Kobe Bryant's game winner over Harden at Drew League

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10 years ago today, Kobe Bryant scored 45 in his Drew League debut.
When the cops tried to get him to leave early, he told them "I gotta finish the game"...

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Clynthia Parker
Clynthia Parker5 months ago

Kobe Bryant was a wonderful young man. I will never forget the time when he was a rookie star with the Lakers. Coach Del Harris invited the San Pedro High School boys basketball team to a Lakers practice session. The other Lakers pretty much ignored the boys. Not Kobe; he was courteous to me and he spent time laughing and talking with me and the boys. That's when I knew that he was more than the hype. Kobe was truly God-inspired as well as an anointed individual. Everyone of us who was there that day felt like he gave us a piece of himself and we will remember him for as long as we live. Thanks Mamba!
Many thanks to my son Everrett Parker II , a member and captain of that SPHS boys basketball team, for remembering Kobe! 💋💜 I love you son.

Ahmad Hill
Ahmad Hill5 months ago

He said..Wilt Me and MJ...
In dat order

Isaiah Vonzell
Isaiah Vonzell5 months ago

New found respect for Kobe I’ve seen this highlight tape of his drew league game but this the first time hearing the audio of him talking Love the dude “Mamba Mentality” Ardie Harris

Oscar Victoria
Oscar Victoria5 months ago

Kobe was a super mega all star player, for me just the best!!

Martin Thomas Ferguson
Martin Thomas Ferguson5 months ago

Come on, no defense being played.

Joska Duipmans
Joska Duipmans5 months ago

Harden defense was on point :p

Brian Sessions
Brian Sessions5 months ago

This must be early on drew league