Good buddies Goff and Kupp connect for six once again

NFL • 1 year ago   625     126  •  126.3K Views
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Perfect pass and a toe-tap. Los Angeles Rams rolling!


Posted 1 year ago in Sports
Robert Romero
Robert Romero1 year ago

The patriots offense looks horrible. The rams have a decent defense but not that good. They just can't seem to move the ball or anything. I know cam can play so I'm not sure if they're holding him back or what. 😐

Shaun Stahlbaum
Shaun Stahlbaum1 year ago

Terrible play calling by the patriots. 4 running play inside the 10. !!! If you don’t trust can to throw it sit him!!!!

Joseph Thompson
Joseph Thompson1 year ago

The Rams are playing much better on this payback on the Patriots

Matt Patti
Matt Patti1 year ago

Why couldn’t they do this in the Super Bowl 2 years ago?! When it actually mattered!

Dalton James Arnold
Dalton James Arnold1 year ago

Cam has no more help with the pats then he did with the panthers. Everyone was so happy about this move but with Edelman out he has no true wideouts.

Bry Tory
Bry Tory1 year ago

Nfl is rigged thats the way I see it!

Luke Anderson
Luke Anderson1 year ago

Awesome! Keep throwing to Coop and feed Akers! I need to win my fantasy!

El Jay
El Jay1 year ago

Josh Mcdaniels sucks as a play caller.

Gary J. Hernandez
Gary J. Hernandez1 year ago

Great Execution!