#TheDisruption: Eradicating gender-based violence (GBV)

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Kenya National Bureau of Statistics shows 23.6% of Kenyans witnessed domestic violence since COVID-19 restrictions were effected. What is the situation...

Posted 10 months ago in Social Issues

Rianto Rianto Rozzy 10 months ago

Watching live from arjiju house laikipia

Steve Biko 10 months ago

GBV=VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN. I wonder when they will do survey on mental, emotional VIOLENCE whose perpetrators are well known

Newman Annie 10 months ago

Is there a difference between a Gender Based Violence and Domestic violence because I feel like there's a difference there😏😏😏, but violence of any nature should not be tolerated.

L'Padre Okuku Nyakwar Sikweya 10 months ago

A lot of advocacy still need to be done. When we talk about GBV there is a bias. Men are suffering too and there issues need also need to be addressed with the same gusto. There's hope though now that many men are coming out too

Soni Soni 10 months ago

GBV a reflection of our society! We have a culture of tolerating violence and even justifying it. We have seen fights in assemblies across the country and this sends the wrong signals. We should all stand up against any form of violence!

Clinton Ouma 10 months ago

I think the best solution is to help young generation to understand each other's personality and how they can result to minor misunderstandings leading to violence

Primo Simon 10 months ago

What do you expect the Kenyan population to do when a man comes home after work to get a wife who is in extreme displeasure because you are not earning enough because of the so called covid !

Lagat Lash Lacki Kiptoo 10 months ago

Gvt should look how his pple should earn income and stop pushing pple for BBI..usesless gvt.i regret being a Kenyan

Jaynestellah Kyalo 10 months ago

It can be eradicated by empowering people financially, academically and not pushing the so called BBI 😏

Peterz Kante 10 months ago

Government should eradicate this so called BBI