Wait For You - Elliott Yamin (Cover by Travis Atreo)

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Wait For You - Elliott Yamin (Cover by Travis Atreo)

Posted 12 months ago in Music & Audio

Claud Dee 11 months ago

I patiently wait for 4 years para sa 🇰🇷. And i waited him for 3 years.
Tanan na sila akong gi wait was gone.
Im waiting for nothing but heartaches and disappointments..
And now am here waiting😂waiting of time to heal this wound brought by this word "wait'

Ellezar Nna Azneita Yabas 12 months ago

Even it takes a rest of my life. 😔

Sheanylle 12 months ago

would you still let me in? or will you shut the doors in your heart and never open it again if I ask u to let me.

Linly-Cortez Silawan Burgos 12 months ago

i hope someone would wait for me to be single again..

Anurag Dutta 12 months ago

The original song is way better than this one...

Kristi Walker 12 months ago

Love it only hope its real and true

Myralyn Castañeda 11 months ago

Even if you told me not to, I will still wait for you.

Comendador Arlene 12 months ago

Place post songs 1 million mils place

Wil La 12 months ago

Rommel Oliveros Kokoykohhhh, I will wait for you🥺 balikan mo gid ako huh??? Promise mo gid ra🥺

Play Full Wind 12 months ago

'wish the smile on your face will never gone, yes, i'll still wait for you,,,. but maybe not in this lifetime...