Former ‘Rosie the Riveter’ makes masks to protect against coronavirus

WFLA News Channel 8 • 1 year ago   561     22  •  206.3K Views
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WATCH: This former ‘Rosie the Riveter’ is making masks to protect against coronavirus.

William Lansdon
William Lansdon1 year ago

She is an American hero as far as I'm concerned. Ladies like her helped win the war.

Pam Mack
Pam Mack1 year ago

How can i get one from this amazing lady. Would love to have her make one for me. How much do they cost

Isobel Castellano
Isobel Castellano1 year ago

An amazing lady!

Kayla McDonald
Kayla McDonald1 year ago

Amy K Malek this is what I was telling you

Beth Hall Walker
Beth Hall Walker1 year ago

Cary Brooks
Cary Brooks1 year ago

Thank you mom

Janice L Smith
Janice L Smith1 year ago

She is an American hero! She has been before Congress many times.

Those of you showing disrespect should be ashamed!

Mary E Kettle
Mary E Kettle1 year ago


Anna Bryant
Anna Bryant1 year ago

WOW, she's a real shero.😊😊