that we've essentially placed ourselves at the Center of the universe. See the cross to me isn't the revelation of my sin. The cross is actually the revealing of my value. We put a man in the Middle of it. man is this great prize in this great reason, something underneath of that sin must have been a great value for heaven to go bankrupt to get me back as it all the world. Existed God happened upon us and he saw man and was just so taken with us that he decided to do something about it. If the blood of Jesus determines your worth and heaven went bankrupt to get you back. That makes you pretty worth it. People say the cross is a sign of how much man is worth. That's not true. The cross is a sign of how to pray. We really are that it took the death of God's own son. So there's a song called Worth It was written by the associate pastor of my former church and part of the lyrics. Go You thought I was worth saving. You thought I was to die for you thought. When you really think about the lyrics of that song it suggesting that we were owed something by God when we flip this and when it becomes man centered and when there becomes this inherent worth in me that drew out this work of Christ, Heaven went bankrupt to get you back because God thought that you were worth the price that he paid to redeem you all of a sudden. The idea of grace is gone because it is merited. I did Jesus. By being so wonderful instead of Christ and his finished work being an act of God's grace to me. now, this is very very important. God's motive for saving people is not found in that people. so why did God love and save Israel well in Deuteronomy Chapter seven verses seven through eight. It explicitly says the Lord did not set his love on you. Israel choose you because you were more in number than any of the other peoples for you were the fewest of all peoples, but because the Lord loves you and kept the oath which he. To your forefathers in other words, God saving Israel was not because of anything great within Israel, but because of his love because of his faithfulness because he keeps his word. so the term glorify often means to magnify in a positive way to really zoom in with a magnifying glass and what that thing is and expose it for how beautiful it is glorifying. God is recognizing who he is as he's been revealed in the Scriptures. so the more we get to. Who God is we get blown away and when we come to the message of the gospel, especially in Ephesians, the motivation of God in redemption is that we might be to the praise of his glory. So it's actually it's the opposite of the song that has that line like our rose trampled on the ground. It says, and he he thought of me above all. Which, of course makes perfect sense to a person is the well of course everybody would think about me, but an actual fight. No his focus was on himself. His focus was on his glory. Yes, he loves humanity, but that's not the primary motivation. The primary motivation is his love for himself and a desire to show off himself and he wants us to see not just the power and creativity we can see in nature, he wants to see his grace and his mercy. And even wants to see his wrath for the sake of my name, I delay my Roth and for my praise, I restrain it for you in order not to cut you off. they might think was kind of egotistical. God is all about himself like that's really annoying you know, but who else could God be about for God to not be God centered would be actually to say something untrue about the universe because God truly is at the Center of the. He's the creator of all things we all are in the orbit around him, but there is a beauty in the fact that God can be focused on himself and his own glory because God is a Trinity and so there is a paradoxical others centeredness even there in the God's centeredness of God, the father in an expression of love to the son determined that he would create a world that he would allow that world to fall into sin that he would recover from that world are redeemed humanity that they would give that redeemed. Humanity as a bride to his son, so that that redeemed humanity forever and ever and ever could glorify his son. you are in some sense and incidental park a very create act of love that is within the truth everything is to the court God is righteous he is the highest good. the most beautiful thing the only perfect being, and therefore he's the only thing in the universe that actually deserves praise and honor and glory. God would be unrighteous if he let us glorify anything else other than him something underneath of sin was so important for heaven to pay such a high price to redeem your life. You see if God saved me because of my value than my focus is on myself and how amazing I am cuz God's thoughts. Highly of you that he sent his son and thought that you were worth it. In other words, I'm worshiping myself, but if God saved me because of his love who he is not who I am, then God's glory his value. His worth is magnified. Heaven thought that much of you that God send his only son for you. If God started pointing at us, we'd be missing out on the greatest gift, which is himself and so for God that glorify himself and point the world to himself and he's actually doing the most loving thing possible because there is nothing. Some more satisfying than God there is nothing more lovely than God. There's nothing more loving than God. The love of God is greatly in exponentially amplified. When God loves those who are unlovely, Jesus didn't come into the world cuz you were such a grotesque sinner now, the teaching of William Paul Young and Todd White. They're similar in that they both are denying the doctrine of original sin. I think the lie is that we're all we are as a piece. And it's just because of God is well. That's a lie. Some religions tell people that you are born up saying you are saying you're you're depraved. You're worthless. Yeah. now. Scripture is clear on this non is righteous. No not one. No one understands no one seeks for God and all have turned aside together. they have become worth less see. We've said that we're worthless and we're worms in the direct, not realizing that that's what Satan is Christ. His work doesn't find this value because of who I am as the one whom he redeemed. We're saying that my worth is not in what I own. my worth is not in my achievements, but I instead find my value in the fact that the one of Altimas worth died to redeem me in spite of the fact that I was inherently not worthy of that the therapeutic. says God loves me because I'm valuable the difficult says I am diabled because god loves me anyone can love someone who is his lovely ah there is nothing supernatural about that or nothing even divine about that you see we love things that are attracted to us the things are the most beautiful the most expensive but see God is different thing god love sinners where the opposite of attractive to in fact he dies for Enemies that is amazing love unparalleled love matchless love that can only come from God. What was God doing at Calvary. There was a simultaneous display of all God's attributes, not just his love and forgiveness, but by no means letting the guilty party go Love and wrath on display goodness and kindness on display Justice. And mercy on display simultaneously.

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